11 New Canva Features

11 new features in Canva’s Magic Studio you need to try. No need to jump from Dall.e to Runway to Firefly to RemoveBG

Canva Magic Studio

Now you can easily do all your image, video generation AND editing in ONE app.


It definitely means you can reduce costs if you have individual subscriptions to other apps.


Create unique, eye-catching, and brand-consistent content in a matter of seconds.


Simply upload your images or describe what you want to see, and Magic Design will utilise Canva’s AI to create eye-catching presentations, films, or social media posts.


Change dimensions, languages, and formats quickly. Change your decks into other document types, rapidly format any design for a variety of platforms, and translate them automatically without ever leaving the page.


Create videos, images, extend images in any direction, edit parts of an image, change outfits, delete parts of images, remove backgrounds, animate objects and even morph them!


It will even copywrite for you.


If you didn’t use Canva you would literally need the following apps to do the same work:


  1. Midjourney, Dall.e or similar
  2. Runway or StableVideo or similar
  3. Copyai, Jasper or similar
  4. RemoveBG
  5. Adobe Firefly
  6. Jitter


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Magic Design
Text to presentation, video or social media.

Resize, Magic Switch
Swap formats, languages, and dimensions in a snap.


The Reformat functionality is especially useful when creating ads and images for different social networks. 

Magic Media
Observe how your words become stunning pictures and videos.


The video element is powered by Runway anyway!


Magic Expand
For the ideal shot, smoothly expand an image in any direction. 


In just a few seconds, adjust problematic framing, save close-up photos, and convert a vertical to a horizontal view.


Magic Grab
Grab assists you in redesigning pictures, similar to a Canva template. 


To edit, resize, or reposition your shot, use Magic Grab to pick and separate the subject.

Magic Edit
Rethink your image and use a brief written prompt to enhance, swap out, or modify it. 


Just write your desire, choose the location you want to witness the alteration, and watch as your image changes.


Magic Eraser
Make your subject stand out. 


Take off any extraneous information or distracting elements from your pictures.

Background Remover
No need to upload images to RemoveBG, just remove the background in Canva. 


Can also remove backgrounds from videos.


Sooo, much easier!

Magic Animate
Use motion to make your designs come to life. 


Apply the ideal transitions and animations to your entire design automatically.


You can cancel your Jitter subscription now. 


Magic Morph
Make the commonplace spectacular in a matter of seconds. 


Use a straightforward text prompt to transform words and shapes. 


Magic Morph swiftly creates textures and patterns by applying effects to text and shapes.


This one is loads of fun!


Magic Write
Assisting you in saying it correctly. 


With Magic Write, you can quickly get from a prompt to an on-brand draft or first draft. 


It also makes it easier for you to swiftly extend or summarise your writing and reword sentences or paragraphs.

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