Mobile Optimization In Advertising | Why Mobile Marketing Is CRUCIAL For Increasing Conversions

Mobile Optimization In Advertising | Why Mobile Marketing Is CRUCIAL For Increasing Conversions

➜ Mobile optimization – How you can avoid more cart abandons
➜ Why mobile marketing is only becoming more and more essential
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At one time, desktop sales were king. The only thing you needed was a desktop-optimized website, and you’d be set to start making sales.

But in the digital age, more and more sales are happening on mobile platforms, which means it’s becoming more and more essential to optimize your ads and site for the mobile experience.

Mobile advertising and mobile-friendly websites are some of the best ways to increase conversions and avoid abandoned carts.

In this video, I talk about how a company (with a great ad campaign) almost lost my purchase just because of bad mobile optimization, and how you can avoid a similar experience with your own online storefront.

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