Sharing a step by step guide on How to Create Facebook Ads so that you can reach more customers and to be able to target prospective clients using your Facebook Page.

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$100Mil Marketing Strategy with Facebook ads & Instagram Influencers | MVMT Case Study

$100Mil Marketing Strategy with Facebook ads & Instagram Influencers | MVMT Case Study

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Are you dreaming of scaling your business to $100Mil?
You’d like to do that in 5 years or so?
Well, you’ll certainly need some MAD MARKETING SKILLS guys from MVMT have

I’ll cover
– Every marketing platform strategy they utilize and dedicated strategy
– How to create content which will reach customers on its own
– Their groundbreaking Influencer RUSH strategy
– Tools that enabled their success
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Facebook marketing strategy for 2020 & beyond.

Facebook marketing strategy for 2020 & beyond.

Growing your customer base with Facebook check-in marketing – is one of the most effective ROI marketing strategy options, it is freely available to businesses to utilise. https://www.facebook.com/webablezone/
Businesses are in control of their own destiny with this minimal investment outlay & valuable ROI (Return On Investment). This proven marketing strategy is utilising the Facebook Check-in option.
Facebook has evolved as a social media marketing tool for businesses’ to grow their customer base satisfyingly. The strategy is to put into practice a tempting call to action, which is to invite everyone to check in on Facebook to qualify for the receptive offer. The offer can be anything, as long as it is a tempting incentive to entice as many people as possible to check-in on your business Facebook page link so that their check-in post displays your business name with a direct clickable link back to your Facebook business page.
The purpose of the check-in is to make HUNDREDS of people they know mindful of where they’re by displaying your business name & its whereabouts, with the aim of some of them becoming your customers, so that also check-in themselves in the same manner to ultimately growing the business customer base even more.
To follow up on this valuable advice, show us your appreciation by giving our business page the thumbs up to facebook.com/webablezone/ for this valuable advice. We will then proactively generate a jpeg display picture with your logo plus a couple of pictures from your Facebook business page, then we will text the jpeg to you. The ball will then be in your court, pop into any Photoshop that can produce Bluetooth jpeg photos or posters. The marketing objective is to strategically place the leaflet or poster where it will prompt people to check-in on Facebook. The outcome is to ultimately grow your business customer base. However, to maximise the marketing its important to monitor all the check-in activity regularly & respond to every one of them. Take a look at who’s checking in, see what they’re saying, & respond to comments accordingly, as the banter goes a long way with keeping followers keen to come back for more of the same. Head over to explore the Webable Zone website to also familiarise yourself with other tools & services that would also benefit your business if deployed online to grow public awareness.

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Facebook Group Marketing Strategy 2020 To Generate More Leads/Sales/Customers/Prospects

Facebook Group Marketing Strategy 2020 To Generate More Leads/Sales/Customers/Prospects

In this video I am going to teach you Facebook Group Marketing Strategies for 2020. Trust me, Facebook Group Marketing is not dead! It can be time consuming…yes! But if you consistently devote a little time towards Facebook Group Marketing each day, you will reap the rewards.

Facebook groups for marketing can be a clever way to inspire people to check out your products, services or business passively. Facebook group marketing gives you the opportunity to prospect in the comfort of your own home and if you do it correctly, people will start coming to you! It gives you the ability to quickly become authoritative.

So check out this video, grab a pen and a notepad and enjoy!
Have any questions? Leave a comment below

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Shopify Free Traffic Strategy + Facebook Marketing

Shopify Free Traffic Strategy + Facebook Marketing

Learn how to utilize Facebook groups and other communities to market your products and drive traffic for free, Use this strategy to season your pixel as well as validate your product before throwing your hard earned money towards Facebook ads!

Facebook group master list with updates – https://stores.nerdlysolutions.io/pages/facebook-group-marketing

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Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy & Posting Schedule

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy & Posting Schedule

Learn the best way to begin a Facebook marketing strategy and posting schedule to improve your social media for business. Tips from founder Rianna M. Hill, who has been marketing on Facebook since 2014.

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Best Facebook Marketing Strategy - 100% free - No ads!

Best Facebook Marketing Strategy – 100% free – No ads!

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8 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

8 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

How can you use Facebook in your marketing strategy?

In this video, I’ll share 8 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy.
Step 1: Define Your Marketing Goals
Step 2: Audit Your Existing Facebook
Step 3 : Know your Audience
Step 4: Develop Your Brand’s Facebook Voice
Step 5: Perform a Competitive Analysis
Step 6: Discover Your Content Mix With 6 Different Kinds Of Facebook Posts
Step 7: Build Your Posting Schedule
Step 8: Measure The Effectiveness Of Facebook Strategy

These are ways I’ve personally used to grow over 25 different Facebook pages/groups with massive amounts of organic and paid reach and engagements.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

You can learn more about Motava at: https://motava.com/

And feel free to check out some of my reviews from my favorite products:
Sparin Keyboard Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3c0i
JellyComb Keyboard Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCVGS
iClever Keyboard Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgS7A

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[Course] Facebook Ads For Dropshipping 2020 - Full Strategy Walkthrough

[Course] Facebook Ads For Dropshipping 2020 – Full Strategy Walkthrough

Hey guys in this video I’ll be covering everything you need to know to run Facebook ads. From the basics all the way up to how we test and scale our own campaigns.

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00:50 – Ad Budget Rules
01:36 – Ad Theory
03:05 – How to setup your ad strategy
04:35 – Phase 1 testing overview
04:55 – Campaign Setup Phase 1
10:09 – Adset Setup Phase 1
20:27 – Duping Adsets Phase 1
23:03 – How to customize columns
24:42 – Analyzing Ads
28:15 – Scale Interests Phase 2
32:14 – Lookalike Audiences + Retargeting setup
36:59 – Scaling Lookalikes
37:49 – End Game


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Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Tips On How To Use Facebook For Marketing Your Products And Services


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