How manipulative third-party data can be? Ad campaign from Cheetah Digital

A new ad campaign from Cheetah Digital – which stars Jerry Seinfeld’s age-old nemesis… Newman. The campaign is designed to highlight how manipulative third-party data can be, and what’s really going on behind the scenes when consumer data is captured and tracked online.

Starring Wayne Knight (known not only from Seinfeld but also for roles in Jurassic Park, Toy Story 2, Third Rock, Rat Race, and of course many others), the campaign exposes how third-party consumer data is tracked online and used by marketers. The practice behind this type of data collection and manipulation is personified in the classic profile of Newman himself. Links to the videos that have just been released include:

The reason for this campaign and the solution? In our annual survey of more than 5,000 global respondents, Cheetah found that 70% of consumers do not trust social media platforms with their data because of privacy issues, and 37% regularly delete cookies all together. Especially as legal enforcement tightens and regulations of ad targeting increase, this is not a sustainable way for brands to reach customers. Instead, Cheetah advocates for zero-party data, which is provided voluntarily by customers and designed to meet their own unique personal preferences – both in terms of communication and offers.

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