What is Growth Hacking: Data Driven Marketing | Growth Hacking Explained | Digital marketing | GDC |

What is Growth Hacking: Data Driven Marketing | Growth Hacking Explained | Digital marketing | GDC |

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What is Growth Hacking: Data Driven Marketing | Growth Hacking Explained | Digital marketing | GDC |

In this video we are going to explain regarding what is Growth Hacking, Growth Hacking tips, Growth Hacking for a beginner , How to Start Growth Hacking in 2020, Growth Hacking strategies etc.

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Growth Hacking Articles

What growth hacking is not? [Growth Hacking Explained]

What growth hacking is not? [Growth Hacking Explained]

What growth hacking is not?

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Growth hacking explained:
Get answers to your most pressing questions when ti comes to Growth Hacking. From the basics to the most complex questions.

This is Growth Hacking Explained based on bestselling book “Ready Set Growth Hack: A beginners guide to growth hacking success” authored by Nader Sabry. The book is available on amazon.com and several other places as well.

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GROWTH HACKING EXPLAINED – more content to learn from to get you started and thriving in growth hacking

What is growth hacking?

What growth hacking is not?

Is growth hacking technology only?

Is Growth Hacking nonsense?

Where can I find and hire a great growth hacker?

What are the best examples of Growth Hacking?

What is the best way to learn growth hacking?

How can we achieve a growth mindset?

Why startups need growth hackers?

How does a growth system work with growth hacking?

Sales funnel VS. Growth hacking ?

What are the best viral growth hacks?

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Growth Hacking Articles

I built a LinkedIn API for LinkedIn Growth Hacking

I built a LinkedIn API for LinkedIn Growth Hacking

Yesterday, I set myself the project of. building my own LinkedIn API as I was tired with the lack of updates with Phantombuster.

I’m not a developer, I have a technical understanding and I genuinely thought I would make a Youtube series out of this. To my surprise, in less than 24 hours I’ve built my own fully functioning API that you can use for free.

The tool is built with Node.js, Express and Puppeteer! I’ve learned a hell of a lot building the tool, I documented the whole process building from scratch. The videos are pretty long and there’s about 6 hours of content, a lot of it is me concentrating but it also involves some funny moments of me getting excited when things actually work!

I’m genuinely thrilled that I’ve taught myself this, because I can now build literally any Automation I want. I will still continue to use a lot of the APIs that I do already, but I currently spend $12,000+/yr on Phantombuster, so this API alone will drop that by 90%.

Tools in this Video
// 🤖Build Automations with Integromat: https://growth-hacking.io
// 🔥LinkedIn Integromat Plugin – https://growth-hacking.io

My Companies
// 📈LinkedIn Engagement Pods MVP: https://bit.ly/2wnVOEB
// 🔥600+ Growth Hacking Guides – https://growth-hacking.io/growth-hacking-guides
// 🎁 30+ Website Plugins – https://notifia.io (Discount: 90DAYSFREE)
// 🔥LinkedIn Automation – https://growth-hacking.io

Tools I love
// 👨‍💻Airtable – https://airtable.com/invite/r/2eJLSiJT
// 🌏LinkedIn Proxies – https://bit.ly/2WdlVah
// 🤖Integromat – https://integromat.com

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Source. First Published on YouTube

Growth Hacking Articles

How to Grow? Growth Hacking Recruiters Meetup

How to Grow? Growth Hacking Recruiters Meetup

How do you grow in time of Cornavirus crisis? A quick video cut from the Zoom call we had with the Growth Hacking Recruiters discussing current situation and Growth Hacks for Recruiters.

Includes brilliant personal Growth Hacks, Growth Hacks for Engaging Candidates and Growth Hacks for Agencies.

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Home Page

Twitter Followers

47 Free Organic Ways to Grow your Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers  – Learn 47 Organic Ways to grow your Twitter Followers. Twitter is one of the Biggest Social Networks on the planet and a very Powerful Tool to Grow your Business or Brand.


Twitter is great for generating leads, rocket boost your branding, and garner connections with people in your niche. Regular followers who are active is not just prestigious, and they aren’t just making up the numbers. Twitter followers have real and concrete value for companies; Stats as high as, 36% of marketers say they have acquired a customer by using Twitter.

For Best results Tweet content that’s so amazing or informative that it’s likely to be retweeted.A retweet is essentially a share of your content by another person to their network of followers.

1. Follow for Follow .This strategy still works a treat in 2018 .Simply follow people in your Niche and you will see a dramatic Growth in your Followers.But be careful not to follow people to quickly otherwise you can get banned. Twitter has Follow Limit’s depending on the Stat’s of your Account.

