Shopify Free Traffic Strategy + Facebook Marketing

Shopify Free Traffic Strategy + Facebook Marketing

Learn how to utilize Facebook groups and other communities to market your products and drive traffic for free, Use this strategy to season your pixel as well as validate your product before throwing your hard earned money towards Facebook ads!

Facebook group master list with updates –

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Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy & Posting Schedule

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy & Posting Schedule

Learn the best way to begin a Facebook marketing strategy and posting schedule to improve your social media for business. Tips from founder Rianna M. Hill, who has been marketing on Facebook since 2014.

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Best Facebook Marketing Strategy - 100% free - No ads!

Best Facebook Marketing Strategy – 100% free – No ads!

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8 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

8 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

How can you use Facebook in your marketing strategy?

In this video, I’ll share 8 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Marketing Strategy.
Step 1: Define Your Marketing Goals
Step 2: Audit Your Existing Facebook
Step 3 : Know your Audience
Step 4: Develop Your Brand’s Facebook Voice
Step 5: Perform a Competitive Analysis
Step 6: Discover Your Content Mix With 6 Different Kinds Of Facebook Posts
Step 7: Build Your Posting Schedule
Step 8: Measure The Effectiveness Of Facebook Strategy

These are ways I’ve personally used to grow over 25 different Facebook pages/groups with massive amounts of organic and paid reach and engagements.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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[Course] Facebook Ads For Dropshipping 2020 - Full Strategy Walkthrough

[Course] Facebook Ads For Dropshipping 2020 – Full Strategy Walkthrough

Hey guys in this video I’ll be covering everything you need to know to run Facebook ads. From the basics all the way up to how we test and scale our own campaigns.

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00:50 – Ad Budget Rules
01:36 – Ad Theory
03:05 – How to setup your ad strategy
04:35 – Phase 1 testing overview
04:55 – Campaign Setup Phase 1
10:09 – Adset Setup Phase 1
20:27 – Duping Adsets Phase 1
23:03 – How to customize columns
24:42 – Analyzing Ads
28:15 – Scale Interests Phase 2
32:14 – Lookalike Audiences + Retargeting setup
36:59 – Scaling Lookalikes
37:49 – End Game


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Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Tips On How To Use Facebook For Marketing Your Products And Services

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Facebook Ad Launch Strategy | $0 to $1000/Day Dropshipping 2019-2020

Facebook Ad Launch Strategy | $0 to $1000/Day Dropshipping 2019-2020

Here is my updated Facebook Ad launch strategy for 2019-2020 👍.

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Whats going on guys!

As requested, here is the video on my updated Facebook Ad Launch Strategy.

This guide will give you a step by step outline to follow when it comes to effectively testing a new product for your eCommerce store in 2019 and 2020.

The strategy that I am going to be showcasing is tried and true, and it allowed me to take a brand new Shopify store from $0 sales to over $1,000/day in only 4 days.

Quick disclaimer: You will need at least $1,000 to sustain your Facebook ad spend at the beginning of this testing strategy.

I broke this whole guide down into 4 major steps.

Step 1: The Foundation

It all starts with a great product…

To save us some time – I recommend watching my video on how to find winning products.

In the video I do some live product research to give you an idea of how I do my product research, and also give you some potential winning products to test.

You can watch the video here:

However, here are some good baseline tips you should follow to make your product testing more effective:

-Once you pick a product, do some research on it. Know exactly what it does and how.

-Look at the reviews on Amazon for this product. Look on Aliexpress, what are people saying about it?

-You can use this research to find pain points and emotional triggers you can use to market your product really well.

Your product page should also be very clean and professional. Research some big brands in the niche of your product and look at how they are branding their product pages.

Step 2: The Ad

Unlike what many people might want you to believe, there are hardly any products out there that truly “sell themselves”.

Good marketing is what will sell your product (however if the product is great it will be easier to market it well and sell it effectively).

The most effective types of ads are video ads. Video ads allow you to explain your product really well and also to create custom audiences out of the people who have viewed your video.

Here are the baseline tips when it comes to creating your video ads:

-Gather clips from Facebook, Aliexpress, and YouTube (be careful of course.

-Present a problem, and a solution afterwards.

-Try to make your ad look “native”. Don’t be too salesy – use a viral video format.

-Always test at least 2 different ads.

-Split test the first 3 seconds of the video, ad copy, thumbnails, or just a new video altogether.

If you want to see exactly how to create a viral video ad, checkout this video I made where I create a winning ad live.

This ad was the foundation for a winning product that I had, so it might be very helpful for you to see how I created it.

