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Growth Hakka is a Growth Hacking Agency based in London, UK. We are a team of colleagues who previously worked together in the corporate world working for the likes of Intel, Virgin Media, Nokia, Accenture and more. We are experienced in conceptualising successful, data-driven, growth-oriented digital marketing and growth hacking campaigns for start-ups, bootstrapping firms, small businesses and larger clients. Bringing enterprise level marketing skills to entrepreneur level firms and making them successful.

Our raison d’etre revolves around the principle of growth hacking. What is a Growth Hacking Agency? The term originated in Silicon Valley and its essence it’s the idea that an entrepreneur or organisation can take a non-traditional approach to increase the growth rate/adoption of their product by “hacking” something together specifically for growth purposes. It’s more about achieving an objective rather than following a prescribed process. It’s about the intersection between Marketing, Product, Technology, Data and even HR, Finance and other departments.

It’s about rapid exponential and viral growth. It’s about testing and learning, i.e. Hypothesis-Experiment-Learn-Implement and then repeating over and over. That is hard-core data analysis of user experience and conversion. In general Growth Hacking has been used for technology products and software. There is a big focus on code and many “Growth Hackers” are coders. Growth hackers are a unique hybrid of coder and marketer. However, the principles of Growth Hacking can be applied to any business that has customers, consumers, users, and fans. Which is what as a Growth Hacking Agency we can help you with.

Whether you want more people to download your mobile app or follow you on Twitter or use your software, a growth strategy can be applied and executed. To clarify, wherever you want more ACTIVE USERS, a growth hacking stratagem will ensure achievement of that goal rapidly. Successful “growth hacks” can make a particular company/brand/product extremely popular practically overnight. Our goal as growth hackers is to build a self-perpetuating marketing machine that reaches millions by its self.

Our services while always focused on Growth Hacking Services, either as a managed service or strategic input include any relevant combinations of our services, packages, growth hacks and products. We can give you a custom bespoke quotation or browse our packaged growth hacks. As a Top Growth Hacking Agency we are here to support.

There are many different definitions of growth hacking agency. Growth Hakka first formed in 2012. The founders were inspired by working at Accenture for Diamond level clients and delivering digital solutions that drove growth. At the same time as mentioned above in Silicon Valley, Growth Hacking was taking off in a big way. We were one of the first Growth Hacking Agency that was formed.

“Growth” is an increase, right? In Revenue. Customers. Sales. Users. Engagement. Profits. Ryan Holiday, a previous director of marketing for a company called American Apparel who is now an author, columnist for the New York Observer and more, specifically described in his 2013 book “Growth Hacker Marketing”:

“While their marketing brethren chase vague notions like ‘branding’ and ‘mindshare’, growth hackers relentlessly pursue users and growth… whereas marketing was once brand-based, with growth hacking it becomes metric- and ROI-driven.”

As a pioneer Growth Hacking Agency London, we don’t prescribe precisely to Ryan’s definition. We believe branding and mindshare are equally as important. We produce growth marketing agency campaigns that work with six fundamental tenets which are: Automation, Data Analysis, Marketing, Technology Stack, Creativity and the Product itself. Without creative, there is no brand, and without a brand, there is no product. Without brand and product, there is no hope for mindshare.

The point is that there is no way you will achieve viral growth if the product and brand do not resonate with the end consumer. Excellent products and great brands go viral. No amount of smart growth hacking services and marketing will go viral if the product and brand are a terrible experience. Plain and simple.

Our goal as Growth Hacking agency is to give your product the best chance possible to achieve hockey stick growth. Growth hacking does not guarantee growth, but it significantly improves the odds.

Some people say Growth Hacking is traditional marketing repackaged into a new buzzword so that it seems that the idea is something new. We disagree. Respectfully. These are the people that believe Growth Hacking is ONLY marketing. It’s SOOO not, [see six tenets above]. There is a significant technical element that is required.

