Growth Hacking Lead Generation Campaign

How it Works? - Identify Leads

  • Create multiple searches and filters using LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s powerful filters
  • Multiple options to create focused, targeted lists
  • In theory, there is no limit to how many profiles we extract
  • Remember, we can only automate connection requests and message max 70 leads per day
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How it Works? - Auto Connect & Follow-Up

  • Once we have your lists of prospects and leads
  • We automate conversion of Sales Navigator Profiles to a normal LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Once we have the LinkedIn Profile URL we then setup scripts to automate connection request & first follow up
  • The follow up message is limited to 300 characters
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Conversion Rates

  • Below are some conversion rates by target groups from previous campaigns we’ve run
  • The data speaks for itself in terms of success rates
  • The quality of identified leads is a major factor
  • Connection Rate = Number of new Connections / Number of Invitations sent
  • Response Rate = Number of Responses / Number of new Connections
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  • Campaigns means the types of leads we will target, based on your objectives
  • Almost any target group and audience can be created
  • Each LinkedIn account cannot do more than 70 connections a day
  • Each user is ONE Sales Navigator / LinkedIn account, hence to do more than 70 connections per day we need more than one account access
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Use Cases

Agency Services

Find Account Director and Account Manager leads who work at SEO Agencies in the UK and auto connect / auto message them about our client’s supplementary Sponsored Content, Link Building and SEO services. 

Read more about automated lead generation.


Find Medical Practitioners and Doctors who own and/or run their own clinic in the UK and who are responsible for acquiring new patients for our client which is a Health Portal and auto message introducing our clients service to pull them into a registration funnel.

Public Relations

Find Gaming companies PR managers and/or their PR agencies contacts to introduce our client, a Gaming YoutTuber and Influencer and to start a discussion about possible collaboration after auto connecting them. 


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