The Ecommerce App Marketing Strategy That Generated Over $1 Million in 1 Month Without Paid Traffic

The Ecommerce App Marketing Strategy That Generated Over $1 Million in 1 Month Without Paid Traffic

You have the app but how do you get people to download it? Van Oakes lifts the lid on the ecommerce app marketing strategy he used to generate over $1 million in 1 month without paid traffic.

If you’re not setup on mobile with ecom, you’re not set up for success. Mobile apps can be tricky if you don’t have the proper dev team set up. Luckily, Van Oakes has just the thing to help you earn BIG. Using an instant ecom app called Tapcart, Van Oakes generated over $300k in sales in just one week for a client. Paid media is a thing of the past with high expenses. By owning your audience, you are able to cut costs and monetise your traffic.

Join Van Oakes at AWA19 as he takes the stage to show you how easy it is do build your own app, with drag-and-drop technology. He’ll demonstrate how to push app downloads and build your push notification subscribers. Then, he’ll help you monetise those subscribers for free. Since apps are all about ratings, Van has developed a strategy to help build 5-star reviews on the Apple store.

Van Oakes is the owner of the world’s greatest mustache and a rockstar performance marketer, in that order. He is a business owner of five businesses doing 6-, 7-, and 8-figures a year.

Van is a multi-brand owner, the CMO of several companies, and the owner of EGM Agency. With all that on his plate, he still likes to keep his hands in all facets of ecommerce.

One of his successes is Diesel Power Gear, an online ecommerce store featured on the hit TV show “Diesel Brothers”. Van has helped build this 8-figure empire using social media influencers centred around diesel trucks enthusiasts. He received the “Snapchat – Snap Star” award for his work on the platform this 2019.

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