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CRM Platform Selection

If you are considering migrating from your current CRM service provider we can apply our methodology to determine the best choice.

  • We first prepare a questionnaire that will help capture your CRM Requirements by way of interviews conducted with your key stakeholders. Then using our CRM Selection Scoring process against requirements we can identify which platform best meets your requirements.
  • Its a methodical, but very simple and straight forward requirements gathering process.

crm requirements

CRM Build, Setup and Maintenance

  • We can manage your CRM Build, Setup and Maintenance end-to-end. We are HubSpot experts on both HubSpot Sales Hub and HubSpot Marketing Hub [Certified]. However we are familiar with many CRM platforms such as: SalesforceandPardot,Marketo,Eloqua,Zoho,Pipedrive,Active Campaign and more. We are a HubSpot Solutions Provider also. 
  • Social Media accounts connection and setup. We can connect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. For some networks to be available you need to have Enterprise level subscriptions to your CRM provider.
    hubspot social accounts

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  • Advertising accounts connection and setup. Most commonly these are Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Ads accounts. Manage and launch ad campaigns from within your CRM platform and build audiences to target based on your CRM contacts database.

hubspot ad accounts

  • Platform, Sales and Marketing Playbooks creation. We can create best practice playbooks for your team and new joiners. Playbooks are useful to ensure your team follows the same protocols to maintain data integrity.

hubspot best practice playbooks

  • Products lists upload and setup. Setup product libraries so your sales team can add line items to your deals. Makes a huge difference when it comes to reporting and analysis of what is working in terms of sales and marketing initiatives, products and sales teams.

hubspot add products

  • *HubSpot only service – Custom Object Development. You can create your own custom ‘object’ [database] within HubSpot. Typical objects in a CRM are Contacts and Companies databases. You may spend a lot of time and money at marketing events IRL. You may decide you want to be able to store events data [cost, presence etc] and whether it leads to a sale or conversion. With custom objects you can create said store and have it interact with native objects in your CRM such as Deals.

Hubspot Custom Objects

  • We will manage addition, deletion and modification of users, roles, teams setup and access rights configuration.
    users teams crm

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  • We will handle Domain connectivity including email domains, sub-domains and any updates required to DNS configuration.
    domain connectivity

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CRM Data Migration & Data Enrichment

  • The quality of a CRM is only as good as the data that fills it. If your data is not enriched and has gaps this will affect your ability to market to all your contacts.
    Clearbit Enrichment
  • We can work on any size database and data sets and can migrate Contacts, Companies, and Deals with ease and maintain data integrity.
  • CRM Data Migration is a complex process from one platform to another and we are stringent to ensure data is clean before it is migrated. Using a number of tools and networks we can populate and enrich on multiple contact properties. Tell us what properties you want to track and build segments against and we will find the data.
    Clearbit data output
  • We ensure the data is clean by way of Pre-Migration Data Enrichment. We can also migrate and upload any templates [emails, landing pages etc], custom property activation, and custom CRM views setup.
    Clearbit Enrichment

Marketing Setup & Design

  • Email Lists Setup and Creation, Audience Segmentation, Persona definition and creation. We can create lists based on almost any property.  Contacts can be attributed a Persona, and that Persona  can be used as a segment to run campaigns against.  Most modern CRMs store 100s of properties against every contact allowing hyper-personalisation.

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Sample properties to segment against. Click Image to Enlarge

    • Email Templates Design, Setup and Config. We can import and migrate your existing HTML email templates or design and produce for you brand new ones.
      email template setup

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    • Landing Page Template Design, Setup and Config. We can import and migrate your existing HTML landing page templates or design and produce bespoke brand new ones.

      crm landing pages
    • Email copy and content creation, Email Outreach templates. The art of copywriting is a critical component. We have created copy for 100s of emails and have a library of tried and tested templates fit for automation. Here is an example:
      • Email #1: The webinar opening
        Hello {FirstName},
        Thank you for registering to attend our recent webinar on “How to Create 3x More Opportunities”. If you are still evaluating ways to increase your sales efficiency, I would love to chat about your current workflow and how can assist you in booking more meetings. With Reply, you can set your sales outreach on auto-pilot so that your sales professionals can focus their efforts on revenue-generating activities. Would you have any availability this Tuesday or Thursday?I look forward to any opportunity to be of assistance. Kind regards,


  • Conversational Marketing ‘Kickstart’ – Setup Chatbots and chat flows, knowledgebase setup. We can integrate native chat flows e.g. the chat that comes with HubSpot. Or we can integrate 3rd party chatbots into your CRM e.g. InterCom or Drift. You can also connect more complex bots and even Facebook Messenger. Notification rules can be added to anyone on your CRM. Rules  can also be setup for targeting and display.
    chat flows to CRM
  • Form design and setup, Campaign creation. We will set up and create all forms you need to capture contacts and customers information. We apply design and Call to Actions and can embed in your website or work with your web development team.The form on the top right of this page is a working form. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can support you with your CRM programme.

Build Automation Sequences and Workflows

  • Automated Drip and Nurture Campaign Workflow Setup and Execution
    if then workflow

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  • Email If Then Campaign Strategy & Process Automated Workflows & Sequences. We can create automated workflows and sequences that trigger emails based on behaviour. 

Optimisation and Reporting

  • Email Open Rate, Click rate optimisation.
  • Email Subject A/B Testing
  • Reports, Dashboards setup and creation, plus API connectivity and setup to 3rd party dashboard solutions
  • We can create any reports or dashboards that you require. We can also integrate your dashboards into solution like Google Data Studio

CRM Strategy & Planning

High-performance online businesses focus more than ever on customer centricity to stay “ahead of the game”. Leaders translate their CRM Strategy and customer centricity along three dimensions.

1. “Who are our customers?” i.e. ” Knowing the Customer”, Exploit internal and external data in order to achieve a fact-based understanding of customers and their environment and translate it into profitable decisions. customer-centricity-3-dimensions

2. “How do we attract our customers?” i.e. ” Reaching the Customer” Define & operationalize strategies and develop differentiated solutions to attract the targeted customers adequately and engage them in a dialogue.

3. “How do we interact with our customers? i.e. ” Delivering the Customer Experience”

customer-centricity-3-dimensions crm strategy

Provide consistent & highly relevant personalised customer experiences via all touch points to keep the brand promise and to create trust and loyalty. How does this translate in the context of growth hacking and digital marketing and ultimately common business objectives?

How do business objectives manifest in a typical CRM funnel of Awareness-Evaluation-Purchase-Out of Box-Onboarding-Advocacy-Renewal? CRM business objectives manifestation e-CRM has opened up many new opportunities in how we can manage the relationship with the customer.

New digital segments, behaviours i.e. object properties that could be served more personalised  content e.g. iPad visitors using chrome can be pinpointed and targeted with personalised content from almost any ‘proper’ CRM in today’s world.

In fact, you literally could create hundreds of segments in your CRM. The real challenge is determining which ones to prioritise.

crm lifecycle wheel

Consumers are completely anonymous, semi-known or known but defining the consumer journey and messaging calendar for each segment, at each stage of the journey and exact tactics across the life cycle is something we can help you with.

Whilst CRM as a principle is the same everywhere, CRM execution will differ from company to company. Ultimately our goal with your CRM strategy and programme is to improve and increase your consumer’s lifetime value and ensure their retention. 

CRM business objectives manifestation crm strategy

We are big advocates of marketing automation and hence CRM automation. We have worked with a range of marketing automation suites like Marketo, Pardot, SalesManago, Hubspot, Intercom, SharpSpring,  Autopilot and many more. We are HubSpot certified

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