Seamless Search – Holistic Search Engine Marketing Solution

Should you pay to bid for keywords I already have a high organic coverage for? Seamless Search a new search marketing SAAS platform. It can answer questions related to search engine optimisation like How much does my current paid strategy cannibalize my organic strategy? Should I pay for my brand and brand generic terms? What paid position should I take based on my current organic coverage?

What Seamless Search Does

The Seamless Search Solution provides True Search Reporting and True Search Bid Optimisation based on internal factors like organic position, paid position, device targeting, audience targeting, promo periods, and others. Then there are external factors organic competition, paid competition, time, location, seasonality and competitor activity.

How the Seamless Search Solution technology works

  • 5 separate reports loaded into seamless search
  • Data processing procedure
  • Bid volatility analysis and start of learning module
  • Keyword/Device grouping by characteristics
  • Model creation through regression prediction (Gradient Boosting on Decision Tree)
  • Python data processing
  • Optimum bid calculation is made and stored in BigQuery
  • Apply changes to account via API

What this means

Advertisers have confidence that bidding on Brand and Brand Generic terms gives them incremental value. Paid Search teams are able to communicate with senior stakeholders why they chose to bid on Brand and Brand Generic terms.

SEO teams are able to communicate how Paid Search cannibalises their own performance. No more flawed brand tests!

Seamless Search can provide an independent review of the value of bidding on brand and brand generic terms for advertisers who have either:

Switched all or parts of their brand and brand generic strategy off
Are considering switching all or parts of their brand and brand generic strategy off

We can give confidence to brands that they have a technology that is ensuring that they are getting value from all of their paid search activity.

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