Using The Cognitive Fluency Effect framework to craft LinkedIn carousel copy

Using ‘The Cognitive Fluency Effect’ framework to craft LinkedIn carousel copy. In this carousel Cognitive-fluency-effect-carousel, I’ve shared a prompt I use to:

Create copy for a LinkedIn carousel post using a framework called ‘The Cognitive Fluency Effect’

You can either use it as is or I also modify this prompt to re-write my first drafts in this format.

The resulting output is easy to read, succint content.

Cognitive Fluency Effect

Cognitive fluency affects decision-making, judgments, and preferences in various ways:

Ease of Processing:
Information that is clear, simple, and well-structured is easier for the brain to process. This can include factors like readable fonts, simple language, and logical organization.

Positive Perception:
People tend to favor information that feels easy to understand. This ease of processing can make content appear more credible and persuasive.

Increased Likability:
When information is presented in a fluent manner, it is more likely to be liked and remembered. This is because the brain prefers to conserve cognitive energy and is naturally drawn to content that requires less effort to understand.

Decision Making:
Cognitive fluency can influence decisions. For example, people are more likely to choose a product with a name that is easy to pronounce over one with a complex name.

To apply the Cognitive Fluency Effect in marketing, you can:

– Use simple and clear language.
– Ensure visual elements are clean and well-organized.
– Avoid clutter and unnecessary complexity.
– Make use of familiar concepts and terms.
– Present information in a logical and easy-to-follow manner.

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