E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies 2019 | Top 3 Tips For Black Friday & Increasing Sales

E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies 2019 | Top 3 Tips For Black Friday & Increasing Sales

With Black Friday around the corner, e-commerce business are planning their promotions strategy.

And, a HUGE part of this is EMAIL MARKETING.

Email marketing is the digital marketing channel that generates the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

This video breaks down my top 3 tips on how to maximize your email campaigns to generate higher ROI – and more sales.

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Video Transcript:

Welcome back to Digital Marketing by Gina!

My name is Gina Wicentowich, and I am a Digital Marketing Strategist that has worked for a variety of companies such as small, tech startups to large, corporate B2B businesses.

In the last few years, I have specialized in e-commerce businesses because of my powerful and effective advertising strategies.

Now, I love e-commerce strategies. So, today, we are going to discuss my top e-commerce email marketing tips.

Now, whether you use MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or Constant Contact – that doesn’t matter. It is all in the strategy.

Let’s consider: The average person gets 120 emails a day.

And, the average open rate is 15% while the average Click-Through Rate is only 3.1%

However, email is BY FAR the most effective channel for ROI for e-commerce businesses.

It is also even more powerful because with email, you own that relationship with your customers. Although Pay-Per-Click campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or Google can be a huge revenue stream, you don’t own that channel. If Facebook chooses to suspend your account or disapprove an ad, that directly affects you.

With email, you own that relationship with your customers. It is definitely worth investing.

#1. Segment your audience list & customize email copy

Segmented campaigns have a 15% higher open rate on average.
This means you customize your audience lists.

Some common examples include:
Subscribers that have never made a purchase
Subscribers that have made a purchase in the last 6 months
Subscribers that are active with the email campaigns.

2. Use emojis in your subject lines

56% of brands that use an emoji in their subject lines had a higher open rate.

This sounds easy – but take a look in your gmail promotions folder right now. If you take a quick scan, the ones that will catch your attention have an emoji.

This is leveraging the visuals of email, and this small change can have a huge impact. I have also found this same results in my email marketing campaigns for my clients.

3. Have a clear call-to-action

Now, this seems simple but with emails there are so many different components. You’re thinking of the design, images, text, subject line – that I’ve seen the call-to-action get swept under the rug.

But, this is the most important part of a good email.

What do you want your customers to do?

Are you offering a coupon code – 10% off their next purchase?

Shop popular products?

Browse a brand new product?

I’ve seen too many examples of commerce businesses trying to demonstrate how amazing they are instead of thinking about the person actually making the purchase.

That person is going to scan your email for 3 seconds, and if it isn’t clear what they should do then they will move on.

Also, don’t have many calls to action in the same email. Be consistent. Knowing that you’re fighting for your customers’ attention, you want to be clear from the get go.

Pro tip: Use UTM parameters to make your link trackable in Google Analytics. That way you can customize how they appear in the Source / Medium report and then analyze the link that generated the highest engagement on your website.

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This video is only for educational purposes.

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