Back for Marketing teams for Marketing, an intuitive and inclusive Work OS connects Marketing execs to the data that matters, and marketing teams to the entire organization— making work move faster and impact easy to measure.

From chasing one-off tasks

to building scalable and impact-driven business growth

Different marketing teams have different workflows, but is flexible to meet the needs of each—all while creating a shared space to collaborate together. Instead of working twice as hard for half of the impact, powers marketing teams to plan together, set clearly defined goals, and benefit from shared knowledge. for Marketing project management for Marketing A flexible platform

for any marketing workflow

Building and optimizing your workflows is simple with drag-and-drop building blocks. Adding views,
widgets, automations, and more help streamline how your teams work and turn your account into a
tailored solution just for you. Learn more at

Content marketing

  • Organize content requests into the team’s workflow
  • Sync content and design teams around the same
    timeline and priorities
  • Share information with freelancers in a secure
  • Build and share content calendars to set expectations
    and goals
  • Manage SEO and create content aligned to strategy
  • Gain valuable insights into how your team works for Marketing content marketing

Acquisition marketing

  • Develop a scalable execution plan for each
  • Track data and compare with KPIs
  • Optimize campaign budgets with simple and
    intuitive high-level overviews of all channels
    and for Marketing lead generation

Event management

  • Manage all event content and logistics in one place
  • Share, revise, and approve everything you need for
    your event
  • Filter leads into boards and manage contact
  • Use forms to collect attendee’s feedback
  • Manage budget and track success easily for Marketing product launch

Since adopting, our global marketing department has seen a 40% improvement in cross-team collaboration for successful end-to-end campaign planning and execution.”
Sarah Pharr, AVP, Marketing

Accelerate all marketing work

with for Marketing

  • Respond to business needs in a scalable way

Businesses have to pivot fast in order to keep up with changing needs in the market, and marketing
is often left trying to keep up. Having repeatable, scalable process and easy access to high-level
analytics means marketing can lead initiatives—not just try to keep up.

  • Manage work requests with ease

One-off requests should never be any team’s full-time job. But, a one-pager here and a blog
request there can end up eating up a lot of valuable time. uses boards and
forms to build a clear and scalable process for integrating work requests into the marketing
department’s workflow. Visually intuitive analytics help shed light on how your team works and
where you can improve.

  • Balance the team’s workload at all times

Gaining transparency into everyone’s capacity can feel near impossible, leading to burnout in some
employees and underutilization of others. offers a Workload widget which helps
visually display the availability of every team member to ensure a healthier spread of

  • Bring distributed teams together

Managing all of the moving parts of a marketing team while working remotely can create a whole
new set of challenges. offers an online workspace to collaborate, brainstorm,
annotate, plan, and track all of the department’s work without skipping a beat.

  • Break down organizational silos

To create a high-functioning marketing team, content, acquisition, brand, PR, and design all need
to be on the same page. But sometimes, just staying synced can be a full-time job. With
stakeholders and multiple teams working from the same Work OS, it’s easy to stay informed and push initiatives forward.

Integrate with the tools

that help your team succeed for Marketing Integrations with Adobe CC, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot, G suite, MS 365, Slack, and
more bring all of your must-have data into one centralized platform.

Discover what else is possible with for Marketing integrations

Discover other CRM tools

monday Apps Framework

Unlocking infinite capabilities

to the Work OS


The functionality that transformed your mobile phone into an all-capable device. With the monday Apps Framework, that same customizable experience is available for your digital workspace.

Today, your smartphone’s operating system and apps allow you to tailor your device to your unique needs – from social media, to GPS navigation, video conferencing, gaming, shopping, music
streaming, and much more.

monday Apps is doing that to – providing organizations with endless flexibility to transform their Work OS and supercharge their teams.

monday Apps

within the Work OS

Need a unique feature that doesn’t exist to complete your workflow? With your development resources, if you can dream it, you can build it.’s Work OS is made up of building blocks that you can drag & drop to shape workflows in minutes and help teams get work done, from anywhere.

The monday Apps Framework is integral to the Work OS, allowing limitless innovation within

Same amazing platform – with even greater flexibility. Your team is still working on the
same easy-to-love platform, the only difference? If you need to build a tailored workflow or functionality, you are free to build and innovate at your own pace. Support any current or future business need with monday Apps.

As a solutions consultant, we’re in the business of solving problems for our  customers and monday Apps Framework really empowers us to say yes more often to our clients.”

Jack Taylor,
Managing Director, JT’s Cloud

Smooth path to success.

From business need to monday App in two simple steps

1. Choose between the two types of apps

View and Widget apps: These apps allow you to display data in a visual way, and would
usually be developed in JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Integration apps: These apps sync data from any software, platform, or service directly into
your account. They do not necessarily involve UI, but enable you perform
actions in one system triggered by actions in another. The integrations can be written in any
server language

2. Use our Professional Services to build an app for you

Reach out to your point of contact with your app request. If your need is not
already included on our future plans, we will match you with one of our 80+ certified global
partners in less than 5 business days.

Your partner will join you and your representative for a locally tailored discovery
call, available on-site or remotely, to understand your need and provide a quote for you. The
partner will deliver your final app within 2-4 days (for simple apps), for your immediate use.


Start building with your in-house dev resources

A basic knowledge and skillset in development is needed to start building most apps, with increased knowledge required as the complexity of the app increases. You can anticipate an influx of feature requests from teams across the organization once they learn that custom apps are possible. Use this as an opportunity to drastically improve the efficiency of your organization’s processes.

Seasoned Senior Digital Growth Leader with over 25 years driving transformative growth for global organizations across diverse industries including Retail, SaaS, Telecoms, Healthcare, Technology, Hospitality, Ecommerce and Digital Media.

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