Squarespace SEO Tutorial For 2020 (Easy Tips To Rank)

Squarespace SEO Tutorial For 2020 (Easy Tips To Rank)

Ever wonder how to rank locally or nationally on Squarespace? Maybe you have a client and don’t know how to optimize their Squarespace site. Today I show you how to easily rank your Squarespace website. We cover title tags, meta descriptions, open graph data, schema markup, alt tags, image optimization, speed optimization, citations, google my business optimization, and more!

0:57 What You Need To Know About Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.
3:44 Best Practices: URL Slugs.
5:08 Page Description Tricks and Tips.
5:43 How To Share Images on Social Media.
7:05 Internal Link Strategy for Your Squarespace Site.
8:44 Produce High-Quality Content with Writers Access.
11:15 Gain Authority with Citations and Schema Markups.
13:26 How To Add Images to Your Squarespace Website.
15:31 How to Convert Visitors with Call to Action Buttons.
16:33 Rank Locally with Google MyBusiness.
18:49 How To Conduct Keyword Research with Ahrefs.
20:02 Generate Reviews with Many Chat
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