10 x Factors That Make a Great Website.


Some of the Key Elements that make  a High Quality Website.

1/ Quality Content helps you rank better in search engines and is a joy for your customers.

2/ Content Length – Top ranking websites have 900+ words of content per page.

3/Images & Video – Websites with quality images & videos are more engaging for visitors and rank better in search engines.

4/ Grammar & Spelling – Poor Grammar and spelling will make you look bad in front of your customers. Google Yahoo & Bing will penalise you for this also.

5/ Readability – Make sure you use an easy to read font & size for your website.Not Everyone has 20/20 Vision.

6/ Formatting – 79% of users scan web pages.Use h1/h2 tags.Google can detect poor formatting of web pages.

7/ Expertise – High Quality websites need enough expertise tobe trustworthy on their topic.
8/ Social Media Shares – Make sure your website has social share buttons easy for the user to see and share your content.More social shares means better search engine rankings.

9/ Internal & External Links – Pages that rank better have a better internal link structure. Linking to valuable external sources delights your audience also.

10/ Quality of comments – Web content with high number of comments is viewed as high quality & reliable.


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