Udacity UX Designer Nanodegree Review - Should you Join?

Udacity UX Designer Nanodegree Review – Should you Join?

Here’s my review of Udacity’s UX User Experience Designer Nanodegree course. Check out the nanodegree here: https://bit.ly/udacityuxnanodegree 👈
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The UX Designer Nanodegree program is comprised of content and curriculum to support three projects, and one capstone.

I just graduated from the UX designer nanodegree and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences about the course. Udacity mentions that students will design impactful user experiences for products in today’s digital world. Build a portfolio that showcases your ability to transform user research to high-fidelity interactive designs.

For those of you watching that do not know what UX design means, here’s a definition from one of the instructors in the nanodegree. “UX Design is understanding user needs and designing solutions with those needs in mind. We create products to solve the problems of users. UX design is the process that reminds us of the needs of our users. Ultimately, products are used by humans and should bring value to humans.”

The User experience nanodegree consists of the following projects:
Project 1: Formulate a Research Report
Develop a research plan around a specific topic of choice, conduct semi-structured interviews with real-world participants, and synthesize findings into a report that highlights the insights and needs of users.

Project 2: Develop a Validated Low-Fidelity Prototype
Create, test, and iterate prototypes of a defined concept that addresses research-identified user needs using design sprint methodologies and data collected from usability testing.

Project 3: Create and Improve a High-Fidelity Design
Turn a low-fidelity prototype into a production-ready, high-fidelity design based on interaction principles, design styles, and engagement data.

Capstone Project: Build a UX Portfolio Case Study
Construct a starter portfolio that markets one’s personal value and UX design capabilities using completed projects from the nanodegree program.

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and enjoyed the structure of the projects. If you are thinking about getting in the course, then watch the ending of my review because I give some insights for people who want to get in and whether it is a good option for you or not.

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HOW I BECAME A UI/UX DESIGNER: What I do for a living

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💁‍♀️WHO AM I?
Im your every day 9-5 Asian-Canadian girl that creates Youtube content on the weekend for fun. I post videos related to beauty, lifestyle, travel, vlogs and design. Welcome to my channel and I hope you stay and chat! 💞



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TOP 5 WEBSITES EVERY WEB DESIGNER SHOULD VISIT: Mind-blowing web design | March 2020

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Thanks for watching the video TOP 5 WEBSITES EVERY WEB DESIGNER SHOULD VISIT: Mind-blowing web design | March 2020


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UI Designer? Don't do this.. (UI/UX Workshop)

UI Designer? Don't do this.. (UI/UX Workshop)

http://www.linode.com/designcourse – Use code ‘DESIGNC19’ to get $20 credit on your new Linode account!
– Welcome to the 5th edition of the UI/UX Workshop, where I feature 3 user-submitted designs and I revamp them in both terms of UI/UX! Watch the full video to see my tip of one thing you should avoid when you’re a UI designer!

Let’s get started!

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How I Became a UX Designer in a Year (no experience or school)

How I Became a UX Designer in a Year (no experience or school)

Hi everyone, welcome to my channel!

For those self-starters out there, I hope this video helps in any way.
If you guys have any suggestions on what you’d like to see next, let me know in the comments below 🙂

Here is the link to the Medium articles I used when I was creating my portfolio: https://medium.muz.li/2017-top-10-most-clapped-ux-case-studies-on-muzli-d2c6f25a86b7

My portfolio: https://lindaahn.com

Designers mentioned:
1. Chunbuns – https://www.youtube.com/user/imchunbuns
2. Mike Locke – https://www.youtube.com/user/mlwebco
3. Jesse Showalter – https://www.youtube.com/user/JesseAtomic
4. TheFutur – https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSkoolRocks


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1:1 with Google UX Designer (formerly at Etsy, Fab.com)

1:1 with Google UX Designer (formerly at Etsy, Fab.com)

Product Designer Sandy Woodruff went from being a designer on a big team at Fab.com to being the only designer. In this Real Talk, we go behind the scenes on her career journey from Fab.com to Etsy to Google (where she applied 3 times before getting in!). Hear her tips on collaborating with engineers, upcoming opportunity areas in design, and creating core user journeys. Start your own UX Design career with Springboard (job guaranteed!): https://bit.ly/2HZUPMQ

0:00 Is there a stereotype for UX designers that’s true?
0:24 How did you get started as a UX designer?
2:15 What are some of the biggest trends in the UX design sector right now?
4:28 What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a UX designer?
6:00 What’s the difference between UX design and UI design?
7:22 What’s one skill you learned on the job that you wish you would’ve learned in your UX design education?
8:34 Could you describe your design process and what methods you follow?
10:07 Who is a designer that you look up to?

Interviewer: Siya Raj Purohit
Video Production: Erik Parker


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