Build a Marketing Plan to Own Your Market | Roofing Company Marketing Strategy

Build a Marketing Plan to Own Your Market | Roofing Company Marketing Strategy

Join Jim Johnson of Contractor Coach Pro and Joseph Hughes of Contractor Dynamics as they outline what a winning contractor marketing plan looks like.

– What is a marketing strategy?
– What’s more important – building brand or generating leads?
– Does the specific strategy depend on the size of the roofing or contracting company?
– What marketing activities should companies be doing at different sizes of growth?
– 3 things to consider when building a marketing plan
– The most effective social and digital advertising tactics today
– Unique tactics that will help you differentiate in your market

Plus, some excellent Q&A from this Live broadcast!
Watch an additional training video here:
Jim Johnson is Head Coach of ContractorCoachPro. He has gone into the back offices of over 1,000 different contractors, and got a first hand look into what they do well and what they don’t. ContractorCoachPro has a variety of programs to suit contractors at different stages of growth. The company is one of the most well-known coaching and consulting companies in the contracting industry.
Joe Hughes is the marketing director at Contractor Dynamics, the only marketing training company dedicated to the roofing industry. Contractor Dynamics helps roofing companies install social and digital marketing systems inside their businesses, so they can generate their own customers and recruit their own team members. We help our clients build their brand and own their market.





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