Chapter 10 : Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Chapter 10 : Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Agenda of this video will be-
2)Why Is SEM Important?
3)Search Engine Marketing strategies
4)How Search Engine Marketing Helps Social?
5)Keyword Research for Social Media
6)On-Site Optimization for Social Media
7)How Social Media Marketing Helps Search

Social Media Marketing:-

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Introduction To Search Engine Marketing - Google Adwords & Bing Ads

Introduction To Search Engine Marketing – Google Adwords & Bing Ads

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) covers the following topics:
1) What is Search Engine Marketing?
2) Major Search Engines
3) Major players in SEM
4) Introduction to Google Ads & Bing Ads
5) Different Types of Google Ads
6) Categorization of Different Google Ads
7) Push Vs Pull Strategy in Google Ads
8) Bidding Methodology in Google Ads types

This video covers the Basics of Search Engine Marketing along with few very important concepts that every digital Marketing professional should follow.

You will find this video very helpful for understanding the core concepts of Google Ads.

In the next video I would be moving ahead from here and showcasing you how to create a Google Ads Account and concepts of Google Search Ads, Hierarchy of Google Ads in Detail, Concepts of AdGroup, Keyword Research etc.

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