I built a LinkedIn API for LinkedIn Growth Hacking

I built a LinkedIn API for LinkedIn Growth Hacking

Yesterday, I set myself the project of. building my own LinkedIn API as I was tired with the lack of updates with Phantombuster.

I’m not a developer, I have a technical understanding and I genuinely thought I would make a Youtube series out of this. To my surprise, in less than 24 hours I’ve built my own fully functioning API that you can use for free.

The tool is built with Node.js, Express and Puppeteer! I’ve learned a hell of a lot building the tool, I documented the whole process building from scratch. The videos are pretty long and there’s about 6 hours of content, a lot of it is me concentrating but it also involves some funny moments of me getting excited when things actually work!

I’m genuinely thrilled that I’ve taught myself this, because I can now build literally any Automation I want. I will still continue to use a lot of the APIs that I do already, but I currently spend $12,000+/yr on Phantombuster, so this API alone will drop that by 90%.

Tools in this Video
// 🤖Build Automations with Integromat: https://growth-hacking.io
// 🔥LinkedIn Integromat Plugin – https://growth-hacking.io

My Companies
// 📈LinkedIn Engagement Pods MVP: https://bit.ly/2wnVOEB
// 🔥600+ Growth Hacking Guides – https://growth-hacking.io/growth-hacking-guides
// 🎁 30+ Website Plugins – https://notifia.io (Discount: 90DAYSFREE)
// 🔥LinkedIn Automation – https://growth-hacking.io

Tools I love
// 👨‍💻Airtable – https://airtable.com/invite/r/2eJLSiJT
// 🌏LinkedIn Proxies – https://bit.ly/2WdlVah
// 🤖Integromat – https://integromat.com

// 🤞Subscribe on YouTube – http://bit.ly/GrowthHackingYoutubeD
// 👨‍💻 Connect on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nath-aston/

Source. First Published on YouTube

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