How to Evaluate Your Current Facebook Marketing Strategy

How to Evaluate Your Current Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Most of you have been using a personal profile on Facebook for years at this point. And it’s possible that some of you have even had your Business Page for years, too. But, let me ask you this, how often do you review your Page’s performance? More specifically, how often do you review the content you post to your Page?

When it comes to knowing what content performs best and what engages your audience, a great place to start is to assess the content you’re
currently posting by conducting a content audit.

Conducting a content audit can help you identify areas for improvement, not only in your content but in your company’s overall strategy on Facebook, too. Let’s take a look at how to get started with your content audit.

Begin by looking at all the content you’ve posted in the last 90 days and create a repository of all your high-performing posts. You can create the repository in a spreadsheet or any notes app that lists out each post; the number of Likes, shares, and comments; and the link to the post on Facebook. Use this repository to learn what content is likely to perform well in the future by analyzing what performed well in the past.

Ask yourself questions like; Are videos performing well? If they are, what’s unique about them? Are they short 30- second videos, or lengthy three-minute videos?

When you’re trying to understand if your videos are performing, it’s important to have benchmarks. Establish benchmarks based on historical performance, and then compare the last 90 days of performance to those benchmarks.

Are you posting Facebook content with images? How are they performing? Do high-performing image posts have anything in common? Maybe they have text over the image, or maybe they don’t? When it comes to images, a high number of Likes, shares, and comments are a key indicator of performance.

Does your Facebook text content resonate with your audience? Align your copy and writing style with your brand and your audience. Do humorous posts resonate with your audience, or do serious posts drive more engagement?

While conducting a content audit is a very important step in evaluating your current Facebook strategy, there is another — conducting a competitive analysis. It’s very likely that there are other companies with similar Pages and content to yours. You’ll want to know who your biggest competitors on Facebook are. Who are you up against? What are they posting? And is there anything you can learn from them?

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