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Top 7 Content Marketing Tips Every Start-ups Needs To Follow

One of the most important and effective strategies for search engine optimization is content marketing. Without a potential content marketing technique, there is no chance that you will achieve the results you expect.

Many entrepreneurs fail to boost their business digitally because their poor content marketing strategies are not sufficient to increase their sales. Content is the reason why digital marketing is growing and why people are more involved in the digital market.

Making a huge investment in developing your business website and then doing the same for SEO and marketing your website would be efficient until the right content planning is done.

Each brand has its own uniqueness, and in this way, content marketing should fit the business and your goals.

Although content marketing is based on your company’s niche and execution methodology, some of the strategies are discussed below:

1. Do some research

First of all, you should do research on the content of your website. If, for example, your website is about the e-commerce shop, then write according to the trend that most similar business applications have.

The trend is very important, because to meet the standard, you should write by following the trend. For research, read more and more articles about your niche while paying attention to their writing style. In addition, you should focus on the tone of their writing, because search engine guidelines contain the writing tone to be conservative and natural, which is easy to understand.

Furthermore, the research should be directed at your audience and their interest. You should see what your audience likes to read and what they skip.

2. Creativity

Whether you are writing for your blog or hiring a professional, creativity is very important. If you are not a professional in producing creative content for your website, then choose to hire a professional writer. You can also use the freelancer when you are short of cash.

On Fiverr, Upwork, and another freelancing platform, there are thousands of freelancers who can hire creative people.

Creativity in writing is important because it generates reader interest in your content and therefore in your website. If you think that your content is not operational or readable, the audience would like to believe in your content.creative

The creativity in writing comes when you write engaging, high quality, and effective content for your website.

3. Know Your Audience

Analysing your audience before writing is very important because engagement and interest is very mandatory. To track your audience, use tools like Google Analytics because it’s a great way to measure your audience.

The overview of your audience lets you know which audience is interested in your website, and you can write specifically for that audience.

This can vary according to age, location, and gender. If you think, for example, that the audience is 15 years old, write accordingly, while focusing on the country from which the traffic is coming.

4. Check the originality of your content by using plagiarism checker

It is obvious to write the unique content for your website because the search engine punishes the pages with similarities. You usually do this in order to appreciate the efforts of the original author and the websites that are published.

You should write the content once without copying the ideas or words from another website. In this context, you should use a free plagiarism detection utility online. As a rule, the free online plagiarism checker with percentage uses the algorithm to compare your context with the content already published on the Internet.

If it finds similarities, it alerts you with the percentage of the matching source and you can easily change the matching lines.

5. Create Optimized Content

Content is the fact that can help lead the ranking competition in the search engine, especially Google. If you want to increase your company’s revenues, leads, and traffic, then you should focus on writing the optimized content.

The optimized content is the content that is written entirely according to the guidelines of the search engine. If you are writing content that is compatible with the search engine, then the search engine would like to put it at the top of the list.

The majority of search engine optimization practices are applied to the content you write for your sites, such as keyword customization, on-page and other facts.

Optimized content is very important and we can say that optimized content is just like standard content. Optimized content is usually written for a certain audience, and if you write for a certain audience, then there is more chance of keeping your sales high.

6. Add visuals

Visualization is another fact to increase the results of content marketing. People love to see the visuals, whether they read the content on your social media profile or on your website. Visuals are important because they help customers to believe more in your content.

Visuals such as images and videos also help to win the trust of customers, as they make their clarity clear through the visuals.

If you are writing informative content on your website, adding the images for reference or example is beneficial. For example, if you are checking an SEO tool, you should add the screenshot of the tool and its functionality that you explain.

Many of the brands use the infographics, original images and videos to explain their products, making the e-commerce shop more interesting and worthy for the public, especially for the new one.

7. Analyze Your Content

The analysis is also an essential part of content marketing, because getting a report on your content would help you grow better. The analysis includes many different things, including analysis before and after publication.

Prior to publication, the analysis process includes proofreading your articles such as grammar check, spell check, structure check, and other checklist facts. The analysis must also include verification of the uniqueness of your article.

Once you have published, the analysis process is not over, as you need to take into account the tracking of the audience that comes to read this article. Various tools like Hotjar help you measure audience activity on your website. It can even help to see where the user stops and where they were interested.

You should also use the tools to know which type of item is more interesting, which items don’t get a lot of engagement from customers.

