MailChimp Email Marketing Tutorial 2020 | How to Use MailChimp | Step by Step for Beginners

MailChimp Email Marketing Tutorial 2020 | How to Use MailChimp | Step by Step for Beginners

MailChimp Email Marketing Tutorial 2020 | How to Use MailChimp | Step by Step for Beginners!

Learn Email Marketing with MailChimp step by step.

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This video is going to be helpful for any person who is interested to learn email marketing for their interest, for their business or who wants to make money doing email marketing for their clients.

From this MailChimp Email Marketing Tutorial video, you will learn –

1. How to create and set up a free MailChimp account? 0:55
2. Learn about the Email list and add subscribers to your email list 4:38
3. Create an automated welcome email for new subscribers 13:46
4. How to create an embedded email form and add it to a website 24:50
5. Set up an email template, add image, video, links and social media profiles to the email newsletter 31:08
6. Send your first email campaign 43:00
7. Finally, learn about reporting of an email campaign 45:11

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I would suggest you read the basics of MailChimp:

MailChimp is one of the most popular Email Marketing platforms available out there. It is popular in the email marketing network for many reasons.

Beginner friendly, easy to use features and pricing took it to the next level of popularity!

Even, a beginner who has never tried MailChimp or any other email marketing platform before – will be able to use it efficiently by watching one single video tutorial! – it is that easy!

With a Free MailChimp account, a beginner will be able to add, up to 2000 subscribers to their email list and will be able to send 10,000 emails each month to the list for no cost! – can you imagine how beginner-friendly MailChimp is?

So, you are going to get all the grasp in this field from this step by step mailchimp email marketing tutorial!

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