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5 Energy Saving Tips For Your Business

Energy Saving Tips – Businesses can save a lot of money by cutting down on energy costs and these tips are here to help you do so, making your business more efficient.

Energy Saving Tips

  1. Energy Saving Tips – Start With The Light

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel if you want your business to become more energy efficient. And by starting with something as small as a light bulb can ultimately make a big difference. Keep in mind that there are typically a lot of lights being utilized within an office or business setting, meaning they add up at the end of the month.

And the keywords you are looking for here are “energy saving bulbs”. Compared to a traditional light bulb, you can look to save quite a bit, given that energy savers only use about 20% of the energy associated with traditional bulbs.

If you are worried about the aesthetics, you’ll be happy to know that energy saving bulbs have come a long way. And while they might still need a little more time to warm up, you can choose between different brightness options, as well as color.

  1. Energy Saving Tips – Get An Energy Management System In Place

One of the best ways a company can start saving money on energy is by going into the details. In other words, an energy audit should be carried out according to Josco Energy Conference. This audit should reveal where most of the energy is being used, as well as where energy is being wasted.

Use this information to set up a team or individual who can monitor energy usage on a regular basis. If energy is being wasted somewhere, they should know about it and make sure the issue gets addressed. This way you know you’ll constantly be saving money on gas and electricity.

  1. Energy Saving Tips –  Use Air-Conditioners Wisely

Even though air-conditioners can be a necessity for keeping employees productive, it can also become a big drain on energy usage. Seeing as they constantly run while people are in the office or business, it’s only logical that they become such a big liability.

An effective way to approach this problem is by making the air-conditioners stop when the room reaches a comfortable temperature. What this temperature is going to be, depends on the people inside the building. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a common ground in this regard.

  1. Energy Saving Tips – Motion Sensors Can Be Helpful

It happens. People forget to switch off the light when they walk out of a room nobody is using. And sometimes employees simply don’t care because they don’t have to foot the bill. Luckily, there is a single solution to both these problems, and it comes in the form of motion sensors.

Motion sensors can detect when people leave the room, which is when they trigger an automatic light switch. The result is that no lights will be left on by employees, whether they give a damn or not. And the small changes like these can lead to big savings down the line.

  1. Energy Saving Tips –  Renewable Energy

If you are looking for a dramatic change, renewable energy is definitely the way to go. Not only does it make your business more independent from the grid, but it can significantly cut down on your expenses.

At the moment, solar panels enjoy the most popularity. This is because they are easy to implement, they are effective, they require little to no maintenance, and they last for years. At this point in time, nothing is more practical than getting a few solar panels up on the roof and using solar power on demand.

The alternative would be wind turbines, although they are more expensive and require constantly windy conditions. Yes, they produce more energy than solar, but there is a better chance of the sun shining than the wind blowing. Plus, there are moving parts involved with a turbine, which results in more maintenance and repairs.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with renewable energy. These are systems that pay for themselves, and they support a sustainable future.


Proper Business Etiquette In France

In France, it is crucial to follow proper business etiquette rules. These will enable you to flow well during any meetings that you may have, whether they are lunch meetings or short meetings in the office. Following these etiquette rules could be the key to getting new clients or landing a great job. Here are the ten most important rules for business etiquette in France.


  1. Address Others Formally

It is important that you address anyone that you meet for the first time as Madame or Monsieur. This also applies to people that are your superior. This is regarded as polite and will go a long way in ensuring that you seem polite. Not addressing people formally is considered rude in France and could make a meeting go wrong pretty fast.

  1. Always Use Your First And Last Name When Introducing Yourself

French business people always introduce themselves using their first name and last name. This follows that you should do the same. It is considered respectful to do this. At times, people introduce themselves using their last names first, then their first name. If you often have trouble remembering names it is best to repeat the name out loud after the introduction or when they offer their business card. You may also use the person’s name while speaking to them, but ensure that you limit the number of times you do so to avoid irritating the person.

  1. Make Sure Your Handshake is Brisk And Light

This is the norm with French handshakes. Do not feel like the person is doing this because they do not like you or because they are eager to get the process over with. Most non-French people prefer a firm handshake, so be careful if that is what you are accustomed to. It may leave the person irritated as they could assume that you want to make them feel inferior. This is not what you will want to come across as during the meeting.

 Familiarize Yourself With French Gestures

If you haven’t already figured it out, the French are known for using various gestures. One of the most common ones is the ‘Les bises’ which is the greeting of a person with kisses on the cheeks. Without proper knowledge of the meaning of these gestures, you may have a hard time interpreting what each means. You should check online for French gestures that are commonly used during business meetings. Certain Anglo-Saxon gestures mean the complete opposite in French. If you are not careful you may end up insulting people while thinking that you are complimenting them.

One of these is the ‘ok’ gesture that English speaking people use whereby they form a circle with the thumb and index finger while the other three remain raised. This gesture means ’empty’ in French, so be very careful how you use it.