FREE Resources to Learn Marketing in 2020 | Digital Marketing Courses and Certification

FREE Resources to Learn Marketing in 2020 | Digital Marketing Courses and Certification

Marketing is booming and you can make a killing as a professional as a marketer. But if you’re trying to learn marketing by just Googling stuff, things are going to be very confusing. You’ll get conflicting advice from different websites and you’re just going to be like, “Oh my God, I’m going to give up.” So today I’m going to break down the best free resources for you to learn marketing so you can hit the ground running and jumpstart your marketing career. Today I’m going to break down free resources to learn marketing in 2020, digital marketing courses and certifications.

Learn SEO For Free! How to Jumpstart Your SEO Career Without Spending a Dime [2020 Edition] :
How to Learn SEO: My Secret Method For Search Engine Optimization :
Google’s Online Marketing Challenge –
Social Media 101 course by Constant Contact –
HubSpot Academy –
Google Skillshop –
SEMrush Academy –
Facebook Blueprint –
Internet Marketing for Smart People –

The first place that you can learn about online marketing is Google’s Online Marketing Challenge.

This is a course that’s probably one of the most comprehensive out there for beginners. Not only does it give students real-world experience into marketing, but it also offers a global academic panel which is essentially modules that cover various aspects of digital marketing that are taught by top academic panelists.

Students then get to work with nonprofit companies to build online advertising campaigns. They’re given a budget of $10,000. Students compete to show off their best advertising skills, which isn’t expected to be much as this is for beginners.

The next one is Social Media 101 course by Constant Contact.

This course essentially teaches you step-by-step on how to build your social media presence across various platforms, using what you learned on channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business, Snapchat and even YouTube.

The next one for you, HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Academy offers digital marking courses in nearly every subject, even allows you to get a certification when you’re finished with the course. That’ll look great on your resume. From advertising to growth marketing all the way to website design, HubSpot offers a plethora of different design courses for digital marketing beginners.

The next one for you, Google Skillshop.

It’s Google’s official platform where you can learn how to do marketing using Google’s products like Google Ads, Waze, Google Analytics and Google My Business. You can essentially learn how to run paid ads on Google’s platforms like search, display, network, their mobile ads, while you’re learning how to do marketing for local businesses and measure the results within Google Analytics. A good example of this is you can learn how to run ads within Gmail.

The next one, SEMrush Academy.

A lot of people use SEMrush as an SEM content marketing tool but many of them don’t know that it goes above and beyond the basics. There are tons of other features in there like they’ll even tell you traffic that a website has, demographic information and the list keeps going on and on. Their training offers both basic and advanced concepts so it works for both beginners and pros, they can all benefit from this.
It’s free and they offer certification as well.

The next course for you, Facebook Blueprint.

This is Facebook’s official training that’ll walk you through some of the different topics on marketing on Facebook and Instagram. It ranges from creating ads to managing your Instagram business account. Much like some of the other sources I’ve shared, this platform is great for beginners and advanced marketers where they can learn a lot because Facebook really goes into the nuances of how to use their platform.

Copyblogger also offers a course, it’s called Internet Marketing for Smart People.

Copyblogger has been around for a lot of years, they have a lot of high-quality content on blogging and content marketing. It includes cool things like direct response copywriting and coming up with offers that you can sell to your audience.

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What is Content Marketing? | Marketing Masterclass | Content Strategy 2020 | Beginners Guide

What is Content Marketing? | Marketing Masterclass | Content Strategy 2020 | Beginners Guide

In this video, Trainer & Speaker Ms. Jyeshtha Bhagat gives complete knowledge and insights on “Content Marketing”.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”. The rise in digitization has brought in exponential value for content; Indeed ‘Content is the King’. Content marketing helps to improve conversions because it allows you not only to establish a connection with your customers but also to educate them. It means that content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on giving customers high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful information to your customers to help them solve their problems.

For more insights, you can but the book Marketing Masterclass – By Prathamesh Veling Founder & Director of Magic Institute of Excellence. He is Market Research & Analytics Professional; by qualification, he is B.E, MBA, MA (Economics) and MA (Psychology)

Book Status: COMING SOON…!!! (Purchase link will be shared soon).
You can leave your email id in the comment box our team will get back to you as soon as the book is launched. The First 50 lucky draw winners will get the book for FREE..!!!
The vision of MIE is to bring in transformation in the mindset of people towards education. Join us on this journey and help us support this cause.

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Top 2020 Marketing Strategies for Small Business (CHEAP & EFFECTIVE)

Top 2020 Marketing Strategies for Small Business (CHEAP & EFFECTIVE)

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I’m sharing the Top 2020 Marketing Strategies for small business.

