App Store Optimisation Agency

In today’s very crowded app stores of over 3 million apps and counting we want to be your App Store Optimisation Agency. Whether its the Apple app store, Android, Windows Mobile or one of the “indies” like Opera or Amazon stores, your app can be optimised to show up higher in App store search results.

Depending on the store in question anywhere from 50% to 70% of apps are discovered via the store’s search function. Similar to search engine optimisation you can optimise your app to be found in the store’s search results. This is App Store Optimisation. In other words, ASO is the process of optimising mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more discoverable and visible it is to potential customers.

app store optimisation agency

That increased discoverability will correlate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store and once you have eyeballs on your page you can further optimise the copy, screen shots etc to drive downloads. Like any other process, understanding consumer behaviour plays a big part in
how you optimise your app to be found. What are your target consumers searching for when they look for an app? Did they read an article in the press?

App Store Optimisation Key Factors

Did they see it recommended on social media? Understanding how your competition is showing up in search results is also a big factor. Three key factors need to be considered when applying app store optimisation to your product. These are in order of importance
The Title – Whats the most valuable keyword driving traffic to your app via search?
Keywords – What other related keywords could be used to improve traffic?
Ratings & Reviews – Ratings play a critical role. Bad products get bad ratings.

A core principle of Growth Hacking is A/B Testing. Have you A/B tested features in your app? Have you A/B tested features on your app’s own website?

ASO needs to be monitored and constantly managed and tweaked over a period of time. Your optimal set of keywords rarely is the set that you first opt to put in the app store. Its by no means a quick win, but a valuable win once achieved.

App Store Optimisation Agency

An app store optimisation agency like us can assist you to do this regularly. Many developers will tell you that keywords, descriptions, marketing and how will they drive growth are probably last on their list of things to do. Lets face it producing and developing the app, getting it signed and approved in the app store is a momentous task on its own.

Developers often pick keywords and write descriptions at the last second during an app’s submission process. In most cases, little or no research on keyword searches occurs before the app submission, leaving most apps hidden and the likelihood of discovery quite low.

At Growth Hakka we are very experienced in driving apps download and growth in user sign ups and we can be your app store optimisation agency. We can help you get more downloads and take care of marketing and optimisation.

ASO can increase downloads from a factor of 2x to 12x and increases in revenue being similar. Depending on where you are in your app store journey we can come up with a package to help you. Other things to consider on this Quora link