20 AI video tools

Why are AI video tools important? Have you ever wondered if the hefty fees you pay for professional video production are truly worth it? Imagine creating a high-quality 30-second animated video that once cost $75,000 through traditional agencies—now accessible at a fraction of the cost and effort, thanks to AI video tools!

Let’s dive into how the evolving landscape of AI video creation is not just changing, but revolutionising the way we produce videos.

I recall an instance where $75,000 was spent on a single-use video for a keynote speech. It was a massive expenditure with little to no recall value. Fast forward to today, and the scene has drastically transformed with AI stepping into the arena.

  1. AI video tools are swift, cost-efficient, and versatile. 
  2. They’re fundamentally altering our approach to video production by making it more accessible, customizable, and efficient than ever before.
  3. Your videos can be animated, corporate, cinematic, art nouveau, live action, 360, stop-motion, advertising, Anime. No style is limited regardless of your skill level.

In the past, creating a video involved numerous revisions and a lot of back-and-forth communication. Now, what used to take weeks can be accomplished in minutes. This isn’t just about cutting costs—it’s about enhancing creative freedom and reducing production time dramatically. And I mean dramatically. 

I recently created 30, thirty second ‘shorts’ using Promo AI in 5 minutes! All I did was give the tool my website url. The AI picked up all my messaging and positioning and turned them into decent videos that I use on Google Ads.

With capabilities ranging from text-to-video, image-to-video, video-to-video, blog-to-video there’s no style out of reach, regardless of your technical skills.

Here are 20 AI video tools [some that I use daily] that can transform anyone into a video producer:

Editing and Effects tools

  1. Capcut –
  2. Production Crate –
  3. Filmora – 
  4. Adobe After Effects –

AI video generators good for animation [of course soon Sora is coming]

  1. Stable Video –
  2. Pika –
  3. Kaiber – 
  4. Runway – 

AI Avatar video generators, translators, dubbing

  1. Synthesia – 
  2.  Hey Gen – 
  3.  Hour One – 

Good for corporate, advertisement, social videos, aspirational videos

  1.  Invideo – 
  2.  Promo – 
  3.  Descript – 

Good for screen capture

  1. Veed – 
  2. Loom – 

Video clip generation

  1. Opus Clip – 
  2. Kapwing – 
  3. Munch – 

Last but not least you have to include this one because of everything else you can do on it:

  1. Canva – 

Even something as mundane as an office presentation or me [lol, eat your heart out Spielberg ] can be turned into a cinematic experience. That’s the power of AI in video production.

Why not take this opportunity to explore these tools and unleash your creative potential? Dive into the world of AI-driven video production and see what you can create!

As a bonus, here’s a video I made with my camera roll —step into the future of video production today and make your first cinematic piece effortlessly!


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