These marketing tips will make your marketing more effective, they’ll fine tune your marketing strategy and they’ll get you up to speed on current social media marketing trends. As an entrepreneur, you know your 2020 marketing strategy to be successful, you’ve got to be up to date on digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing in 2020 and email marketing because in entrepreneurship, business and success trends.

Whether you are looking for general marketing ideas, business marketing strategies or are looking to update your content marketing 2019 strategy, these marketing 2020, social media marketing 2020, and digital marketing 2020 marketing tips will make you a master at small business marketing, instagram ads and social media.

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(2020) Real Estate Agent Content Marketing | How to create content that converts!

(2020) Real Estate Agent Content Marketing | How to create content that converts!

What is content marketing for real estate and how should a Realtor use it to create more leads, sales or to help convert more cold buyer/seller opportunities? Agents are very confused by what to do with video, SEO, blog, Vlog and on social media?
Discover all my unique PLAYLISTS –

Real estate agents traditional don’t understand what content marketing is and how it works! Content marketing is designed to educate, share your wisdom and perspective as a real estate professional. But most of today’s marketing that is considered content marketing is just social proof marketing “I’ve listed this, sold that, I’m doing an open house here” … basically just demonstrating that they are “an active Realtor.”

Content marketing an opportunity to educate, share case studies, demonstrate experience, an advantage of working with you and your expertise.

What’s my favourite website & CRM?
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THE E-COMMERCE MARKETING 2020 FIELD MAP [PART 1] | Shopify Dropshipping

THE E-COMMERCE MARKETING 2020 FIELD MAP [PART 1] | Shopify Dropshipping

Stop missing out on the best e-commerce related emails in the world: Picture of whole Field Map:

Other video on Market, Angle, Offer:

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#shopify #dropshipping #marketing

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The BEST Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

The BEST Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

#1 Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020 for FREE (TIPS). Let me break down content marketing 101 and share with you the best content marketing strategy that people like Gary Vee use, and learn how to stand out on social media in 2020.

In this video, I share with you the following:
– Content marketing strategy / content marketing tips in 2020
– How to repurpose your content / what is content repurposing
– Social media content strategy and tips in 2020
– How to build your personal brand
– How to use pillar content and turn it into micro content

🧠 Useful Playlists for YOU 🧠
Content Marketing & Social Media Strategies → How to Build & Scale Your Personal Brand →
Facebook Ads for Real Estate →
Instagram for Real Estate Agents →

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Mike Sherrard is the founder of an industry leading content marketing, personal branding, content repurposing and social media marketing agency that helps Entrepreneurs and Realtors explode their personal brand and business with creative strategies.

Mike was also a top Realtor / top producing real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta with Redline Real Estate Group, who specializes in luxury real estate and innovative real estate marketing strategies and helps Real Estate Agents generate online leads using Facebook Marketing strategies paired with ManyChat automation, as well as help agents build their personal brand and become top of mind.

Huge thanks to my friend T-Ferg for the intro song 🙏🏼
Song: Keep Pushing (feat. Kamira)
Artist: T-Ferg
Listen Now:

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Content Marketing | SEO Tales | Episode 3

Content Marketing | SEO Tales | Episode 3

Want to know how to do content marketing in 2020?

In Episode 3 of SEO Tales, Craig and Itamar discuss the best content marketing strategies and tips to help your business excel with its content creation process.

Content marketing has evolved a lot over the last several years, and it’s more important than ever to get it RIGHT!

2:19 – Writing content for your audience
7:34 – How often should you be posting content?
9:38 – Different types of content to create
15:48 – How to build engagement
17:50 – Which platforms to choose?
22:30 – How to re-purpose your content
27:45 – Tools to help with content marketing

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Certificates in Digital and Content Marketing Webinar Info Session Jan 2020

Certificates in Digital and Content Marketing Webinar Info Session Jan 2020

The world of digital and content marketing is a competitive one. Gain the tools to stand out.

Our suite of part-time and full-time digital marketing programs are powerful career enhancers, regardless of your experience level or educational background.

Program Manager, Todd Rich provides information and answers questions about our new Digital and Content Marketing Certificates and Post-Graduate Certificate. Advisory Council member, Rebecca Shevel talks about recent trends in the digital marketing field.

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Content Burger Review Bonus - Content Marketing and  Social Media Automation Suite 2020

Content Burger Review Bonus – Content Marketing and Social Media Automation Suite 2020

Get ContentBurger +Bonuses

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ContentBurger is a Powerful content marketing and social media management platform for publishers, brands, agencies and, startups to find, create and share the best performing content consistently and increase their traffic, leads and sales. Comes with Agency License in the FE so your subscribers can make money providing content & social media marketing services.
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