Creating Content For LinkedIn | LinkedIn Marketing Strategy  |  Tips from 3 Top Creators

Creating Content For LinkedIn | LinkedIn Marketing Strategy | Tips from 3 Top Creators

Struggling to create content on LinkedIn?
Want to know what to post on LinkedIn?

Coming up with ideas on what topics to put in your content can be a tedious task.
You will ask yourself, “What other ideas can you come up with to improve the quality of your content?”

On this couch we have:
– Kerri Twigg, LinkedIn Top Voice (2018) and career coach
– Bobby Umar, a world-renowned speaker
– String, 3x LinkedIn Top Voice, and content creator

Here are brainstorming tactics and ideas:
– make sure to use topics that will help reinforce your positioning
– use Google, Quora to help find more ideas
– look back at your history and content, which do you more of?

Make sure to continually structure your content to be entertaining, engaging, and most importantly, RELEVANT to your audience. They will come back to watch/read more of your content when you become a trustworthy source.

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What is Content Marketing? | Marketing Masterclass | Content Strategy 2020 | Beginners Guide

What is Content Marketing? | Marketing Masterclass | Content Strategy 2020 | Beginners Guide

In this video, Trainer & Speaker Ms. Jyeshtha Bhagat gives complete knowledge and insights on “Content Marketing”.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”. The rise in digitization has brought in exponential value for content; Indeed ‘Content is the King’. Content marketing helps to improve conversions because it allows you not only to establish a connection with your customers but also to educate them. It means that content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on giving customers high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful information to your customers to help them solve their problems.

For more insights, you can but the book Marketing Masterclass – By Prathamesh Veling Founder & Director of Magic Institute of Excellence. He is Market Research & Analytics Professional; by qualification, he is B.E, MBA, MA (Economics) and MA (Psychology)

Book Status: COMING SOON…!!! (Purchase link will be shared soon).
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The vision of MIE is to bring in transformation in the mindset of people towards education. Join us on this journey and help us support this cause.

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LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips | Easy LinkedIn Content & Marketing Strategy from a Top Creator

LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips | Easy LinkedIn Content & Marketing Strategy from a Top Creator

Build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Want to know what to post on LinkedIn?
Here are some easy LinkedIn and content marketing tips to help you build your brand

LinkedIn is a great marketing tool to promote yourself.
It’s also a great way to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn.

By building your personal brand online, you will create inbound and attract clients or business. I should know, I was able to grow from 0 to 30k followers in 2 years (I started my channel in late 2017).

Learn how to market yourself by doing this:

00:14 – How to build a personal brand on LinkedIn
01:10 – How to post and create content on LinkedIn
02:56 – How to create epic a ‘headliner’ on LinkedIn
(it’s your pitch line to attract relevant connections).

Want a framework for your personal brand?
Down a free 7Vs of personal brand and influence at

Other YouTube videos about LinkedIn:
How to write viral copywriting:

🍗 Who is String Nguyen
String is a 3x LinkedIn’s Top Voice, nominated Forbes Asia 30u30 and is the founder of The Trusted Voice, we help entrepreneurs, coaches and experts who struggle to market themselves by giving them a framework to build their personal brand.

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(2020) Real Estate Agent Content Marketing | How to create content that converts!

(2020) Real Estate Agent Content Marketing | How to create content that converts!

What is content marketing for real estate and how should a Realtor use it to create more leads, sales or to help convert more cold buyer/seller opportunities? Agents are very confused by what to do with video, SEO, blog, Vlog and on social media?
Discover all my unique PLAYLISTS –

Real estate agents traditional don’t understand what content marketing is and how it works! Content marketing is designed to educate, share your wisdom and perspective as a real estate professional. But most of today’s marketing that is considered content marketing is just social proof marketing “I’ve listed this, sold that, I’m doing an open house here” … basically just demonstrating that they are “an active Realtor.”

Content marketing an opportunity to educate, share case studies, demonstrate experience, an advantage of working with you and your expertise.

What’s my favourite website & CRM?
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TikTok Tutorial: How to Create Engaging Content for Your Business

TikTok Tutorial: How to Create Engaging Content for Your Business

TikTok is growing super fast, and you can use all the fun video tools it has to promote your business in & out of the platform. In this tutorial, we’re gonna teach you the basics and you’re gonna make a video with us!

Full article:

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world.
But what exactly is TikTok? And how do you TikTok?

It is essentially a video platform where you can create, edit and share short, fun & entertaining videos.

You can also use sounds and music to create an original video using your creativity, and collaborate with other people

If you’re in Network Marketing and you’re already creating curiosity posts to promote your business on social media, the tools for creating content on TikTok can help you remix & refresh your ideas.

If you’re brand new to it, don’t let it scare you away. Take some time to learn every day and focus on the learning process, not the results.

If you get any comments or likes, THAT’S A PLUS!


