Social Media Strategy

We are not going to tell you that you need a social media strategy. We are sure you already have one. It could be argued that social media is not actually that social but that’s a topic for another day. What we can do however, is help you get the most from social media in its current form of “Web 2.0”.

For a social media marketing, communications & customer service strategy, we can look at defining and setting up of your operating model. We work on scenario planning [across marketing, comms & customer service], needs analysis and subsequent response grid for canned response / snippets definition and then activation.

We can produce process modelling [business as usual and crisis planning] to plan for every eventuality.

We will assist you in social channel selection; just because everyone else is on Twitter does not mean its right for your audience. The right tone of voice is crucial, as is volume and resource planning of your contact centre and community managers.

growth with social media

  1. Which social media management and marketing tools are right for your organisation and budget?
  2. How do you  decide on software selection and then how do you set it up?
  3. How easy will call centre integration be if you have one, what are the rules of engagement and workflow between marketing / customer service, and comms?
  4. Who will be monitoring and conducting evaluation of brand related conversations on social media, and
  5. How will KPI definition be decided and achievement of goals be measured.
  6. How will ongoing community management be managed?
  7. We can work with you to create social media editorial calendars which tie into your overall content strategy.
  8. Lets not forget blogger outreach; yes there needs to be a plan for them also in your social media strategy!

Day to day community updates can be automated if you plan ahead freeing up resource to focus on social care. Social enterprise has been proven to improve productivity of the workforce but many organisations still believe that social enterprise is only for the mega-corporations with exponential budgets. However, there are many affordable social enterprise platforms so any size company can utilize them. And even the mega corps can pay startup level costs for social enterprise and get powerful functionality, i.e. you don’t need to pay IBM or Accenture level costs! Ultimately, any work we do for you around social media strategy definition will be geared around Growth. What is the value of a “like” on Facebook? The plan will be to use your social media presence to generate revenue and growth. Connect with us via any of  our social media presences to find out more.