Digital Branding

Is Apple’s digital consumer profile the same as a Google customer? Whilst there are similarities, there are also vast differences. Your digital branding will influence the type of consumer you attract. And that consumer will expect integrated digital marketing initiatives when you communicate with them.

digital branding consumer profile apple google nokia windows

And if you are selling things to them, they will expect the digital merchandising of products to be personalized to them ala Amazon.

digital branding amazon-crm-personalisation

The point we are trying to make is that your digital branding, digital marketing and merchandising need to be carefully planned and executed seamlessly. Our team has worked on start-up brands to big corporates. And certain patterns and consumer expectations / trends are very consistent. Again, large digital brands like Apple and Amazon have “educated” consumers to expect certain levels of service. They expect to receive consistent and clear communication where ever they engage with your brand. Talk to us about how we can help create or refine this seamless experience for you.

Keep Digital Branding simple

Simple things like your logo need to be the same across all channels and all communications. Social Media profiles need to have the same logo as your website. Emails, banner ads, outdoor ads need to be consistent with logo, images and text. Tone of voice should be the same. The consumer should feel they can talk to you on any channel whether its Twitter or email and get the same level of service. Fonts on your desktop site should be the same on your mobile site.

Colour, user experience and user interface are also part of your digital branding. Consistency is the key. Again using Amazon as an example. Think how easy it is to place an order on their website, mobile site, mobile app. It takes minutes to find something and check out.

Here is some inspiration from some top brands and their design guidelines.