Digital Media Planning Buying

Multiple Ad Networks

At Growth Hakka our consultants have planned, deployed and optimised Digital Media Planning Buying campaigns across Search, Display, Mobile and Social Media with small budgets to large multi-million, multi-lingual and multi-channel media plans for the likes of Nokia, Virgin Media, QVC, Royal Mail and more.

We execute Digital Media Planning Buying via Artificial Intelligence across key Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also use AI for Google Adwords and other Display Advertising Networks, Native, Contextual, Geographic Location / Map Networks. We also can negotiate for you Sponsored Content, Guest Blogging, Digital Billboards.

Digital Media Planning Buying if done properly will make the most of your budget. Campaigns can be multi-channel or focused on for example mobile media planning and buying.

We have experience of planning and buying media from some of the larger ad networks like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing and Microsoft, Twitter to more niche networks.

We Use AI to Buy Digital Media


Artificial Intelligence Does the Work

We have high performing execution experience on several Mobile ad networks like MobClix, Amobee, Inmobi . We have relationships and contacts at Demand Side platforms & Real Time Bidding Networks like Triggit, The Trade Desk and AppNexus to specific publisher networks like Timeout or Ebay. We have created, executed and optimised multi-network Branding [Awareness], Direct Response and Branding Response campaigns that get consumers attention and engagement and where required drive to conversion.

If you engage us to manage your campaigns you will receive detailed media plans & forecasts and in-depth reports that will allow you to make critical optimisation decisions based on insights and recommendations we provide for you.

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to select the best media networks to achieve your goals and reach your target audience. Bear in mind that some networks like Facebook will simply work for everyone so there is also an element of experience and gut instinct when it comes to selecting the best network. Our aim is to the keep the cost of action for you as low as possible whether it be cost per sale or cost per engagement.

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Multiple Channels in Your Campaign

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