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Growth Hakka is a growth hacking consultancy based in London, UK. We are a team of colleagues who previously worked together in the corporate world working for the likes of Intel, Virgin Media, Nokia, Accenture and more. We are experienced in conceptualizing successful, data-driven, growth-oriented digital marketing and growth hacking campaigns for start-ups, bootstrapping firms, small businesses and larger clients. Bringing enterprise level marketing skills to entrepreneur level firms and making them successful.

Our raison d’etre revolves around the principle of growth hacking. What is growth hacking? The term originated in Silicon Valley and in its essence it’s the idea that an entrepreneur or organisation can take a non-traditional approach to increasing the growth rate/adoption of their product by “hacking” something together specifically for growth purposes. Its more about achieving an objective rather than following a prescribed process. Its about the intersection between Marketing, Product, Technology, Data and even HR, Finance and other departments.

Its about rapid exponential and viral growth. Its about testing and learning i.e. Hypothesis-Experiment-Learn-Implement and then repeating over and over. That is, hard-core data analysis of user experience and conversion. In general Growth Hacking has been used for technology products and software. There is a big focus on code and many “Growth Hackers” are coders. Growth hackers are a unique hybrid of coder and marketer. But the principles of Growth Hacking can be applied to any business that has customers, consumers, users, and fans.

Whether you want more people to download your mobile app or follow you on Twitter or use your software, a growth strategy can be applied and executed. To clarify, wherever you want more ACTIVE USERS, a growth hacking stratagem will ensure achievement of that goal rapidly. Successful “growth hacks” can make a certain company/brand/product extremely popular practically overnight. Our goal as growth hackers is to build a self-perpetuating marketing machine that reaches millions by it’s self.

Our services whilst always focused on Growth, either as a managed service or strategic input include any relevant combinations as packages of the below. We can give you a custom bespoke quotation or browse our packaged options in our store.


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