Coding, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SAAS, Marketing technology, E-Commerce technology, Data Science technology, Design technology, Automation technology, Database & CRM technology, Social Media technology, Display & Programmatic Advertising technology, Mobile technology, Optimisation & Personalisation technology, Content Management technology, Exit-Intent technology, Capture technology, Influencers technology, Affiliates technology, Analytics technology, Cloud technology, Product Management technology, Project Management technology, Work Collaboration technology, Customer Service technology, Bots and AI technology. Sorry to labour the point.

If a “traditional” marketer can use, set up, configure all of the above growth marketing technologies AND maintain brand and mindshare then great. Bear in mind that some of the biggest companies in the world like Facebook, Google, Apple, eBay et al. have dedicated TEAMS of growth hackers. Our Growth Hacking Agency can be that team for your company.

As a Growth Hacking Agency, our initial approach to developing a proposal and plan for your companies growth involves in-depth analysis of As-Is or current state.

We analyse your technology and your digital presence [your website, your mobile app, your social media profiles]. We investigate your web analytics, app analytics, Facebook Insights, Google Search Console data, CRM campaign data and more. Every digital channel you are working on is generating some form of data output. We need to consume this data to build a picture of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Any information you will give us access to will be used to extract powerful insights.

Our proposal and plan will provide modular solutions. We will break it down by price and component. If budget is an issue, this proposal can also serve as a roadmap. This is a roadmap of tactics and ingredients that you can come back to at a later date when the budget is available.

Whether you hire us as your Growth Hacking agency London on a retainer basis or merely a short-term project, we will endeavour to move your “current state” to where you can carry on without us.

Growth Hakka could also be described as a marketing agency or a digital marketing agency. We manage advertising campaigns for companies so we are an advertising agency in addition.

For a marketing agency London we are a unique digital agency London. Our advertising agency team also serve as a digital marketing agency London, facebook ad agency, a ppc agency AND a social media marketing agency.

Growth Hakka’s social media agency London team also perform content marketing agency and influencer marketing agency campaigns and projects. Our content marketing agency London functions as WordPress agency having built several WordPress websites. We are Woo Commerce experienced and are a different Woo Commerce agency London and CMS agency London compared to what you might be used to. We have a lot of experience in ecommerce growth hacking working with some of the UK’s largest retail brands to smaller ecommerce startups.

We are white hat SEO practitioners so be sure to check our seo marketing agency capabilities. We get results, Nuff Said! SEO is not that complicated in terms of skills but is complicated in terms of man hours and actual work needed. We are a veteran search marketing agency London.

We have executed 100s of email marketing and marketing automation campaigns as we are also a CRM agency. We have extensive experience of optimising campaigns and are a recognised performance marketing agency aka growth marketing agency. A growth hacking email marketing agency London. We are also a HubSpot solutions provider.

A digital growth agency or growth hack agency, growth hacker agency or growth hacking agency needs to be multi-skilled and multi-channel and multi-industry and we can bring a broad range of experience to the table.  There are many growth hacking marketing agency or growth hacking agency UK and we dont claim to be the best growth marketing agency. We are a humble growth agency.

As a social marketing agency, social media strategy agency, we get social media. Social media done right can drive lots of traffic and sales. Content is key and only a social content agency and social media marketing agency in London i.e. a social media and marketing agency that provides social media strategy can be classed as a social strategy agency. For a social media management agency London we double up as a marketing agency social media strategy and especially Instagram agency London. Where possible we try to build in gamification into our campaigns.

We love data. We are an expert Google analytics agency and are proud of our analytics agency London capabilities. For a web analytics agency London we are an experienced website analytics agency.

WE have expertise as a mobile marketing agency, also known as an app store optimisation agency, or an app marketing agency London, or a mobile advertising agency London.

We are finally a chatbot marketing agency. We were one of the first chatbot agency UK and have a chatbot agency blueprint that will rival other messenger bot agency and chatbot development agency. Mix in viral marketing agency London and gamification agency and you have a very potent combination that can help achieve your goals and objectives.

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