How To UPGRADE Your Marketing Strategy For Long-Term Growth - Tip 7 of 21

How To UPGRADE Your Marketing Strategy For Long-Term Growth – Tip 7 of 21

There comes a time in any business where focusing on a single marketing channel becomes an issue. Once you are beyond the “survival” stage of a new product, it’s time to consider upgrading your strategy to minimize risk and create long-term growth.

The problem is that it can be difficult to know when or how to make this move. And sometimes businesses completely fail to revisit or upgrade their marketing strategy. Either because attention has shifted to a new project, or because the marketing team fell in love with the original marketing channel.

Of course, it’s faster and easier to get more value from an existing channel than to nurture a new one. So teams have a strong incentive to focus on what has worked in the past. But of course, eventually every channel reaches a point at which investing additional time and money isn’t worth it.

In this video, I share some advice on when and how to make the shift from a focused approach to a diversified approach. Plus two different ways a marketing team can take on additional channels.

Content by Rick Kettner
Produced by Kyle Trienke

Source. First Published on YouTube

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