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The Best Content Marketing Strategy - Get a Limitless Amount of Organic Traffic (Traffic Secrets #4)

The Best Content Marketing Strategy – Get a Limitless Amount of Organic Traffic (Traffic Secrets #4)

Want the best content marketing strategy for limitless amounts of organic traffic? There is a way to become omnipresent across all social media platforms no matter what industry you’re in. This is the strategy that changed everything for me. In this video, I will be revealing the steps to getting endless organic traffic — all the clicks, visibility and reach. Subscribe:

Be everywhere on social media platforms… but first thing’s first. Why are people even on them? What if I told you that the key… is understanding the context of each platform? What works for Facebook and Instagram may not do so well for YouTube. I will be taking you step by step from the initial stage of creating content organically all the way to having this entire master plan in place — ready to take your business to the next level? Watch this video now to discover how you can grow organic traffic and be everywhere.

If you’d like to master traffic, my friend Russell Brunson is releasing his new book “Traffic Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Filling Your Websites And Funnels With Your Dream Customers”. To support Russell, I’ve prepared $46,288+ worth of bonuses that will help you streamline your traffic, making sure that you have systems and processes in place, and ultimately help you implement the traffic strategies for maximum growth. Claim your FREE copy of Traffic Secrets and $46,288+ worth of bonuses NOW:


Traffic Series #1: Creating your Dream Customer Profile – Simple and Effective Tutorial

Traffic Series #2: How to Get High Paying Clients – Easy Tips for Attracting More Customers

Traffic Series #3: Email Marketing – Simple List Building Tips to Explode Your List

Want to learn more from Peng Joon? Follow these steps..




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LinkedIn Content Strategy 2020 - Use my secret posting tactics to attract prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2020 – Use my secret posting tactics to attract prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn CONTENT MARKETING Strategy for LinkedIn 2020

The key to finding the right clients on LinkedIn is to draw the right audience through your content. Today, I’m going to go over my favorite content marketing strategies, specifically what to post on LinkedIn for 2020 that will help you attract high paying clients that are targeted to your service industry. If you post these 3 types of content on LinkedIn, you will draw the audience that you want to work with. My key strategies and tips for creating post on LinkedIn will help you position yourself as the expert and ultimately start converting at a higher rate. So let’s get started!

#linkedincontentmarketing #linkedinmarketing #girlinmomentum


Welcome to the Girl in Momentum Show, I’m Adora, a full-time entrepreneur, and marketing consultant. I run an online marketing and coaching business where I teach entrepreneurs how to stand out online, create unique strategies for individual success and grow in their personal lives. My experience includes working with companies like Staples and Bank of New York on Wall Street all the way to local businesses. My goal is to help entrepreneurs feel inspired to take action and live the life of freedom and prosperity they desire. Here we will discuss different techniques, set goals for our business, and talk with several businesswomen about their journey. So let’s keep up the momentum together!



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The BEST Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

The BEST Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

#1 Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020 for FREE (TIPS). Let me break down content marketing 101 and share with you the best content marketing strategy that people like Gary Vee use, and learn how to stand out on social media in 2020.

In this video, I share with you the following:
– Content marketing strategy / content marketing tips in 2020
– How to repurpose your content / what is content repurposing
– Social media content strategy and tips in 2020
– How to build your personal brand
– How to use pillar content and turn it into micro content

🧠 Useful Playlists for YOU 🧠
Content Marketing & Social Media Strategies → How to Build & Scale Your Personal Brand →
Facebook Ads for Real Estate →
Instagram for Real Estate Agents →

#socialmedia #contentrepurposing #contentmarketing

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Mike Sherrard is the founder of an industry leading content marketing, personal branding, content repurposing and social media marketing agency that helps Entrepreneurs and Realtors explode their personal brand and business with creative strategies.

Mike was also a top Realtor / top producing real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta with Redline Real Estate Group, who specializes in luxury real estate and innovative real estate marketing strategies and helps Real Estate Agents generate online leads using Facebook Marketing strategies paired with ManyChat automation, as well as help agents build their personal brand and become top of mind.

Huge thanks to my friend T-Ferg for the intro song 🙏🏼
Song: Keep Pushing (feat. Kamira)
Artist: T-Ferg
Listen Now:

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Content Marketing | SEO Tales | Episode 3

Content Marketing | SEO Tales | Episode 3

Want to know how to do content marketing in 2020?

In Episode 3 of SEO Tales, Craig and Itamar discuss the best content marketing strategies and tips to help your business excel with its content creation process.

Content marketing has evolved a lot over the last several years, and it’s more important than ever to get it RIGHT!

2:19 – Writing content for your audience
7:34 – How often should you be posting content?
9:38 – Different types of content to create
15:48 – How to build engagement
17:50 – Which platforms to choose?
22:30 – How to re-purpose your content
27:45 – Tools to help with content marketing

Join us next Tuesday for Episode 4 on On-Page SEO:

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Benefits of an Internet Marketing Consultant

Benefits of an Internet Marketing Consultant

An internet marketing consultant handles the web presence and online advertising for companies to increase traffic, gain followers and promote conversions. They have specific goals and objectives to attain, and work with the marketing team or manager to set those goals. They use a number of marketing tactics such as PPC campaigns, email campaigns, SEO strategies for optimization and evaluating the analytics.

A marketing consultant or internet marketing consultant is not an employee of the company. They are independent contractors, or an organisation hired by the company to conduct the work in their own space unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

ProfileTree Article


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