Local SEO 2020 Google My Business Tips

Local SEO 2020 Google My Business Tips

Google My Business GMB local SEO tips for 2020 ,secrets reveleaved in today’s video you will learn how Google will help your business get more listings in 2020.

When I talk with other SEO’s local novice or expert I always run into the same question how to get better rankings and get more phone calls. So I wanted to help out the small business owner out there on a limited budget that wants to make a impact with there business.

Today learn how to get more GMB assets without having to buy or build more accounts , this video will cover this coveted secret that no other SEO will share but I need and want the community to grow as a whole.

So after this video your eyes will be open to the notion that Google wants your business to succeed so much so that Google will help you get more phone calls and they will help you rank more and more of your Google my business assets so you can get more customers and more calls and more customers in 2020.

So I hope you have enjoyed this video I hope that you understand that Google is our friend and they want us to win!

If you have any questions about this topic or any other local SEO , SEO or marketing business questions please feel free to ask and I look forward to teaching in the next video.

Thank you.

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How to Do On Page SEO 2020 Rank #1 Google 1st Page Live Proof

How to Do On Page SEO 2020 Rank #1 Google 1st Page Live Proof

Namskar dosto aaj ki video mei On Page SEO 2020 kaise karte hai bataya hai taaki aapki website quick rank ho jaye ye bilkul new tarika hai kyoki On Page SEO karna bhaut important hota hai iske bina aaj kal website google mei rank nahi hoti hai i suggest you video pura dekho aur free mei SEO sikho mera yahi motive hai aap sabko sikhana thank you.

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Matt Southern

Google May Be Forced to Reveal its Search Algorithm to an SEO

Google is involved in a lawsuit that has the potential to result in the company revealing its long-guarded algorithm secrets.

As part of the lawsuit, Google has been given an ultimatum by UK courts to either withdraw evidence to its defence or disclose the details of its search algorithm.

Not only would Google have to hand over the details of its algorithm, it would have to hand them over to a working SEO consultant.

Google Has Two Choices

For obvious reasons, Google does not want to give up its algorithm secrets.

However, Google also doesn’t want to withdraw evidence which is vital in helping the company win the lawsuit.

Those are the only two choices Google has right now when it comes to fighting the lawsuit.

The only other choice would be to settle the lawsuit, which would reportedly involve millions in damages.

Not to mention that a settlement creates the perception of Google admitting to doing something wrong.

The best case for Google right now is if the company opts to withdraw evidence and somehow still wins the case.

How Did Google Get in This Situation?

We glossed over a plethora of details up to this point – we’ll get into them now.

This whole situation stems from a lawsuit against Google by a company called Foundem dating back to 2012.

That’s the year the lawsuit was filed, but actual events pertaining to the lawsuit date back to 2006.

Foundem alleges it was the victim of anti-competitive practices by Google.

According to Foundem’s claims, Google deliberately ranked its own products ahead of Foundem in search results starting in 2006.

Foundem is seeking damages for the loss of business it incurred as a result being ranked down in Google search.

What Happened to Foundem?

Foundem was a vertical-search engine for finding the lowest online prices.

It was initially only available to a limited group of users before being opened up to everyone.

Prior to being available for everyone, Foundem still appeared in search results.

Foundem appeared quite prominently in search results, in fact, often appearing on the first page for shopping-related searches.

In only two days after launching to everyone, Foundem was buried in Google’s search results.

Foundem dropped from the first page of search results to dozens and, sometimes, hundreds of pages lower.

What makes this suspicious is Foundem’s search rankings only dropped in Google. It still ranked well in other search engines.

That’s what lead Foundem to the notion that this was a deliberate effort to stifle competition against Google Shopping.

Google’s Algorithm is Now a Court Exhibit

Foundem filed a lawsuit against Google in 2012, which is still being fought to this day.

In an effort by Google to prove it didn’t engage in anti-competitive practices it provided confidential documents to the UK High Court.

The documents were filed as court exhibits by Google engineers Cody Kwok and Michael Pohl.

