The Future is Content Marketing Writers: How to Write Content For Digital Marketing

The Future is Content Marketing Writers: How to Write Content For Digital Marketing

Want to learn how to write content for digital marketing, or become a content marketing writer?

You’re in a good place. The content marketing industry has reached an incredible high: it’s about to be worth $412 billion in 2021. What’s more: 91% of B2B marketers are using and implementing content marketing. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

This demand correlates to a demand for expert content marketing and digital marketing writers.

It’s humans, not bots, who will craft the authority-driven, engaging written content that builds the trust and loyalty necessary for results.

Without content marketing writers, none of it would work.

But… what IS a content marketing writer?
What do they do?
What type of content do they write?
Who hires content marketing writers?

In today’s video, learn all about a content marketing writer, sometimes also called a digital marketing writer — and what they do! I’m going to cover easy ways that show you how to write content for digital and content marketing.

This is a trade I taught myself back in 2011, and a method I use personally full-time to grow four businesses!



5 Ways to Become a Content Marketing Writer or Write Content For Digital Marketing

1. Develop a Content Marketing Writer Background. (Jon Morrow) is an expert to trust. Read my blogs at, and

2. Understand Strategic Content Marketing & Why It Matters.

I recommend books, courses, and classes. I wrote Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, and it was recently listed as one of the top 100 marketing books of all time by, and an ultimate content marketing pick by Content Marketing Institute. These book lists also have fantastic book recommendations in the same genre! Ann Handley, Andy Crestodina, Mark Schaefer are some authors I recommend.

Courses are a great way to go in-depth and learn. I teach The Expert SEO Content Writer Course and The Content Strategy & Marketing Course. The latter teaches you the strategy of content marketing writing and digital content creation, and I would highly recommend it to grow your fundamental knowledge. Go to to learn more.

3. Find Your Niche of Expertise.
4. Know Your Worth (The Average Content Marketing Writer Salary).
5. Demonstrate What You Can Do as a Content Marketing Writer.

6 Types of Content & Copy You Need to For-Sure Know as a Content Marketing Writer

Blogs and Guides
Ebooks and Lead Magnets
Creative Copy
Landing Pages



Want more on this entire topic? Read my mega-guide on Content Hacker: How to Be a Content Marketing Writer: The Future of Freelance Writing:

Ready to build your content marketing writing brand? Here’s my guide on building your site:

Want to build a portfolio (lower-cost) website brand? Read my guide: Freelancers, Here’s How to Build a Portfolio Website (An Ultimate Guide)

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Get your copy of my free ebook, The SEO Writer’s Cheat Sheet:


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📋I’m a self-taught, growth-focused content marketer and creator who is also a serial entrepreneur. I run, I’m also the founder of Express Writers, a team of elite content creators.

✍🏼I write at The Write Blog.

📚 I’m a published author of THREE books; “Woman Rising: A True Story,” “So You Think You Can Write?”, and “Practical Content Strategy & Marketing.” Follow me on Amazon. (My fourth book is in the works!)

🎓I teach The Content Strategy & Marketing Course:
🎓I teach The Expert SEO Content Writer Course:

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