Consumer Market Research Services

We have a large online panel of consumers [50,0000 in the UK] set up to provide either Nationally representative, International or bespoke samples dependant on the target demographic. Some of the studies  and Consumer Market Research Services we offer:

– Quick turnaround online surveys (1000 respondents in 24 hours, 2000 respondents in 48 hours)
– Brand & consumer tracker studies
– Ad effectiveness studies
– Concept Testing
– Online Communities
In terms of a Qualitative offering, we offer services such as:
– Focus Groups
– Face to face, street and in-depth interviews
– Eye Tracking Software
– Mobile Technology (geo-locating and fencing)
– Ethnography
– Product Testing


There can be many reasons to conduct Consumer Market Research Services.

1. Market research focuses your business on your consumers. Your customer is your boss. You must constantly communicate with your “boss” through research and work diligently on understanding and meeting and/or exceeding consumer and customer needs and expectations.

2.It keeps you focused and tells you whats important and will inform your marketing roadmap.

3. It helps you assess, weigh, qualify and quantify growth opportunities.

4. It keeps you relevant and future-proof. If you aren’t keeping up with consumer, product and category disruptions, one of your competitors will. Market research can provide powerful, insightful data and information about your customers, market, product, audience, and competition. You can make decisions with greater clarity and confidence and know that its backed up with real intelligence. Using consumer and market research to backup your marketing decisions, you can optimize your brand strategy choices and minimize your risk for marketing campaigns not performing as expected.

The most common market research projects are trying to acheive any of the following five critical marketing objectives.

1. Optimize your brand strategy and positioning

2. Identify and/or get a better understanding of your target market

3. Elevate and fine-tune your messaging and communications

4. Innovation

5. Assess your market, category and competition

In todays ultra high tech and modern global market, marketing research is not just useful; it is
essential and critical to success. No one research request is the same so get in touch and we can determine your exact requirements.