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Its very Important your Facebook Posts are Timed Correctly .Facebook is by far the largest Social Network on the Planet.With over 1 Billion Active Users .Facebook posts are shared in the Millions Every minute.

The user stat’s are mind blowing.That’s why it is very important to use Social media to amplify the great content you’re creating.

But it isn’t good enough to just post content to social media sites whenever you feel like it. Some times are better than others.

Insuring your Great Content is Published at the right time & day is essential as you actually want people to see your post ,comment,like or share to gain Greater Exposure for your Business or Brand.

If you post your content at the wrong time their is a High chance that it will largely be unseen by your target audience. With millions of post’s generated every minute on Facebook it’s very easy togo missin

The Best times to make your posts on Social media depend on a variety of Factors .Below we have listed the Main Factors you should think about before publishing your post.

  • What Platform are you making your post on i.e Facebook,Twitter,Instagram Etc.
  • The Geographic Location and time zones of the Countries you want to Reach.Their is no point making a post for the USA audience when it’s  4 am in the morning their.
  • Your Goals ? Are you after Clicks, Shares or Likes.
  • How your Target Audience interacts with your chosen platform .For Example The Great Photo sharing site Instagram gets 4 x times more interaction from users than Twitter & Facebook users combined.

Facebook users log on at Home & Work from Multiple Devices ,Including Desk Top, Mobile & Tablets.When they are at work they will most likely log on while they are on their lunch Breaks or while commuting to and from work.

Best times to Make Facebook Posts :

So let’s take a Closer look at the Best times to Post.
Monday’s & Tuesdays are always busy days so the Best times to catch your audience are between 1 – 3 Pm.
Best times to post on Wednesdays are between 3-4 Pm.
Thursdays & Fridays are bit more Relaxed than other days so it’s a Good  to post between 1-4 Pm.
Many people will sleep in on the weekend so the Best times to post are between 12 -1 Pm.

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Market Research to reach a Digital Audience

How to Target your Cyber Audience

An entrepreneur will attempt to achieve a variety of targets before selling a new product. Central to the process is market research, who will use it and how will this affect advertising campaigns? Once this is under their belt how and where will you approach your chosen audience? Thorough research is of upmost importance and desirability when structuring an effective marketing strategy, but its high cost (often a figure ranging from $2500) often detracts startups from performing the necessary amount.

Where to find your target audience

The question is: how much does this process differ with a product that isn’t so tangible? And the answer I guess is not so much. If you’re marketing a website, you can definitely cut the costs and approach research differently but the fundamental ideology should remain consistent. You still need an understanding of your target market to pinpoint how and where you will be reaching them online. Here are some points to focus on:

  • Give a very general description of your audience, whether this is dependent on age, occupation etc.
  • Expand on this to find your audience’s interests. Through social media extract what is being shared, read and viewed and which channels are being used to do so.
  • This previous step will give you hints on where and what to advertise. Build on content that is relevant to both you and your audience and post it regularly on the social media channels where potential readers gravitate. With this link you are likely to create content that will attract, appeal and stand out amongst competitors. Maintain this connection by regular posts and new concepts.
  • Finally reaching your audience is largely dependent on your website’s layout and the nature of your landing page. It needs to be easily navigable and professional looking, if it doesn’t look legitimate, readers won’t think the content is either.
  • Above this, my priority would be ensuring a webpage is mobile friendly. 64% of American adults now own a smart phone compared to 35% in 2011. I am constantly frustrated by webpages that leave me scrolling in both directions on my phone to retrieve the information I’m looking for, and even more so when some logo obstructs half the article. We live in a lazy but fast paced generation and fitting into it is key. With a source of information quite literally at our fingertips we have no patience for complex sites. Don’t forget that the typical individual on their phone is not looking for dense text but for a short concise answer. So remember stay fast paced, mobile friendly and to the point.

Market research is at the heart of reaching a cyber audience. Analyze their virtual behaviour to manipulate your content and marketing strategy. Once this is found and maintained, keep fast-paced and contemporary; the more you understand the needs and wants of your target audience, the closer you will get to the bullseye of going viral.


Most Used Content Marketing Tactics

image stats content

study this graphic to find the best tactics for content marketing.

The above Graphic gives a good insight to what content marketing tactics you should be using for best ROI .Blogging and Social media get you the furthest reach by far. Case Studies ,Press Releases Newsletters & Videos are also very powerful ways of reaching out to your target audience.Mobile content ,Print Magazine & Mobile Branded Apps are some of the less effective formats for content marketing.


The Big 5

Social Media Posts.The Best Times to post?

social media posts

Social Media Posts.The Best Times to post?

Social Media Posts ? Do you know the Best times to share your  your content on social media sites ??

Your visitors and followers will most likely be using  social media sites during specific hours. So if you start sharing your content when your users are on these social sites, you’ll not only gain more shares & likes but  you will also notice an increase in traffic.

Below are some stats that you should be aware of. Source ( Adthis & Fannit)

Facebook : The Big daddy of all Social Media Posts.

*Best Days to post are Thursday & Friday.86 % of posts are published on the working week. Engagement rates fall by 3.5 % on posts published on Mon-Wed . Engagement spikes on Fridays by 10% probably because it’s weekend time .

