Mobile UI & UX Design Trends 2020 | TemplateMonster

Mobile UI & UX Design Trends 2020 | TemplateMonster

What are the key Mobile UI & UX Design Trends 2020? Check out the selection of AMAZING mobile UI prototypes to get inspired! For top-notch UI kits, visit TemplateMonster Marketplace 👉👉👉

✅ Who Is This Video For?
➡️This video will be useful for designers who want to try to predict mobile UI design 2020 trends.
➡️This video will be useful for people who create mobile applications or mobile-friendly websites. It can help you understand how to design mobile UI that will be ergonomic and modern.

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00:06 📌 Buttonless design & Liquid Swipe
Nature Encyclopedia App / tubik
Cuberto Liquid Swipe

00:17 📌 Bottom navigation 2.0
Bright App UI Kit / Anton Tkachev for UI8
Animated Tab Bar Concept / Cadabra Studio

00:34 📌 Better personalization
To Do App / Microsoft Design
Savage iOS UI Kit I / Anton Tkachev for UI8

00:45 📌 Round corners
Vacation House UX/UI map / Cuberto
Vegan Recipe App / tubik

00:55 📌 Password-less experience – Tesco Bank App

01:01 📌 Advanced Animation
Travel planning tool / Gleb Kuznetsov
Music News App / tubik
Finance App Interactions / tubik

01:19 📌 3D and faux-3D design
Mitsubishi connect iOS / Gleb Kuznetsov
Mobile app – Social media network

01:34 📌 Gradients 2.0
Commerce Dashboard App / Ghani Pradita

01:40 📌 Illustrations
C M O D / Zak Steele-Eklund for Studio VØR
Course lesson apps exploration / Saikat Kumar for Ofspace

01:52 📌 Dark themes
AI Annotation App – Light and Dark Themes / Mallik Cheripally in Annotate.AI
Chameleon Light & Dark Theme (formerly Abacus) / Richard Robinson
Smart Home Controller / Ramotion in User Interface Design

02:02 📌 Device-agnostic Experiences
Booking flight with active interface / Gleb Kuznetsov
Flight Boarding Pass for Apple Watch

So, what mobile UI design trends 2020 are people talking about? Where might these design & tech trends lead the UX & UI industries in 2020? UI/UX designers try different combinations to make their interface prototypes stand out! It’s always difficult to predict trends. You need to see what was popular and what becomes popular. It’s important to see how various technologies are used to understand what may become popular.

This video includes various UI design solutions that you need to pay attention to, as they may become popular in 2020. You need to consider using these solutions in your mobile applications or mobile versions of websites. All these solutions are provided by talented designers (all the rights belongs to them) from different parts of the world and you can also use this video as inspiration to create something amazing on your own.

UI/UX design can be quite challenging, as you need to create something that everyone can use. There are two main ideas for you to keep in mind 👇:
➡️Your website or an application has to be ergonomic, so a user doesn’t waste time trying to find what they need
➡️Performance – the application or the website has to work fast

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