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Identify Quick Wins :

Hire me to analyse 50 metrics to develop a plan. Using AIPDO methodology 'analyse, identify, plan, deploy, optimise' !

Quick Wins Strategy for 50+ companies

“I have executed this methodology for over 50 companies achieving between 15 to 25% improvement to top of the funnel traffic. I look at publically available data to identify the opportunities and can deliver an action plan within 24 hours.``

Zohe Mustafa

Growth Hakka

Get me for 2 days every month

“Every month I'll dedicate 2 days to you. One day to discuss the analysis and opportunities and agree the plan of action. The developed plan will consist of content strategy for the channels we agree we are going to target. At the end of 30 days we'll meet again to review results and decide where to optimise.``

Zohe Mustafa

Growth Hakka

Quick Wins Strategy FAQ

quick wins process
What exactly will be the deliverables?
  1. I dedicate 2 days per month to you akin to a Non-Executive Director’s role. Ideally I will come to your offices for this.
  2. One day will be to discuss the results of the 50 point analysis, agree quick wins opportunities and create a plan of action.
  3. A content strategy will be created for YOUR team to action and deploy. I will advise your team how to quickly create the content within a matter of days using AI and automation and deploy the plan.
  4. At the end of the month we will meet again to review results and optimise the plan.
Can you create the content identified in your plan?

Yes, I can. However, it will be a significant amount of work so there will be addtional charges. My ideal is that your marketing team does this work.

What if we need support outside the 2 days?

Thats fine. You’ll have my phone number and What’s App. I can also join your Slack or internal comms. I’ll only ever charge for 2 days but will be with you for 30 days.

Shall we set up a call to have an initial discussion?

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