Facebook Tips That Convert | Content Marketing Strategy 2020

Facebook Tips That Convert | Content Marketing Strategy 2020

Everyone is hatin’ on Facebook these days, but that’s cause their content marketing strategy for Facebook is whack! Just like with all social media, you need to test things out and try new (but relevant) things to see what is right for you. In this video, I have some bangin’ tips to help you convert that Facebook graveyard into the life of the party.

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Welcome to my channel where I am going to help you grow your business with better content marketing!

My name is Desiree Martinez and I am an energetic video creator, social media consultant, and speaker about video and content marketing. I am is known for my step-by-step plans to help businesses, brands, and solopreneurs take actionable steps towards successful content marketing to grow their business.

My credentials include being a Social Media Examiner contributor, founder of Social Media Day Phoenix (which has been officially proclaimed a day in the State of Arizona), former Social Media Producer for CBS-5 Phoenix, hostess of the Women of Youtube Podcast, Youtuber, and award-winning social media manager.

I am also a mom to two rambunctious kids, wife to an Air Force Veteran, tea addict, Slytherin, and pedicure junkie.

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