Videographers Social Media Content Strategy for 2020

Videographers Social Media Content Strategy for 2020

This is my Social Media Content Strategy for 2020, if you’re a wedding videographer or filmmaker, THIS is what you should be doing!!

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Videographers Social Media Content Strategy for 2020


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WHAT SHOULD I POST ON INSTAGRAM 2020 | Content Marketing Strategy For Business // Kylie Francis

WHAT SHOULD I POST ON INSTAGRAM 2020 | Content Marketing Strategy For Business // Kylie Francis

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Do you struggle with posting content on social media for your personal brand or online business, just for the sake of “updating *insert social media platform* here?!”

I’ll tell you this – you are not alone.

This is what the MAJORITY of people do when it comes to using social media to grow their personal brand or online business.

They go through the motions posting by using boring “content calendars”, then wonder why they are even posting in the first place.

Then, because they overthink their content since they are force posting, they end up not posting all together. Then they get angry and upset because they wasted hours creating content they didn’t feel aligned with. Leading inconsistency, doubts, and a failed content strategy.

Does this sound a bit like you?

Oh, and guess what? All of this combined, is the BIGGEST reason as to why you aren’t growing a following. Mainly because you aren’t consistent with your social media posts.

I’m here to tell you, that social media, is not a task related job.

It’s not a “check” off of your to-do list.

You need a strategy.
You need goals.
And you need to post with intention.

And thats what I will explain and help you do inside this video.

So, go grab your favorite notebook, your drink of choice, and get ready to TAKE NOTES! Pause the video when you need to, write down every tip that I give, and then most importantly, go ahead and IMPLEMENT what I am teaching in this video. I know you will find so much value in this video, I’m excited for you to listen!

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Kylie Francis is an 8th year, multiple six figure macro social media influencer, digital course entrepreneur, and social media marketing educator who teaches ambitious influencers, ceo’s, businesses, and entrepreneurs how to passively build influence, impact, and income on the most popular social media platforms. Her teachings are backed by her own experience, and are led by her trademarked keys to social media success online: Vulnerability, Visibility, and Value™. Kylie loves to break down expert level marketing, psychology, and business concepts on her livestreams so you can easily understand how to build, grow, and monetize your own social media empire.

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8 Effective Content Marketing Strategy Trends in 2020  for Blogging, Guest Post & Website Ranking

8 Effective Content Marketing Strategy Trends in 2020 for Blogging, Guest Post & Website Ranking

#ContentMarketingin2020 #ContentTrends #geoflypages
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Hello guys, Start your content marketing journey. Improve ranking and drive organic traffic on website or blog in 2020 by using 8 effective content marketing trends for 2020. Watch this video to understand content marketing strategy trends in 2020 which effective for your website ranking, blogging, and guest posting.

Geoflypages is a global Web development and Digital Marketing company. We are offering world-class Web development, web hosting and domain service, logo designing, Branding, E-commerce websites and Digital marketing services across the globe. Our motive is to give the best service to our clients at a competitive price.

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My Favorite SEO Strategy For Local Clients in 2020 [Tutorial]

My Favorite SEO Strategy For Local Clients in 2020 [Tutorial]

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Search specialist shares five ways to adapt your search strategy in uncertain times

Search specialist shares five ways to adapt your search strategy in uncertain times

The events of the last few weeks have had a dramatic effect on millions of people’s lives. Uncertainty over health, childcare, work, food and the wellbeing of loved ones has dominated all of our thinking over the past few days.

Not only has it changed the way we’re shopping and interacting with others, an expert at online search specialist Epiphany, Paul Norris, has looked at how it has impacted what users are turning to the internet for and advises how businesses can adapt their search strategy during this tricky time.

The Prime Minister’s speech on 13th March 2020 served as a catalyst for many to search for “working from home essentials” with searches such as computer chairs increasing by 185%.

