Multi Screen Campaign Strategy

We live in a world where there are “screens” everywhere. TV screens, smartphone screens, laptops, advertising boards, tablets, smart watches. Consumers are multi-tasking across multichannel via multi-screens. The screens of tomorrow will be multi-surface, e.g. your couch, your living room wall. A Multi Screen Campaign Strategy needs to be included in your marketing plan.

multi screen second screen strategy

Anything could become your display and input device. 90% of media interactions today involve a screen, read that as 90% DIGITAL media. Across all these touchpoints, consumers as you know, expect a consistent experience with your brand.

With the ever increasing numbers and types of screens for a customer to interact with your brand, communications and products it is vital the multi-screen journey is flawless. We can help you plan the journey of a Multi Screen Campaign Strategy and design an optimum sojourn for your customers using the latest advances in screen technology. From choosing the right technology to ensuring the right types of content and media to responsive design to second screen TV campaigns. Whatever the screen mix that is identified after we have gathered your requirements we will be here every step of the way to help you roll out a seamless multi-channel campaign.

Have a quick look at this presentation below to see how screens will affect the future of how consumers interact with your content, your marketing and communications.