Ecommerce Growth Hacking

At Growth Hakka all of our consultants have worked on the front line of e-commerce and m-commerce. We have hands on experience of driving conversions and revenue via Ecommerce Growth Hacking. We have worked on start ups and for large corporates and not just as a hired agency but as actual employees of those organisations so we can empathize with the daily needs of a client who is responsible for driving sales.

We have driven over £50 million in sales in a calendar year for Virgin Media to more modest numbers for startups. We have sold physical goods from smartphones to toys to beauty products and virtual goods like broadband connections and mobile apps.

We focus on the standard consumer lifecycle of Awareness-Acquisition-Activation-Retention-Referral and we work to drive growth in key metrics of New Users, Average Revenue Per User [also known as Consumer Lifetime Value], Total Revenue and Retention.

And overall we keep in mind your EBITDA and operating performance of your company. As mentioned the essence of our service is growth. We will analyse your operating performance hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We will monitor trends and spikes and also dips and troughs.

Ecommerce growth hacking

We will analyse Traffic Driving and Acquisition channels i.e. Search, Display, Affiliates, Mobile, Email and Social. We will consider Inbound vs Outbound, the balance between both and we will experiment and test to death the consumer journey and landing pages looking at digital merchandising and conversion rate optimisation. Our approach to Ecommerce Growth Hacking is data driven.

Once we have built a picture we will share the insight and learnings, and begin to make tactical decisions on your behalf and take care of deployment and execution. Detailed reporting will be provided alongside our realtime dashboards. Then we will optimise the retention of those acquired customers via email, mobile, social, based on consumer profiles we will have built in the analysis phase; building in re-marketing, marketing automation and ideally new propositions.

We are here to partner with you and ensure your growth. We will challenge your point of view with the idea that we must think of the customer experience at ALL times and we will back up our challenges with raw indisputable data from aggressive testing. If we don’t grow your key metrics of sales and ARPU, we will give you your money back.