Pillars and Steps for an Amplemarket Multi-Channel Sequence

Amplemarket Multi-Channel Sequence
– Flexibility and Experimentation

Embrace the flexibility of AmpleMarket to test various strategies and content formats. Remember, there are no wrong answers; it’s about finding what resonates with your audience and Ideal Customer Profile.

– Personalization and Relevance

Focus on crafting messages that are not only personalized but also highly relevant to each recipient’s industry, role, and interests. Use AmpleMarket’s AI to gather insights and tailor your communication accordingly.

– Strategic Planning

Consider your overall strategy when designing sequences. Each step should purposefully move the prospect through the sales funnel, aligning with broader marketing and sales objectives.

– Creative Engagement

Utilize creative elements like LinkedIn voice messages or personalized videos to stand out. These efforts show dedication and can significantly enhance recipient engagement.

– Data-Driven Decisions

Use data from AmpleMarket to inform your sequence design. Which types of messages get the highest engagement? Adjust your strategy based on real-world feedback and results.

Steps for Practical Application Amplemarket Multi-Channel Sequence

  1. Sequence Setup
    1. Start from the sequence templates section in AmpleMarket. Name your template and set the sending window to ensure your communications are timely and respect recipient preferences.
  2. Building the Sequence
    1. Add various stages to your sequence, including emails, LinkedIn steps, calls, or generic tasks. AmpleMarket allows for a diverse range of interactions within a single sequence.
    2. Here is a sequence that’s worked well for me in the past. Separate each part of the sequence by 3 days at least. 
      1. Visit LinkedIn profile [Autopilot]
      2. Send an email with your first intro message [Automatic]
      3. Like LinkedIn post that’s no older than 14 days [Automatic]
      4. LinkedIn connection request [Autopilot]
      5. Send your second email  [Automatic]
      6. Dialer Call. If not using Amplemarket dialer, e.g. HubSpot’s one instead, use ‘Generic Task’
      7. LinkedIn voice note [Manual]
  3. Personalization Techniques
    1. For emails and LinkedIn connection requests, consider toggling OFF the automatic send feature to craft manual, personalized messages. Although more time-consuming, this strategy can significantly increase your success rates. 
    2. Amplemarket ‘Dynamic Fields’ and IF/ELSE Statements are there to save the day if the partially manual route is not an option for you. If you want a separate guide for using these features comment IF/ELSE below.
  4. Incorporating Creativity
    1. Experiment with LinkedIn profile visits, voice messages, or attaching personalized videos using platforms like Loom. These unique touches can make your communication more memorable.
    2. Try 2 LinkedIn profile visits in a row. You could have these be a couple of days apart, or even on the same day. Useful for a little one, two punch with name recognition!
    3. Consider incorporating a Reachdesk or other gifting platform into one of your emails if you have the budget. Free lunches or food are known to improve conversion.  
  5. Adjusting and Optimizing
    1. Freely adjust the order and timing between stages to find the optimal sequence flow. Don’t be afraid to delete steps that aren’t working or add new ones based on evolving strategies.
  6. Testing and Refinement
    1. Leverage AmpleMarket’s capabilities for A/B testing within your sequences. This continuous testing and refinement process is key to enhancing performance over time.

By following these pillars and steps, you can create engaging and effective multi-channel sequences that resonate with your prospects. Remember to leverage AmpleMarket’s features to their full potential, combining strategic insight with creative execution to maximize your impact. ​

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