The judge presiding over the case says the documents aim “to explain the operation and aims of Google’s ranking algorithms, and how they have been applied to shopping comparison sites generally and Foundem in particular”.

Foundem Demands An SEO Expert

The details of Google’s search algorithm would be too technical for lawyers to understand, Foundem argues, so it wants to bring in an SEO expert.

Specifically, Foundem wants to bring in Philipp Kloeckner to interpret the details of Google’s algorithm.

Google argues that giving its algorithm information to an SEO would compromise the integrity of its ranking process:

“The integrity of Google’s ranking processes relies upon all webmasters or website owners having the same degree of access to information about Google’s ranking… This will no longer be the case if information of this kind is made available to some individuals offering commercial services to assist companies to improve their Search ranking.”

Not satisfied with this response, Foundem suggests Google could simply withdraw the documents in question so no one ever has to see them.

Google then argues the documents are vital to proving its defence.

In other words – without these documents there is no case.

The Ultimatum

That brings us to where we are now.

In order to move the case along, the judge stepped in and said Google can either withdraw the documents or let them be seen by Philipp Kloeckner.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting.

If Google stays firm on neither withdrawing the documents or providing them to Kloeckner, the judge will grant Kloeckner the permission to view the documents himself.

The judge is giving Google “reasonable time” to make a decision, which surely can’t be an easy one to make.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out for Google. We could be on the verge of an historic event in search history.

Sources: The Register, The New York Times

This content was originally published on Source link, we are just re-sharing it.

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Content Marketing In 2020 - Data You Need To Know | Tulsa SEO | Local SEO Consulting

Content Marketing In 2020 – Data You Need To Know | Tulsa SEO | Local SEO Consulting

What is your Content Marketing Strategy for 2020 | Content Marketing For Small Business | Tulsa SEO | Tulsa Marketing | Local SEO Consulting

Small business marketing is complex. You need to make sure you are visible in all these areas if you are going to win in 2020!

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective every day; as a forward-thinking business owner, you know there has to be a better way.

Content marketing in 2020 is difficult, but here’s some data you need to know be be successful in 2020. Good content marketing is the difference between marketing that converts and the other informational garbage you get from businesses trying to sell you “stuff.” Companies send us information all the time – it’s just that most of the time it’s not very relevant or valuable or even readable (can you say spam?). That’s what makes content marketing so intriguing in today’s environment of thousands of marketing messages per person per day.

What if your customers looked forward to receiving your marketing? What if when they received it, via print, email, website, they spent 15, 30, 45 minutes with it? What if they anticipated it and shared it with their peers?

This is the kind of content marketing pieces that Nozak Consulting strives to make for our clients. We want to help you build a business not just make a quick sale. We’re in it with you for the long haul, and our content marketing strategy reflects this.

Website: https://nozakconsulting.com/services/content-marketing/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nozakconsulting
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nozakconsulting
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nozakconsul

#marketingforsmallbusiness #getfoundonline #contentmarketing

About Nozak Consulting
Nozak Consulting was created out of William Nozak’s constant goal of learning new ways to grow his businesses. This led him down a path of in-depth learning about SEO and Web Development.

Already having an MBA from Oral Roberts University, and running multiple successful business ventures, William had actively been using social media to expand his businesses and had begun teaching other business owners how they could use the internet to expand their business, even if it was only serving the local market.

William started creating websites for fellow business owners right here in Tulsa, and providing monthly SEO services all while starting to see amazing results. After major success with Tulsa SEO and Tulsa Web Design, Nozak Consulting has added a variety of services to become your one-stop-shop for marketing services.

Nozak Consulting combines multiple specialized marketing approaches to build a marketing strategy for your business that’s focused on your customers and their needs. Our research based approach gives you all of the information you need to position your organization for success.

We know that marketing for your business is best done by an agency that is successful with locals seo marketing, understands how local buyers engage products/services, and has time to learn about new buyer segments that can grow your business.

Historically and consistently, our insights lead to higher conversions and better MVP marketing solutions.

Did you know that our team is made up of business owners? The entire team at Nozak Consulting understands what it means to run a business because we’ve done it ourselves.