As a nation, we also considered our options for emergency deliveries, including “wine delivery” services, which nearly tripled in just one week.

search strategy and trends in tricky times

As people’s searches change to reflect new (increasingly home-based and socially distant) situations, it’s important that marketers adapt to the shifts in search behavior.

Here are a few ways to navigate the next few weeks and to prepare for when we emerge from the current situation:

1. Identify and capitalize on emerging trends

Monitor your search query reports closely – look for increased use of convenience and supply modifiers as availability and fulfillment is valued more. Searches containing “near me” have started to fall as queries for “online” services have increased.

If your business offers quick deliveries (and can still fulfill them), ensure it’s prominent in messaging, listings and on-site. Searches for next and same-day delivery will only continue to grow.

2. Listen to your visitors – use your site search reports and Hotjar polls

Your on-site search function is an absolute gold mine in times like these – demand and behavioral changes from your visitors are picked up directly. Use the Site Search report in GA (found under “Behaviour” on the left-hand side) as a listening board.

closely monitor site search reports to effectively work on your search strategy

Surface the most-searched-for products and services on relevant high traffic pages. Rethink, test and measure your carousels and other key product and service listing elements where relevant. Enabling Hotjar (or similar) polls can also enable you to get more specific insight.

3. Shift budget into investment channels

If you’re pulling back on sales activation because demand is dropping, look to move that budget and resource into a medium and longer-term activity that will pay dividends when demand picks up. With the previous points in mind, conduct a meta-data review and weave more highly valued services such as next day delivery into titles and descriptions. Has content taken a back seat? There are some definite benefits to content strategy, planning, and creation with the headspace you’re afforded when working from home.

4. Bypass dev queues and do what you can from your CMS

Prioritizing your activity in a busy dev queue can be difficult at the best of times. If dev time is booked up because the team is completely promo and sales activation focused, do what you can. Are you able to edit content and optimize existing pages in the CMS? Can you create new landing pages in your CMS without tech intervention? If so, now is the time to utilize those capabilities.

5. Maximize performance where demand is strong

Identify where demand remains strong (or has even picked up) and do what you can to capture and convert it. Your top landing pages and product reports are a good first port of call and can provide you with some quick wins. Segmenting and analyzing site performance by product/area/service (depending on your sector) can help you identify and capitalize on bigger emerging trends. If you’re a retailer, think about splitting out essential and non-essential products.

Paul Norris is Senior Strategist & Head of London Operations at Epiphany.

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Use THIS Instagram Growth Strategy To Gain Followers Organically In 2020

Use THIS Instagram Growth Strategy To Gain Followers Organically In 2020

In this video we’re breaking down the real way to grow your Instagram followers even with the algorithm. If you want to grow your Instagram following fast then use THIS Instagram growth strategy to gain followers organically in 2020.

Call it what you want: organic Instagram hacks, Instagram growth tactics – there is one real way to gain Instagram followers organically in 2019 and likely will be the same way to grow on Instagram in 2020.

None of this follow/unfollow method nonsense, no fake instagram followers, no Instagram pods, no buying instagram likes, no bots, just pure organic growth methods to get real followers.

If you’re looking to grow organically on Instagram without spending money, then watch this video all the way to the end!



How To Get 1000 Instagram Followers in 2019 (In-Depth) | Proven Growth Strategies & Tactics:

Get more LIKES and COMMENTS on Instagram | 9 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement Organically:

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Founded in 2014, High Season Co. is a Social Media Agency designed to help you discover your community, create authentic connections and deliver transformational experiences. We were raised by the internet, we are rooted in diversity, and we are immersed in the culture – this is our competitive edge. Driven by passion, knowledge and entrepreneurship, we anticipate where attention is going and seek to break the algorithm in the pursuit of it.

As founders who are entrepreneurs themselves, hosts Tiffany and Craig have extensive experience building their own companies alongside the brands of their select clients. Today, High Season is composed of a diverse team of business-savvy, marketing experts entrenched in popular culture, uniquely positioning them as an asset to any brand.