Here is the video:

Step 3 and 4 I recommend you watch the video for. I am running out of space here in the description, but you can also download the PDF version of this video with the link above, if it’s more convenient for you to read it over.

I hope you enjoyed this video and got some value from it. Drop a like for me if you can, and make sure to stay tuned on my next upcoming video. Have a good one 😁!


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Best Mobile Marketing Apps for Marketers

Best Mobile Marketing Apps for Marketers

#MobileMarketing has emerged as a crucial means to be found by and to grab the attention of the always-on-the-go customers. For successful mobile marketing, marketers need to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to improve their brand exposure. Mobile #marketingapps will help marketers manage mobile marketing on the fly.

Mobile marketing involves reaching out to your potential customers wherever they are and the best way to reach them is through channels they use on their mobile devices, such as text messages, #socialmedia apps and sites, shopping apps, etc. Here’s a short introduction into each of these platforms to help you understand and plan your mobile marketing strategy around them:



Facebook Pages Manager

The #Facebook Pages Manager app is one-stop-shop for every #socialmedia manager. The app lets you manage all interactions with your brand — create posts, comment, share, tag and send and respond to direct messages. This enables you to communicate directly with your customers, enable transactions by simplifying product (or service) browsing, and purchase, drive brand (or new product launch) awareness and integrate customer service.

#WhatsApp Business

Designed with SMBs in mind, this free app enables business owners to interact with customers with tools such as automated messaging, quick replies, and sorting and organizational tools. The best part of #WhatsApp Business is that it enables easy access to communicate with your customers and prospects. Simply share the link to your WhatsApp account, like you would for any social media channel.

#YouTube Studio

Google launched #YouTube Studio in March 2018, to make it faster and easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. #Marketers can use the app to update videos (thumbnail images, monetization settings, schedule dates, etc.), manage playlists, filter and respond to comments, and monitor channel performance.

Instagram Business Account

With your #Instagram Business account, you can set up a free business profile and drive brand awareness. The business account gives you real-time metrics on your stories, posts, and followers. There is a plethora of options to advertise with IGTV, live, stories, videos, photos and carousel and collection ads.

Twitter for Business Account

#Twitter is a news discovery and social platform ideal for your business to connect with a relevant, engaged audience. #Twitter’s Promote Mode is an affordable way to automate and boost your marketing efforts. You also get recommendations on new Tweet Strategies. The most important use of Twitter as a mobile marketing app is that you can provide timely information, customer service and jump on to trending conversations, which will help develop good relationships with your #customers and #prospects. You can be a thought leader on Twitter or use it to connect with potential customers, influencers, and brand advocates.

Here is a list of #mobilemarketingapps that can help you manage all your mobile marketing activities across platforms under one roof:

If This Than That (IFTTT)

IFTTT can supercharge your mobile #marketing strategy by helping them automate, prioritize, and analyze to get the maximum out of their content and campaigns. With IFTTT applets you can manage your most used platforms together, be it uploading an email attachment on Google Drive, archiving tweets that you posted, using Google Calendar to keep track of your posting schedule or promote your business by sharing Instagram photos. You can also use other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, etc. The app lets you set triggers for your mobile marketing actions and location-based triggers too!


Skipio is a mobile marketing app for business texting, that helps you automate messages, follow-up with customers, send personalized communications via SMS, communicate with individual groups, and help inform, engage, convert, and retain customers. You can manage your #SMS campaigns, integrate with your #CRM system, create keyword-based campaigns, measure the performance of your messages and much more.

Shopify enables you to run your business, manage your orders, products, staff, and customers from wherever you are. You can reach your ideal shoppers through content marketing, SEO, and social media. KIT, your virtual employee at Shopify will help you create campaigns to promote your products, automate marketing tasks such as awareness messages, emails, drive sales. You can also tweak your campaigns over time, based on inputs from the performance dashboard across all channels. You can manage your in-store and online Shopify stores on the go, from your smartphone.

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How to Skyrocket Your Organic Reach on Facebook

How to Skyrocket Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Want more organic reach on Facebook? Expert Mari Smith shares how she’s boosted her reach to 65%.

You’ll discover her best tips for growing organic reach and learn what to avoid.

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eCommerce Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy For 2020 | SAMIR CHIBANE

eCommerce Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy For 2020 | SAMIR CHIBANE

*Get Your 2-Day LIVE Stream Pass for the 2020 eComm Resolution Workshop Here:*

If you haven’t already, i suggest you take the time to reflect on your Facebook Ad marketing strategy and marketing strategy as a whole, and really evaluate how to approach the new year.

I recorded an ad why you should be thinking bigger with the Omni-presence strategy, and why Facebook Ads should be just a part to your marketing and not your only source of advertising.


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