Transforming Marketing with AI: A Journey with


In the swiftly evolving world of digital marketing, the integration of AI and automation has not just been a trend but a revolution. As we navigate through this landscape, I’ve been experimenting with

Potential accomplishments and use cases with

Like a human, the AI phone agent listens to the speaker during calls and then answers. Thus, AI phone agents have a human-like voice and feel. They can have discussions on any subject, sometimes even more effectively than a human, because they are dynamic.

  • Automate Appointments: Bland AI Phone Calls API simplifies appointments, confirmations, and reminders for dentists, GP surgeries, salons, and other services.
  • Easy Ordering: For products like pizza, flowers, and groceries, you can use Bland AI to accept orders, handle payments, and generate receipts.
  • Conduct Surveys: Bland AI gathers feedback through surveys for customer satisfaction, market research, and product reviews.
  • Quick Support: Use Bland AI to handle client problems by providing FAQs, troubleshooting, canceling subscriptions, and, if necessary, escalating the matter to humans.

Lead Generation: From cold calling to gathering preferences, Bland AI Phone Calls API manages calls for lead gen, qualification, and data storage.

AI phone calls can provide you an advantage, did you realise that? There’s an arbitrage opportunity to make calls and create unique, highly valuable datasets right now. AI phone calls can be used to get in touch with government agencies, small companies, pharmacies, and educational institutions. Gather data that can’t be found online to add to or build new datasets. It is extremely effective in predicting demand, updating financial models, and facilitating the sourcing of real estate and private equity deals.

Insights and Strategies: Lessons Learned Along the Way

First lesson: Establish a specific objective.

“Doing sales” and “automating customer service” are excessively general terms. Be more granular with your goal. Simplify it.

This is particularly crucial as every activity the AI performs would need a different prompt. Starting with a large, generic task will force you to create a massive prompt, which will (most likely) fail. On the other hand, if your task is well-defined and has a defined scope, you can develop and refine a basic action.

Here are some ideas for the AI caller’s first jobs:

Remind patients to arrive for their booked appointments.
Qualify leads by asking specific questions
Make a call to small firms to update the owner’s contact information.

Second lesson: Pick the right tool. offers two solutions. The first is direct API access. The second is a custom implementation. Both are great options, depending on your company’s size and needs.

Third lesson: It all  falls down if the prompt is not right. We’ve heard of prompt engineering for ChatGPT etc. Its even more important for AI phone calls.
Poor phone calls are caused by poor prompting. Great prompting creates phenomenal phone calls.

Provide a clear, overall purpose in your prompt. Next give a list of actions to take during the discussion. Next, give instances of dialogue. Next, give the AI any more context that it needs to know.

Bonus Tips: Its really easy to test your prompts and how your call will play out on Make sure you test, test and test!

You can send batch calls by uploading a CSV list, but don’t go anywhere near that until you have fine tuned the above!

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