The best times to post on FB are 1pm to get most shares 3pm to get most clicks.

Twitter : Number 2 of all Social Media Posts.

For B2B weekdays provide 14% more engagement than on weekends.

For B2C Engagement is highest on Wednesday and the weekends.

The best times to tweet are 5Pm for highest retweets .12pm & 6Pm for high click through rates.This is most likely because of Lunch Breaks and people are looking for something to keep them busy on their commute home.

Linkedin : The largest professional Network with many B2B Users.

Best Days to post are Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday for maximum engagement.

The best time to post is during weekdays during  normal business hours.

Adthis analysed 14 Milion linkedin users and found that if you share Tuesdays 10am to 11am you get most shares.

93% of B2B companies rate LinkedIn as the number one spot to generate more leads…(food for thought)

Pinterst -The Giant photo sharing site.

The best day to post to this great photo sharing site is Saturday Between 8Pm to 11Pm.Activity on pinterest peaks at about 9pm.

For Fashion & Retail The best time is Friday 3pm for maximum engagement.

Instagram is another Giant photo sharing site owned by Facebook.

Engagement on Instagram stays consistent throughout the week with slight spike on Monday & slight dip on Sundays.

Many of the fortune 500 companies claim fantastic results when they post during business hours around 3pm to 4pm.

Google Plus  is Googles social media arm.

To get the best result on Google Plus we recommend posting on weekdays around 9am to 11am.Posts on Wednesdays also seem to bring the best results.

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8 x Marketing Tips for Small Business Growth

Marketing tips

8 x Marketing Tips for Small Business Growth

Here we have 8 x Free Marketing Tips for small business growth without having to spend $100000 for marketing . Lucky for you there are 1000’s of cost effective ways to attract more business and hence grow.

Here we recommend you try these 8 x Marketing tips for small Business Growth.

1 / Send a weekly newsletter .To build relationship with your customers, there is nothing simpler than creating a weekly e-mail that provides something of value. E Mail marketing is a cheap & effective way to promote your brand and is ideal for small business on a shoe string budget. Mailchimp is a great e-mail package with nice prices also.

2/Sponsor an Organization. To sponsor local organizations is not that expensive. You could offer to donate some freebies to a local charity for example in return for being mentioned in their weekly newsletter.

3/ Support a Cause – It’s a proven fact that if you support a cause people are more inclined to follow ,support or shop with you. People like to see that your not all about profit and have interest in supporting something positive.

4/  Attend Networking Events – Networking is a must for small business owners , it is a effective way to promote your brand or business to a community’s that might be interested in your product or services. It is also a good way to get more leads and generate interest.

5/ Create an Event – People love an Event ! Create a buzz about your business with this simple and highly effective way to grow. You can be as creative as you like with your event, just remember to add a fun element to your event. You can easily set up a Event on Facebook and many other social media channels.

6/ Give Samples of Products- Find something cheap and inexpensive to give away. People adore freebies of any kind and more likely to follow your brand & recommend you to others  just for your generous good nature. It is also a great way to get your product noticed.

7/ Be Helpful – Offer a little time to your audience by offering a free service or advise i.e Follow our  Live Twitter feed every Monday 7 pm for question & answer session. Consumers like tobe able to interact with you .

8/ Start a Podcast – People love to tell their story, and by highlighting them on a podcast you make an instant and meaningful connection. It’s also a great way to get an education on a topic you are interested in.



Growth Tip #016 – Use #hashtags correctly

Growth Tip #016 – Use #hashtags correctly

You have probably seen them all over the web  hashtags are now an important part of social media.

Hashtags are a great way to increase your overall social media traffic. For example, tweets with hashtags generate two times more engagement than tweets without them.

Popular sites which welcome hashtags are Twitter,Instagram,Google Plus & Facebook.

But be careful not to over use them on Twitter,Facebook & G Plus.

However instagram works differently with hashtags and the magic number for instagram hashtags is 11 for maximum engagement.



Growth Tip #015 – Use SimilarWeb for Analytics

Growth Tip #015 – Use SimilarWeb for Competitor Analytics

SimilarWeb.com is a information technology company.  SimilarWeb provides services in Web analytics, data mining and business intelligence for their Clients. Through its main platform called SimilarWeb, it uses Big data technologies to collect, measure, analyze and provide user engagement statistics for Web sites and mobile apps.



Growth Tip #015- Use Mention to Evaluate your Brand

Growth Tip #015- Use Mention to Evaluate your Brand

  1. Identify the people talking about your brand, whether or not they’re talking to you. Our data has shown that this (brand mentions without the Twitter handle) actually represents 31% of brand mentions on Twitter. These are people looking for insights and reviews on your brand, who have an issue with it, or who are singing your praises. In any of these events, you should be present and a part of the conversation. Media monitoring tools allow you to discover and jump in these discussions.

2 Identify people talking about the pain points your brand solves. Much like the first way, a media tool allows you to track terms that represent the problem your product solves. You can then identify the people who are using these terms, where, and in what context. This provides you with your first touchpoint for building a relationship and qualifying  leads.