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How to Build a Marketing Team: A 7-Step 'People Strategy'

How to Build a Marketing Team: A 7-Step ‘People Strategy’

You can come up with all sorts of marketing strategies that would impress the most discriminating of C-suites; but, if you don’t have the right people in place to execute those strategies, all your hard work will have been for naught.

So how do you attract great marketers, keep them happy and productive, and help them reach their full potential? A people strategy.

Effective people strategies are critical to attract, interview, assess, hire, onboard, keep, and promote talented people who can take your organization to the next level.

People strategies also give you the insight you need to choose the right people, identify and capitalize on their skills and talents, and keep them motivated to do great work.

Successful people-strategies capitalize on three winning characteristics: being purpose-driven, performance-oriented, and principle-led.

Here is your seven-step people strategy for an unbeatable marketing team.

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3 things you can't miss in your influencer marketing strategy 2020

3 things you can't miss in your influencer marketing strategy 2020

Having an elaborate influencer marketing strategy is the key to understanding what results you can expect and to be able to use the method properly in your overall marketing throughout the year. Hear Emma Lundsten, Head of Operation & Customer Success at Cure Media, share 3 tips on parts you can’t miss in your influencer marketing strategy for 2020!

In this guide, we will go through the value of having a data-driven influencer marketing strategy in place, how it will help you achieve the company’s overall goals, and what elements should be included in a winning strategy:


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Remote Working Strategy Challenges During Coronavirus : Resolved

If you are like many of our enterprise clients, your individual (and team) working conditions have been impacted by the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Fortunately, the power of modern technology allows us to remain connected, and in many cases, bridge the lack of physical interaction. Still, the gravity of this particular pandemic has forced most companies into an unprecedented situation: a fully-distributed, remote working environment.

This has forced companies to move quickly to adopt a remote working strategy. And in times of crisis, such as this, where companies should be thinking about their remote employees. How do they ensure their teams are able to maintain momentum? How do they avoid work disruptions? How do they maintain progress and positive results? In order to develop a strong remote working strategy for your team, you will need purpose-built tools to combat unforeseen adversaries.

Managing remote employees could be done simply, as long as you have the right tools and strategy in place for your marketing team to succeed.

As many companies are discouraging non-essential travel (including the commute to the office), they are implementing remote work strategies and tools for many or all of their employees across the globe. Although cloud-based tools like G-Suite, Slack, and are available, these tools are not created to assist the nuanced work of marketers. 

So what remote working strategy tools are available for us?

Marketing Resource Management tools are created for marketing teams with unique goals, budgets, and assets. Within its latest Wave, Forrester defines Marketing Resource Management as a “tool or suite of tools that helps marketers with financial planning, performance measurement, collaboration and calendaring, project management, content production, asset management, brand compliance, and marketing fulfillment.”

Remote work challenges that could be resolved with Marketing Resource Management software:

Remote Working Strategy Challenges #1: Lack of Visibility

People are (quite literally) working independently. Hence the need for real-time calendars, tools to share and/or collaborate on plans, views that share who is working on what (and when) — all of this is vital for your remote work strategy.


  • Visualize all marketing activity – when you’re distributed, knowing who is working on what gets harder. Visibility is critical in this situation, especially when you have a lot of handoffs between teams that used to sit near each other or do physical meetings. That’s why you need a collaborative calendaring software.
  • Want to see who’s working on what? NewsCred’s Capacity Planning tool lets you have visibility into what marketing campaigns each person is working on and plan future tasks based on the bandwidth of each team member.

Remote Working Strategy Challenges #2: Inability to Collaborate

If people are isolated, how do we maintain the same level of productivity without being in the same office? Hence the need for strategic briefs so teams stay aligned, shared editors so folks can collaborate, and the ability to track progress on marketing activity to ensure deadlines are hit.