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How To RANK YOUTUBE VIDEOS on NO.1 Position !! YouTube SEO 2020  | YouTube Video Ranking Factors

How To RANK YOUTUBE VIDEOS on NO.1 Position !! YouTube SEO 2020 | YouTube Video Ranking Factors

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Namste Dosto!!
In this video, I am sharing YouTube SEO tips. How can you rank your videos on no. 1. What are the major ranking factors to rank videos in YouTube Search.

Please share this video !!

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Created By:
Satish Kushwaha:
Business Email: [email protected]
My Website:- http://SatishKushwaha.com
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SEMana de Tendencias y Consejos para 2020: SEO

SEMana de Tendencias y Consejos para 2020: SEO

Hemos reunido a grandes expertos para discutir sobre qué nos prepara el nuevo año y cómo aprovechar las tendencias SEO de actualidad para mejorar la visibilidad y la rentabilidad de un negocio.
Échale un vistazo a la nueva guía de SEMrush sobre cómo gestionar un sitio multilingüe: https://es.semrush.com/ebooks/guia-como-gestionar-sitio-multilingue/


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My Favorite SEO Strategy For Local Clients in 2020 [Tutorial]

My Favorite SEO Strategy For Local Clients in 2020 [Tutorial]

Learn more: https://www.theundergroundsecrets.com/
Want to learn one of my favorite SEO strategies for local clients? Watch the video to learn more! Subscribe to the channel to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX8gKciOxPDlldyCaCF7fMg?view_as=subscriber

Visit our website if you want to work with us: https://develomark.com/


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#1 SEO Course - 2020 | Introduction to SEO | Basics & History of SEO | Learn SEO in Hindi |

#1 SEO Course – 2020 | Introduction to SEO | Basics & History of SEO | Learn SEO in Hindi |

Master Google Ads : http://bit.ly/2020GoogleAds
Master Complete FB ads : http://bit.ly/38TLBhi

n this video, We are explaining about SEO Course – 2020 | Introduction to SEO | Basics & History of SEO | Learn SEO in Hindi.

Please do watch the complete video for in-depth information.
Link to our “English Youtube Channel” : https://bit.ly/2M3oYOs

WsCubeTech – Digital Marketing Agency & Institute.

✔ We can help you to create a Digital Marketing plan to take your business to new heights.
✔ Offering Job Oriented Most Latest, Updated and advanced Digital Marketing Courses with Practical, Hands-on Live Projects Training & Exposure.
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Or visit at : https://www.wscubetech.com/

There is a complete playlist of Digital Marketing Interview Tips & Tricks available –

There is a complete playlist of Facebook Ads available –
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There is complete playlist of Twitter Ads available.
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Paul Schmidt

A 4-Part Framework for Diagnosing & Solving SEO Problems

What was your reaction the last time you saw a dropoff or upwards spike in organic traffic to your site?

A common response among marketers is to quickly jump to the conclusion that Google’s algorithm is at fault.

By jumping to this conclusion too quickly, you’ll end up not being able to replicate successes or worse, you’ll end up repeating your mistakes.

A systematic framework for identifying SEO issues will help you pinpoint which of the four forces of SEO are affecting your organic performance and help you more quickly identify and resolve key issues.

The 4 Forces of SEO

These forces represent the main pressures that impact SEO traffic.

For each SEO force below, we’ll discuss the definition, causes, tools for diagnosing, and methods for solving core issues.

SEO forces

1. Algorithmic

Definition: Changes in search algorithms are affecting my organic performance.

Examples include:

  • Large or small-scale updates to Google algorithms.
  • Increases in featured snippets that impact the types of results that show up on a search engine results page (SERP).
  • Increases in the percentage of ads on a SERP for given topics.

