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A London and Hertfordshire based growth marketing agency [aka growth hacking agency] with over 28+ years driving growth & self perpetuating marketing campaigns.

I grow brands through six tenets. Which are: automation, creative, data, marketing, product and technology. Bringing enterprise level marketing capability for entrepreneur level start-ups.

Premier growth agency London

Revolutionise Your Growth: Transform your business with Growth Hakka, a pioneering [1 of the first growth hacking agency London]
Growth Marketing Agency London. Experience exponential growth driven by data, technology, and creativity.

Grow your user base.

My philosophy as a growth agency London applies to
start-ups, scale-ups & large enterprise
and growing together with my growth hacking services.

Recent works where I provided a growth hacking service.

/ 2012 — 2022


Management and leadership of in-house digital marketing manager, SEO manager, PR agency, Design…

Unlock Viral Growth,
Empower your brand with Growth Hakka's unique blend of marketing, technology, & data analysis.
Here to be your startup marketing agency London providing growth hacking services.

Grow brands through bold, strategic creative

Data-Driven Success: Discover the power of growth hacking with Growth Hakka, growth agency London. I leverage AI, data analysis and experimentation to drive unprecedented growth for your business. I am an, ai marketing agency Hertfordshire.

I am addicted to creating, learning, and growing together, which enables me to deliver results others miss.

Guide to choosing the right growth marketing agency.

Modern and cutting-edge approach for creating digital and connected brands, services, and products driving digital and engaging experiences.

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Explore new avenues for growth through unconventional, ROI-driven approach to marketing and technology. Growth hacking agency London

Beyond Traditional Marketing:
Break free from traditional
marketing constraints with Growth Hakka.

Growth marketing agency for startups.

Its not just
online. I also do
IRL workshops, briefings and lectures

Speaking Engagements

The digital world has been moving with a huge rhythm and it seems that’s not going to stop. A growth hacking agency UK is best placed to leverage this.

Marketing Technology Briefing

/00 – 1

Feb 16th, 2024.
Bilkent University Cyber Park Startup Camp

/00 – 2

July 18th, 2023.
AI in Marketing Conference 2023, Geekle US

/00 – 3

April 3rd, 2023.
CUBO Marketing Campus Services

/00 – 4

Sept 5th, 2022.
ALTO – Association of Language Travel Organisations

Growth Hacking

/00 – 5

TBC, 2024.
Judge at the Growth Hacking Awards UK
Growth hacking agency london

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on trust only.

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Growth hacking agency London
Loaded Insights

“Zohe always comes out with these nuggets of information and insight. From campaign ideation to AI technology we should be using”

Chief Marketing Officer

Blown Away

“I invited Zohe to help our members achieving a ``faster than average`` bounce back rate after the pandemic. He presented to a group of owners and directors in the international education industry, all experienced leaders representing organisations from around the world.

I was impressed by the amount of prep work he's done, he did a thorough research into our field and tailored his presentation to our needs, advising people on possible action points.

The room was blown away by the possibilities Zohe showed us and the quality of the practical tools he shared with the audience. ”

Reka Lenart

Association Manager · ALTO

Know How

“Zohe is an outstanding digital hero! His knowledge is great and I always loved his open and positive vibe. It was a pleasure to work with him and get his know how on board.”

Marcel Opilka

Head of Sales

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/ 2019 — 2024

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January 9, 2023


Management and leadership of in-house digital marketing manager, SEO manager, PR agency, Design agency, marketing budget, content strategy and more. Cover for the Head…

  • Strategy

    Marketing, GTM, Public Relations, SEO, Paid Ads.

  • Design

    Webpages, ads, banners, videos, social

  • Tools

    HubSpot, WordPress, Taplio, Synthesia, YouTube, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Chat GPT, Claude AI,

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