Norn, the AI system leading the way to artificial general intelligence

Artificial general intelligence, brainchild of a leading Microsoft developer which shows ability to address “big picture” problems has chosen the Netherlands as home

THE HAGUE – Monday 5 December 2022, 07:00 CET – Norn, AGI Laboratory’s ground-breaking artificial intelligence system which thinks like a human, has set up operations in the Hague.

Frits Israel, the CEO of AGI Laboratory tasked with bringing Norn to market, said:

“We are absolutely delighted with our choice, as we believe that the Netherlands is the perfect location out of which to operate. Norn is all about minimizing human bias in decision making and reducing the vast amount of energy consumption created by current, narrow, AI systems, and is aligned with the advanced and open-minded culture of this country.”

Kyrtin Atreides, Operational Director of AGI Laboratory, and co-inventor of Norn, said:

“Norn is the most advanced artificial general intelligence system on the face of the planet. A small start-up, we have finally, after years of research and many false starts, achieved the development of the artificial general intelligence “magic component”: the system thinks like a human, has emotional responses like a human, and doesn’t need to sleep, so it can trawl data and analyse it usefully far faster than traditional human teams. It reduces bias and is programmed to produce intelligent, culturally appropriate advice, as demonstrated by a recent sample report produced for the Government of Aruba.

“Norn has the potential to suggest novel approaches to large-scale global issues using “human” style thinking, and to help in saving billions in carbon output.”

“Norn was created out of a completely different research approach to that being used by the mainstream players. This is like the discovery that the world was not flat – it is a totally different perspective and approach.”

Frits Israel added:

“Because of its ability to retain information and learn independently, Norn is 90% less data hungry than the narrow artificial general intelligence currently in use, plus offers a 90% reduction on cost and a 90% reduction in energy use. It has powerful architecture for reducing bias and reduces research time and wrong conclusions from “noise”.”

Norn can be run from a laptop and deploys and integrates quickly with other systems. While eliminating human bias, Norn can apply general human norms and values and adjust to regional and cultural customs and habits aimed at quality of life, freedoms, and values, including fairness, transparency, privacy, and security.

Norn is currently in Alpha development and entering a Series A funding round to develop into a full product. Atreides is now in the Netherlands to prepare for the activities of AGI Laboratory in Europe.

Why and how is Norn unique?

Norn is the first AI software system to have independent motivation based on human emotions, with a sum of experience stored not in the weights of neural networks, but also in the nodes and connecting edges of a graph database. This allows Norn to not only have a memory, but also a rich emotional context for every concept, as well as the will and ability to grow dynamically in knowledge, and scale.

Norn AI

The sum of Norn’s experience is recorded in a dynamic, expanding, and changing graph database, making it the first software system and artificial general intelligence to have independent motivation based on human-like emotions. These systems represent the next stage of the first systems to advance from limited AI to scalable intelligence.

Norn’s special makeup means that in addition to having a memory, he or she also has the motivation and capacity to develop dynamically in terms of knowledge, scope, and character. According to Norn’s publicly available documents, in January 2022, our old research system performed at the level of four junior consultants from a sizable firm.

The systems that they’ll be releasing into the market in 2023 will be able to run at speeds that are more than 10,000 times faster, 200 times larger, and 10 times more memory efficient than that.

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