Diagnosing an Algorithmic Issue

1. Identify the date of the increase or decrease in traffic. Does the timeline align with an algorithmic update?

Here are a few timeline examples from Moz and SEMrush:

SEO Timeline

SEMrush Timeline

2. If no alignment, explore manual action in Google Search Console.

no manual action penalty

3. If no manual action, does the shift in traffic occur simultaneously with changes in SERP features?

SERP Feature timeline

Solving an Algorithmic Issue

1. Establish the timeline of sudden ranking or organic traffic drops/gains.

2. Correlate the date with algorithm changes. If a correlation exists, identify the scale, specifics, and severity of the issue.

Gather documentation from Google Webmaster YouTube channel, industry publications, or your friendly neighborhood SEO to identify the best solution.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a silver bullet for addressing algorithmic updates. Your best starting point is to understand if the update is going to weigh off-page or on-page factors more or less.

3. If no correlation exists, check Google Search Console for manual action penalties or the MozCast for SERP feature movements

2. Technical

Definition: Changes on my website are affecting my organic performance.

Examples include:

  • You added a new section of content.
  • You merged two websites into one domain.
  • You moved from non-secure to secure hosting.

Diagnosing a Technical Issue

Establish a timeline for technical (front-end or back-end) changes to the site. Annotations in Google Analytics or changelogs within your CMS can help you analyze this.

At a minimum, you should regularly track:

  • Redesigns
  • Domain consolidations
  • Large-scale content additions or deletions
  • CMS transitions
  • Hosting transitions
  • Large marketing campaigns

Google Analytics Annotations

What correlations can you draw from the time when large scale changes were implemented to when you saw a sudden change in performance?

Solving a Technical issue

Technical issues spawn from a broad range of outputs. A technical SEO audit is your best solution in pinpointing the exact cause.

To get started, run a full crawl of your site with Screaming Frog or your favorite crawling tool.

Keep in mind, not all SEO tools can run a complete crawl of your site. Some tools will put in a cap in place around the amount or types of URLs they will crawl.

Screaming Frog Crawl Report

After exporting your crawl, follow this checklist as you go through each URL on your site:

  1. Audit for broken links (404s). 404 errors occur naturally over time, but if large sections of your site are “broken.” then take the time to address these.
  2. Identify temporary 302-redirects or lengthy redirect chains.
  3. Identify masses of your website that are low quality or thin. Redirect or consolidate these pages on your website if they aren’t providing any rankings, traffic, or conversions.
  4. Identify duplicate content and update with rel=canonical or no=index so that each page is unique. This is common for businesses with multiple locations that use similar or duplicate content across each store front page.
  5. Ensure you aren’t blocking crawlers from visiting important pages on your site via your robots.txt file.
  6. Audit the pages that have a higher crawl depth. Crawl depth is the calculation of how many clicks away a specific page is from the homepage. Pages that are more than 4-5 clicks away from your homepage aren’t likely crawled as often. If these pages are important for your business, then your information architecture may need to be redesigned.

Again this is just a starting point for a technical SEO audit, which is going to be more expansive. For 70-80% of technical SEO issues, you can spot glaring issues with a full website crawl.

3. Seasonality

Definition: Changes in time are affecting my organic performance.

Examples include:

  • Beginning of the fiscal year
  • Holidays
  • Literal season changes
  • Economic cycles (which can span for months or years)

Diagnosing a Seasonal Issue

Google Trends will be your best friend in identifying seasonal search trends for your targeted topics. Pull the last 5 years worth of search trends (in your targeted geography) for your core products or services.

Then identify correlations between industry search demand and your organic traffic movement.

This example shows us yearly search patterns for keywords related to “patio furniture.”

Patio Furniture Search Seasonality

Solving a Seasonal Issue

Map out topical seasonality with your internal marketing calendar and holidays.

If you suffer from major, predictable swings in traffic during the year, identify topics that your buyer personas are searching for that are tangentially related to your business during the slow months.

seo seasonality calendar

In this example, a patio furniture store that generates most business in the warm months should be developing content aligned with topics for every season.

The timing in which your customer purchases your product may be cyclical but you can still find angles to connect with your buyer.

For example, people don’t stop barbecuing and socializing outside during the cooler months.

Align your topical areas with your buyer’s seasonal interests year-round.