2. Optimize your Twitter bio. Make sure it’s professional, complete and does a effortless job in representing you and your business.

Twitter Followers

3. Use 1-3 Relevant #Hashtags in your Tweet.People often search for #Hashtags , so if you use it your very likely to be found for it.i.e #football #fashion #food etc

4. Direct people to your Website or Blog by adding Links in your Tweet.

5. Everything can be SEO’ed, including your Twitter Bio. Load it with relevant keywords. Utilise your city or region name to get local visitors.

6. Cross-promote your Twitter profile on your other social media accounts.Facebook ,Instagram , Snap Chat & LinkedIn have Millions if not Billions of active users you can freely reach out to.

Twitter Followers

7. Tweet on the weekends. Dan Zarrella’s research suggests some brands get 20% more engagement on weekends vs during the week.

8. @mention users in your tweets. Mention multiple people in a tweet and you get a conversation going which can also be fun.

9. Stating the obvious but share your Twitter account on all your marketing collateral. This means your cards, stationary & website.

10. Use a personal headshot in your profile picture instead of your company logo. Nobody wants to follow a brand, especially when they dont know it. Let people see there’s a person behind your brand and that will get you more Twitter Followers

11. If you are on WordPress, use a WordPress plugin to embed content boxes full of Twitter feeds on your website or blog. This is awesome for getting your site visitors to see your Twitter Followers & content, potentially expanding your reach and attracting new fans.

12. Try Twiends to find new Twitter users you can follow and they follow you. Once you’re listed on the platform, other Twitter accounts with similar interests will also be able to search for you and follow you.

13. @mention influential users as much as possible without spamming them. You might catch their attention, which may end up leading them to follow you or even retweet your content to their gigantic Twitter Followers for free.

14. Embed tweets in your website content.

15. Participate in Twitter Conversations. Taking part in chats are a brilliant way to engage with your customers in a personal level. Follow those you come across in the chat, and they’re very likely to follow you back.

16. Pin an eye-catching or an Amazing  tweet to the top of your stream.When they land on your page they will see your awesome content.

17. Use Ignitwit to discover new followers. Select interesting topics and you will get a list of users you could follow. You will also be told if anyone has decided not to follow you back…giving you the ability to unfollow uninterested parties. Manage Flitter is another great tool for this task.

18. Use Buffer a affordable Social Media Tool to increase your Twitter Followers.

19. Use a follow button on your website.

20.Tweet motivational  or inspirational quotes. These are great for getting retweets because they give a feel good factor to your Twitter Followers.

Twitter Followers

21. Use a tool like Hootsuite and Buffer to plan, automate and schedule your tweets.To increase your engagement and visibility, thereby increasing your follower count, the key is to post regularly and consistently.

22. Make sure you share a link to your @username in the author bio of your guest posts.

23. Monitor your Brand by using tool’s like Social Mention, find out what other Twitter users are saying about your brand, products or industry.

24  Ask for retweets. If you dont ask you dont get. Tweets that include “Please retweet” in their text get 4x more retweets.

Twitter Followers

25. Mine your email contacts and connect to Twitter.  The Twitter algorithm will tell them about you and vice versa. They are likely to follow you back, especially since they know you in real life.

26. Include Beautiful Images with your tweets. Research suggests that tweets with images receive 20% more engagement than those without. One Good picture says a 1000 words.

27. If you send emails to a mailing list. Ask them to follow you on Twitter.

28. Twitter is about helping, making connections and providing great content. Its not a sales channel. Build a reputation as someone who puts others first, and your follower count will grow organically.

29. Twitter search to find users, its really powerful and can unearth some gems. Follow them, engage with their content and wait for them to follow you back!

30. Always, always reply to questions. Its just good manners, but it also conveys the signal that you notice and care about your followers, and that you’re a worthwhile account to follow.

31. Post engaging, informative content. Posting what you had for lunch, or random thoughts about life are NOT fine for a business brand.

32. Make use of social proof by utlising a follow button with a counter on your site.

33. Tweet often, but DO NOT Blitz it ,Your Twitter Followers won’t like being Spammed with too many Tweets of your Lunch . lol

34  Try tweeting between 1pm and 3pm and 3-4 pm when Twitter traffic is at its peak.

35. Share the love and be a generous retweeter. The more you retweet, the more likely you are to be retweeted, thats how you attract more followers.

36. Strike up a conversation with your Twitter Followers by asking simple questions to increase engagement and visibility.

37. Share Breaking News stories that are relevant to your audience /niche. The news category is one of the most retweeted types of content.

38. Offer your Twitter followers exclusive coupons. Discount codes .94% of Twitter users follow brands for the discounts and promos.

