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Transform a Month's Hustle into a Single Day's Masterpiece:

Hire me to run 8-Hour Power Workshop to Create 30 Days of Content with your Marketing team!

Content Strategy for 50+ companies

“I have worked on content strategy and content production for some of the biggest companies in the world. I've also created content for a host of start-ups. There have been over 50 companies from the likes of Virgin Media, Nokia, Accenture, Royal Mail, Argos, B & Q, Office Depot, eClerx, Incubeta and esynergy.

Zohe Mustafa

Growth Hakka

Generative AI

“Of course, the only way we are going to create 120 pieces of content in 8 hours is to combine your marketing team with generative AI and automation. This workshop will involve the use of AI marketing technology.

We'll need a plan and checklist and produce assets at light speed!”

Zohe Mustafa

Growth Hakka

Workshop FAQ

content production process
What exactly will be the deliverables?

30 videos, 30 LinkedIn Posts, 30 Carousel PDFs, and 30 Blog articles. One type will be the ‘hero‘ e.g. the LinkedIn posts. We will then repurpose hero content to create the other content types. There are a number of ways to do this. We’ll have a planning call before the workshop to fine tune the details and approach to ensure on the day of the workshop not a second is wasted.

What if we don't manage to create all 120 assets in the 8 hours?

We will either run over at no extra charge or I can finish off myself on another day if your marketing team cannot run over. At no extra charge of course.

Can we really create 120 assets in under 8 hours?

Yes. But we need to be focused and we need to follow the methodology. We need to have agreed the content plan in advance of the workshop so that the plan can just be used as a checklist on the day.

Why do you need the marketing team to join?

I could in theory do this myself, however the idea is to share the process and knowledge so that the marketing team can carry on without me for subsequent months.

Why 30 days?

I always advise clients to have an ‘always on ‘ strategy. By this I mean that there should be daily and regular marketing communications across channels. Batch producing the content for 30 days or a month at a time means you have more time to focus on engagement.

Are the types of content fixed?

Yes. This workshop is to specifically create videos, carousel pdfs, LinkedIn posts and blog posts. Videos can be used on YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram etc and your website. carousel pdfs can be used on LinkedIn and to create the videos. The LinkedIn posts can be used to create the carousel pdfs and the blog articles. The blog articles can then be used to create even more videos.

But its a tried and tested process, so deviating from this flow might mean we can’t finish in 8 hours. We just need to decide at planning stage what will be the ‘hero’

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