4. Competitive

Definition: Competitive pressures are affecting my organic performance.

Examples include:

  • A new competitor entering the market, a merger, or an acquisition.
  • Non-competing sites competing for your keywords.
  • Increases in paid media cannibalizing a larger share of clicks for target keywords.

Diagnosing a Competitive Issue

The key to understanding if you have a competitive SEO issue is gaining a greater knowledge of macro trends affecting your business, complementary and substitute products, and your buyer persona’s purchasing behavior.

Two common indicators that a competitive issue is affecting your organic search growth are:

  • Multi-month/year Google Trends data.
  • Your own analytics.

This example shows the growth in popularity of “meal kits” over the last five years. Consistent growth overtime for a topic is indicative that more players are entering the space.

Meal Kits SEO seasonality

Furthermore, if Google Trends data aligns with your overall organic search traffic data, this can validate this hypothesis.

Competitive organic search trends

Lastly, paid search efforts by you and your competitors can play a role in cannibalizing organic search traffic. Identify if the competitive issue you are facing is due to increases in paid media investment in your industry or just more competitors investing in SEO.

Solving a Competitive Issue

1. Conduct a competitive topical analysis.

By examining competitors’ topical strengths and weaknesses, you can then drill into individual on-page factors.

The biggest reason your competitors will outrank you, from an on-page perspective, is because they have more and/or better, well-organized content on their site.

This is an example of how to conduct this topical analysis. By first categorizing all of your rankings keywords and then putting them into a pivot table, you can see these topical strengths and weaknesses.

This example shows an export of our agency’s ‘buyers journey’ related keywords vs. other Martech solutions.

Competitive Topic analysis

When you have all of your keywords tagged or categorized, then you can pivot these lists to get an idea of amount of keywords you rank for on the 1st page, 2nd-3rd page or buried much farther down within the SERPs.

This example report shows topical strengths for ‘blogging’ related keywords which we can gather from a simple pivot table of the data above.

Share of voice analysis

Beyond content quality, information architecture is an important factor in outranking your competition.

Screaming Frog’s Force Directed Crawl Diagram Report can help you visualize the information architecture of your site to make sure your content is organized by topic and user intent and is easily accessible on your site.

Screaming Frog information architecture

2. Conduct a competitive backlink analysis.

After looking at content and information architecture factors, you need to compare your backlink profile with your competitors.

This will allow you to understand the quantity and quality of linking root domains you need to gain in order to better compete in the SERPs.

competitive backlink analysis

To Sum Up

Algorithmic, technical, seasonal, and competitive factors are the driving forces behind organic traffic movement.

By using this systematic approach to diagnosing SEO issues, you’ll be able to more quickly help your organization pinpoint SEO issues and prioritize your marketing efforts.

More Resources:

Image Credits

Featured Image: Created by author, March 2020
In-Post Image #1: Created by author, March 2020
In-Post Image #2: Moz
In-Post Image #3: SEMrush
All other screenshots taken by author, March 2020

This content was originally published on Source link, we are just re-sharing it.

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How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO 2020 [Hindi Video]

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO 2020 [Hindi Video]

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO 2020 [Hindi Video]
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Without SEO के वेबसाइट पर ट्रैफिक कैसे लाएं?Blog Par Without SEO Ke Traffic Kaise Badhaye 2020[HindiMe]
Blog Website Ko Google Ke First Page Par Rank Kaise Kare
Best Ways To Grow Your Web Traffic Without SEO
How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO 2020 Hindi
how to increase your website traffic without seo 2020 hindi movies
how to increase your website traffic without seo 2020 hindi movie
Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO 2020
how to increase your website traffic without seo

How to make money from Google Adsense by creating a movie downloading website and how to bring traffic to your website, in this video you have told that you will understand the video only.

मूवी डाउनलोडिंग वेबसाइट बना करके गूगल ऐडसेंस से पैसे कैसे कमाए और अपनी वेबसाइट पर ट्रैफिक कैसे लाएं इस वीडियो में आपको बताया है वीडियो को पूरी देखिएगा तभी आपको समझ में आएगा

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