Develop a Digital Strategy

Criteria like process, operating model, technology strategy, the vision for the digital consumer experience, business capabilities, human resource & their competencies AND your digital marketing strategy will form your overall digital strategy.

digital strategy wheel

It’s a subtle distinction, but an important one, and something marketers overlook because so much of the above is handled by the IT department. It’s critical to know the answer to the question of “What does digital strategy mean to you”. Because consumers are migrating rapidly to new modes of digitally enabled, multi-tasking, multichannel, multi-device consumption behaviors.

Every aspect of your business will become digital by default, if its not already. Having a digital strategy that clearly specifies your organisation’s vision, objectives, opportunities, threats and initiatives is crucial. This is to maximize the business benefits of digital programmes.

These can range from a granular product[s] focus, i.e. can your product be digitised, or has someone else created a digital version of a product like yours. Or if you already have a digital product have you improved on it? Or the focus maybe a wider enterprise focus, that considers the larger opportunities and risks that digital brings with it. E.g. should / can your organisation engage on Social Media externally and internally. Or maybe a focus that includes consumer insight, collaboration, new product/market discovery, sales and customer service optimization, enterprise technology architectures, frameworks and processes, innovation and governance; to more marketing and customer-focused efforts such as web sites, mobile, eCommerce, social, site and search engine optimization, and advertising.

Seamless Digital Strategy

All are pieces of the digital jigsaw and whether you take a granular one piece at a time or all encompassing approach, we can assist you on that journey. One thing is for certain the end consumer is becoming increasingly tech savvy. And is accustomed to using digital to engage with your brand whether its your marketing, your product or your customer service. The expectation to engage via digital is being driven by Pure Play brands like Amazon who don’t have non-digital points of engagement. Consumer’s expect and demand a seamless experience. And if they can’t get it from you they know they can get it from your competitor.