39. Don’t buy fake followers! While it may be an easy way to boost your twitter followers quickly , over the long run it WONT add any value and is likely tobe declared as a spam account and get you banned.

40. Use Followerwonk to discover more profiles, and to find out which acrtions drive the most new followers to your account.

41. Use LinkedIn to build professional real connections on Twitter.

Twitter Followers

42. Make it easy for people to share your wonderful content. Add a tweet button to each and every post on your site to make your content easy to share.

43. Use Twitter cards to increase visibility and engagement. Its easy to add some simple code to your site, and soon as someone tweets your content, the rich media you’ve included will show alongside their tweet.

44. Use words like ‘you’, ‘twitter’, ‘please’ and ‘retweet’, that are more likely to get retweeted.

45 .Retweet influencers and give valuable feedback.

46. Tweet the same content multiple times. Moz SEo estimates the lifespan of a tweet at around 18 minutes. How many of your followers are actually on Twitter in those 18 minutes? Tweet out your links multiple times over the course of a day or two to give your tweets as much visibility as possible.

47 . Link to your Twitter profile on your other social media profiles.

To summarize the Best Way to Increase your Twitter Followers  is to be active and tweet Amazing Content as the very basic foundation for your Twitter Growth Strategy.

Once that’s in place follow our helpful 47 Growth Hacking Tips and you will see your account Sky Rocket !!

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6 Quick Tips to Grow your Instagram 

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Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing Stats Infographic.

Video Content Marketing Stats for 2017 – Infographic.

The Video Content Marketing landscape for 2017 is changing dramatically.The good old days of providing a static image with your Marketing efforts are over now. Today in 2017 more & more Business’s & Brands are engaging their target audiences with the power of Video Content Marketing.

Visual Content Marketing








With Internet speeds better than ever now , the simple ease of streaming Video Content has never been so perfect. The Power of Video allows the end user to receive a more dynamic ,more impactful  message , full with Rich,Colour & Sound.Static Images will soon become obsolete as more users demand Video Content for 2017/2018.

More Video Marketing Statistics Via Hubspot

1) By 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic.

2) Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

3) 76.5% of marketers and small business owners in an Animoto survey who have used video marketing say it had a direct impact on their business.

4) 34% of B2C marketers say pre-produced video will be critical to content marketing success in 2017.

5) 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

6) More than 60% of marketers and small business owners said they planned to increase investment in video marketing in 2017.

7) 62% of B2B marketers rated videos as an effective content marketing tactic in 2016.

8) Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.


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Growth Hacking Strategy

How Sustainable is Growth Hacking?

A quick google of ‘growth hacking’ and you’ll find the following definition: a marketing technique developed by technology startups which use creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.’ This definitely implies an opportunity for quick and rapid growth but also one that is rather short-lived. My posts to date have highlighted the potential growth hacking offers for start-ups but does this mean it’s no good for more developed businesses?

As a second year economics student we analyse situations with two different outlooks, the short run and the long run, let’s do the same here. In the short run, imagine you’re a start-up whose begun growth hacking successfully. You’ve found innovative ways to reach your target audience on social media sites, your content is being shared and the numbers visiting your page are soaring. Here growth hacking is an effective and low-risk strategy, you have the opportunity to grow without putting any of your few resources on the line.

Moving into the long run, you’re a mature company who has a large population of loyal followers. Does this mean you can give up hacking? No, continue to maintain your viewers’ attention. There is no doubt your focus in the area should reduce, but your growth will naturally slow regardless of this fact. A larger business has much more on its plate; more time is required to please loyal readers and maintain and coordinate its many components. Consequently attention is shifted away from finding new customers and general expansion. There is no way you can grow at an exponential rate consistently, at some point there must be a transition to slower growth and this point is in the long run.Growth Hacking with updatesBut I emphasize again the most successful digital marketers will not entirely stop growth hacking. New creative content ensures maintained success. Anyone who has an iPhone has been plagued by its frequent updates, whether this is to make it more navigable or simply to add to your emoji collection, the effects are the same: as customers it makes us believe they are still interested in giving us the best product. Care for your viewers is key. Continue to growth hack but not to a level where it interferes with the coordination and consistency of your company. Maintain the innovative, analytical skills that you used for hacking as this will definitely ensure returning visitors.

Growth hacking is not a long term growth strategy but when mastered it will never cease to be effective.

Growth from Startups

Ready, Steady, Grow

You’re an entrepreneur and you’ve come up with the next best product, you’re sure of it. You’ve read all you can find on digital marketing and now you’re only a wait away from going viral. So you wait, you wait and you wait… suddenly you realise that sure more people are visiting your webpages but that anticipated surge of interest hasn’t made your way and let’s be honest, it isn’t going to.  68% of entrepreneurs expect business growth far beyond their competitors whilst only 5% believe their chances of success to be worse – naturally an ambitious lot.  Pride and ownership cloud judgement far too easily and in business this is often an unforgivable mistake.

