VBA UI UX-1: Build UI using Excel UserForm, Fields with watermark, transparent icons & Buttons

VBA UI UX-1: Build UI using Excel UserForm, Fields with watermark, transparent icons & Buttons

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* * * VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office)

* * * Office Add-ins Platform

* * * Professional UI/UX

* * * PDF Automation using VBA

* * * RibbonX First-Class Ribbon Customization

* * * Word Automation using VBA

* * * PPT Automation using VBA

* * * Custom Menu using VBA

* * * Sharepoint Automation Using VBA

* * * Access Database Automation using Excel VBA

* * * SQL Server Automation Using VBA

* * * Web Automation using VBA

* * * Excel Password Recovery/Reset

* * * Errors and Solutions

* * * Plug and Play Series

* * * Office Quick Tips

* * * Dark theme VBE

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The Science of Great UI

The Science of Great UI

Learn the most important guidelines to good design and see how small changes can have a big impact on what you create.


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What is UI/UX Design? Opportunities for UI/UX Designers

What is UI/UX Design? Opportunities for UI/UX Designers

What is UI/UX Design? What does a UI/UX Designer do and what are the career opportunities for you? In this video, DesignUp conference co-founder, Narayan Gopalan, explains what is a UI/UX Designer, job roles and elaborates on the growth and career opportunities in the industry today. He also speaks about how the life of a UI/UX Designer in a design studio is different from the life of a UI/UX Designer in a corporate. Watch this video to get tips on how to become a UI/UX Designer along with expert career advice to make a career transition to UI/UX Design.

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So design is one of the top five skills as shown by LinkedIn economic graph and also the India skills report. There are many jobs that are opening up in UI/UX Design, what really is UX Design?
That’s a great question, it’s becoming a popular term and it’s also becoming more well known in the industry. It’s essentially understanding the customer and designing an experience for the customer that covers various different aspects such as tech, such as understanding their requirements, what they see, what they experience with all their senses is essentially the user experience.
What is UI then? So UI or user interface is one part of the user experience, it’s one of the touch points the customer interfaces with, that is what they see and that’s what they touch now there is on touch devices or if it’s a computer then it’s something that you use online but that interface that communicated the brand or the service or the product to the customer is the user interface and because that is a very important way or the very useful way to communicate with the customer, it plays a huge role in the communication of the service or the product to the customer.
So you would say what we see on the screen, the visual bit of it is UI Design?
Yes, what you see it’s the visual part but it’s also the text. It’s how you read it, how easy it is to understand. I think the real advantage of a good user interface is visualisation. The general customer doesn’t like to read too much information, so giving the content hierarchy, visualising it, making it legible and easy to understand are the important decisions you need to take while defining a user interface.
So essentially we are saying user experience is the journey a user takes from the beginning till the end of using a product and a user experience is a critical part in defining that journey. So tell me how are the roles of a UX designer and UI designer different then?
So I think like your correctly defined user interface is a subset of user experience. So a user experience designer would have a much larger picture of the entire journey. They would be involved in the decision of features of which features to the wheel, all the way up to how the customer perceives and understands the UI. So they would be involved in the tech, they would be involved in the marketing. They would have to have a grasp on the entire product or service. The user interface designer need not necessarily have so of course it would be good to have them as well involved, be involved from the start but a user interface designer can also enter the project or the product at a time when many parameters have already been defined like the features, the work flows or even the wire frames and the concentrate just on applying the brand colours, themes and visualise the content to create a good interactive interface.
So essentially you are saying that UX design is about a journey that the user takes from the beginning of the product, beginning of using the product till the end and UI is a critical part of it. But tell me how are the roles of a UX designer and UI designer different then?
So being a UX designer you don’t necessarily have to be a UI designer but you need to be able to take control of the entire journey, entire customer journey. You need to have an understanding of various factors that take part in the journey so the tech for example.

Source. First Published on YouTube

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