  • NewsCred’s editor is collaborative, making content creation a lot easier when people are distributed. Your team can simultaneously view, edit, and comment on the same project from anywhere. Since reviewing visual content becomes hard when you can’t point to things on a screen or whiteboard – NewCred’s annotations tool can assist in collaboration and communication.
  • Utilize dedicated asset libraries,  and eliminate sending files back and forth via email. Store and manage all your unique assets in one place without version control issues and constantly losing the same piece of asset in the digital asset management (DAM) software.

Remote Working Strategy Challenges #3: Managing Shifting Priorities

During times of crisis, managing shifting priorities and maintaining team alignment becomes difficult – especially when people from different teams email you with ad-hoc requests. While working remotely, managing different tasks and request via email or Slack is a disaster ready to happen. 


  • NewsCred’s Work Request Management system manages the queue of all inbound work that may have come in via so many different channels including water cooler convos, emails, slack, and Post-It. This platform will be useful to expedite work requests and approval processes so that everyone involved can see the brief and the drafts in the same chain allowing remote workers to provide immediate feedback to ensure brand management.
  • Ensure all marketing efforts are aligned with the most recent changes in priority. This software will help you and your team navigate through difficult times and changes while aligning each campaign to be within brand guidelines and brand voice.

Remote Working Strategy Challenges #4: More Performance Scrutiny

In times of economic hardship, budgets shrink, and pressures rise. Marketing is still on the hook to deliver certain results, and the business will be looking at where they’re spending money, why, and asking about results.


  • No matter what your marketing budget looks like, NewsCred’s financial planning tool will directly associate financial activity to a piece of content and/or marketing campaign.
  • With event closures and change in strategy, you need insight into which campaigns are performing and those that are not so you can reallocate your budget to the right channels. Measure campaign allocation and identify which of your campaigns are high-performing – allowing you to make strategic decisions, backed by data.


Want to Develop a Remote Work Strategy?

When creating a remote working strategy, take an integrated approach by using a tool created specifically for your marketing team. This way you can have visibility into your marketing team’s activities, continue to work collaboratively and ensure business continuity.

NewsCred’s marketing work management software is purpose-built to help complex marketing teams streamline all marketing initiatives from ideation and creation all the way to deployment and measurement. We can help you transition from working at the office to remotely without disruption to your workflow. This software is created specifically for remote and global marketers to come together and work collaboratively on a single platform – perfect for your remote working strategy. 

In fact, NewsCred has been named a “Strong Performer” in Forrester’s 2020 MRM evaluation. Click here to learn more, or contact us to find out how we can help.


Shohei Fukano is NewsCred’s Content Marketing Manager

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How to Create a Content Strategy Your Audience Wants

How to Create a Content Strategy Your Audience Wants

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Developing a strategy takes sacrifice but it’s 100% worth the effort.

What Is a Content Strategy?

Content marketing refers to the concept of creating content – like blogs, eBooks, infographics, and podcasts – to reach audiences and sell products or services.

A content strategy dictates how we’ll use content to reach our goals. A strategy involves:

  • Learning about our audience
  • Setting clear yet attainable goals
  • Researching keywords and headlines
  • Creating topic calendars
  • Deciding which social channels to use
  • Looking for influencers and guest blog sites
  • Analyzing our competition and their content strategies

How to Create a Content Strategy Your Audience Will Love

If there’s one tip we can offer anyone preparing to create content, it’s this: slow down.

Learning how to create a content strategy that produces ROI takes time and research.

Learn About Your Digital Content Strategy’s Target Audience

If we want our content to earn clicks, shares, and conversions, we need to figure out who our audience is and what kind of content they like.

We have several options for learning about our audience. We can run polls and surveys, follow our target markets on social media, and check out our competitors.

BuzzSumo can help us run some content analysis in our industry to see what they’re sharing and scope out key influencers. Even if we don’t want to promote our content through influencers, we can still follow what they post.

Let’s say we’re learning how to create a content strategy for a yoga clothing line. We can find plenty of Facebook pages and Twitter influencers to follow for inspiration:

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