In the past I have stressed how valuable Growth Hacking can be for startups, how it’s a shortcut to growth and is quite possibly the next best thing in digital marketing. However before rushing into an investment in the area, you must make sure you’re ready to do so. The success of hacking relies upon employing it at the right stage in your business’ development, so I guess the next question will be: what stage am I talking about? Here are a series of guidelines that should give you more of an idea.

  • Know your product and your market. Be aware of your competitors and their strategies. No entrepreneur wants to introduce a niche product only to realise that in fact it has been around for the past decade. Your confidence should eliminate any chance you have overlooked a major fault in the idea. More importantly do people like the product? I was reading an article sharing tips for startups when I came across this line: ‘don’t spend a penny on marketing unless you can keep the few customers you can get for free.’ Even the best of marketers can’t sell the worst of products. To summarise and perhaps to state the obvious, if you don’t know what you’re selling don’t try to market it.

Growth through your Target Audience

  • Target Audience. Without knowing who you’re appealing to you won’t know where to find them. Subsequently when it comes to advertising, it will be difficult to answer how, where and what to advertise. Attempting to attract the wrong audience is a waste of valuable time and resources.
  • When your growth has plateaued. You’ve established something with potential, it was growing steadily but now all signs of this have slowed. For me as a marathon runner I guess you’ve completed a fair proportion of the race but now you’ve hit the so called wall, this may be a sign to start growth hacking and knock it down.
  • Be realistic about where you want the business to go and plan how to get there. You need to know how growth hacking will help you along this journey. But don’t become too narrow-minded, know when to change this strategy and be confident enough to do so. Startups that pivot earn over twice as much as those who don’t and experience 3 times as much growth.

So let’s not get carried away and rush into growth hacking, start slow and the process will accelerate from there. In order to make use of your meagre resources as a start-up know as much as you can about your product, your strategy and your audience. Although we could be talking 6-9 months, this will just make the process more effective and will hopefully guarantee you are ready and I guess…. Steady before you grow.

Digital Marketing Evolution

Digital Marketing: A constant evolution

In the past two decades a universal dependence on technology has emerged. With my mere nineteen years I struggle to imagine an education without google, a social life without Facebook and a Business without an online presence. I doubt this post is the first to enlighten you of the digital world’s rapid growth, however when we reflect on the sudden development of digital marketing it really is fascinating.

Digital marketing has arguably shaped the business world today. In 1993 the first clickable banner ad was employed, five years prior to the emergence of Google. Since then search engines have become central to advertising, companies must work to reach the top of the search list or their webpages may remain redundant. If you lie on the second page of results you may as well be on the 100th.

So how can you climb this ladder? This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click) comes in. These two factors are increasingly important in ensuring a webpage entices new visitors. I first found it hard to justify that companies could pay around fifteen pounds per click for an advert linking to their website – 1.5 grand for 100 seems quite extreme – but this really does highlight how significant web-marketing has become. If you acknowledge how many ads you ignore whilst surfing the web, it becomes quite obvious what is financing the cyber world.

Social Media is another element central to the evolution. Targeting clientele where they naturally gravitate has always been a key strategy for marketers. For me Facebook is my first call of action in a dull lecture or whilst procrastinating for an exam. With over 70% of internet users having a presence on social media channels, I am no exception. As sad as it sounds, this is an area we find ourselves most comfortable and businesses must compensate for this. Companies must maintain a professional and exciting brand image on this platform and maximize the opportunity to reach such a large audience.

Social media graph


Now onto our most recent and perhaps uncertain stage in the evolution process, Growth Hacking. Many of the aforementioned strategies largely require substantial funding and resources, for start-ups this may not be an option. Growth Hackers incorporate an innovative approach employing social media and viral marketing to expand their business. This is what I find most exciting. The process exposes the beauty of digital marketing; it demonstrates how technology offers companies an opportunity for rapid growth despite their background. However having only emerged five years ago, we have no idea how successful this area will be. In a cyber-world that is becoming increasingly competitive, will there be room to produce more software to promote low-cost growth?

So what’s next in store along this digital journey? Twenty years ago, the advances that would so rapidly follow the Clickable banner Ads were entirely underestimated. This uncertainty has left me wondering in what areas the field could possibly expand. What we can be sure of is the importance of remaining engaged with emerging software. To sustain our evolution we must continue to find new environments to access our customers, new software to greater analyse the success of our sites are and new content to maximise the population we reach.