Data Science Certificate vs Bootcamp vs Masters Degree

Data Science Certificate vs Bootcamp vs Masters Degree

In this video I compare the benefits of pursuing a data science certificate versus a bootcamp or masters degree. These all can be reasonable options depending on your personal situation. Watch this video to see which one may be right for you

Data Science Certificate
– Positives (Inexpensive, low time commitment, can help you build out your portfolio)
– Negatives (Likely wont get you a job, not very academically rigerous)
– Good for someone with a phd looking to get data science on their resume or a beginner who wants to see if data science would be interesting to them

Data Science Bootcamp
– Positives (Good networking and resume resources, reasonable academic rigor)
– Negatives (Very expensive, hit or miss with education, very time consuming)
– Good for someone who has a good portfolio and needs the networking help, someone with a phd in an unrelated field or masters in a related field, or someone who has extra cash to spend

Data Science Masters degree
– Positives (checks the graduate degree box, access to university network and resources, internship opportunities, decent exit opportunities)
– Negatives (Most expensive, very time consuming)
– This is a good option for someone who is already an analyst and wants to move into a data science role or someone who wants to become a data analyst but has no relevant experience.

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