  1. Wear Formal Business Attire

The French are not familiar with ‘casual Friday’ so be careful not to appear as if you’re not taking the meeting seriously. You may send the wrong message by dressing casually. Ditch the t-shirt and sneakers or your casual sweater for a suit. Make sure you wear a good quality suit and accessorize your attire with jewelry. Grooming is another important aspect to the French people. It is advisable to shave off any facial hair if you are a man. Make sure that you appear neat and well-groomed. This sends the message that you are serious about your work.

  1. Include A French Side On Your Business Card

The person you are dealing with will appreciate it if there is a side printed in French on your business card. This shows that you have respect for the person and their language. You should write your surname in capital letters as this is the norm for French business cards. It ensures that the name stands out so that the person will not have to struggle while reading the card.

While interviewing, make sure that you give the interviewer your business card. It is advisable to have a professional business card holder or case when you go to any networking events. This ensures that you appear organized to the people you are handing out your business cards to.

  1. Keep Your Hands On The Table During Lunch

Normal business lunches in France go on for a particularly long time. Be ready for that. Contrary to British dining etiquette where the hands should not be on the table, in France, you should not keep your hands on your lap. Most meals will include wine. If there is wine then keep in mind that once the glass is empty it will be refiled. If you are not careful you may end up taking too much. If you have had enough, leave some in your glass to prevent it from being refilled.

Apart from that, keep in mind that business conversations will not take place until after dessert. the host is the one that will initiate the conversation.

  1. Schedule Meetings At Least Two Weeks In Advance

Make sure that the meeting is not scheduled too fast or you will make the other party feel pressured. French business people do not plan meetings on short notice in most cases. If you wish to invite the other party to a meeting then make sure you schedule it at least two weeks prior.

  1. Be Patient During Discussions

You should expect the business people to take their time when making a decision. There will probably be many meetings before they make a decision. You should be patient and avoid appearing like you are pressuring them to make a decision on the spot.

 10 Interruptions And Questions Are Normal

Unlike the English who consider interrupting a person poor etiquette, the French consider it a sign that a person is interested in what they have to say. If they interrupt you with questions, it means that they have taken an interest in what you have to say. It is a good sign. You should also do the same if the other person is pitching an idea to you.

After you get all of this down then you can look at the financial and legal things such as VAT like this graph from VATIT shows and laws related to doing business in France.

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Useful Advice for Business Vat Returns




VAT Returns

Useful Advice On Navigating VAT Returns for Business

VAT Returns for Business – Again, it is important to remember that you are likely to face penalties for not keeping current with VAT returns. Our aim is to describe the possible outcomes for those who fall behind and to discuss remedies for those already having difficulties.

VAT Returns

Penalties For Arrearages
Ensuring that VAT returns are prepared is an essential part of operating a business over the long term, especially if you have arrearages and lack the funds to pay assessed fines. They’re a sales tax after all. VAT returns have a deadline of one calendar month plus seven days following the relevant accounting period. Unless a strong reason exists for not doing so, VAT returns are now required to be filed on the Internet through the HMRC portal. Though HMRC can grant a grace period for firms if they have not had a late payment for a period of 12 months, there are almost certainly still going to be fines assessed.

Though it is true that smaller firms, such as those with lower than £150,000 in turnover will still contend with penalty assessments, it is the larger companies that need to worry about additional ramifications of noncompliance. For an initial default, there will be no surcharge added, but all subsequent ones will bring about penalty assessments. More can be read about arrears and the fines that follow.

Lots of reasons exist for incurring significant penalties, and these can include registering late or not at all, filing returns after the deadline, paying an incorrect rate of VAT and late payment of the amount stated on the VAT return. It is important that HMRC is contacted as soon as possible to discuss payment arrangements if timely remittance is not feasible.

VAT Returns

Facts About VAT Returns
It bears repeating that failing to complete a VAT registration can prove extremely detrimental for businesses, given the penalties they will face as a result. Lots of small entities do not bother to register because they assume they will not achieve the revenue required to participate. Of course, HMRC does not deem this an acceptable rationale, and penalties and appearances will accumulate regardless. Growth Hacking is not just about about driving cool marketing conversions. Its about running a business. And in the UK VAT returns are a big part of business.

In order to steer clear of unhappy surprises and growing debts, it is essential that you contact HMRC and talk about the reasons you are unable to pay outstanding amounts, how you can go about initiating payments, declare your ability to make a payment right away and determine estimated repayment periods.

Remember that sole traders are required to prepare VAT returns on a quarterly basis, and debts so incurred are deemed personal in nature. Thus, these debts can result in seizures as well as the possibility of a petition for winding up.

Advice On VAT Return Preparation
Every company needs to file VAT returns that are accurate, and this is possible with the help of a dedicated bookkeeper or a professional accountant. The majority of accounting-related software applications can pre populate return forms so that the process is easier than ever before. But, should you still find the task to be a challenge, it is wise to talk with an accountant, because having incorrect information on a return can prompt a tax inspection or the assessment of additional penalty amounts. Businesses in the grips of a cash flow crisis might wish to pursue insolvency guidance if they wish to try and preserve the firm.

Useful tips for Keeping On Top Of VAT Returns

VAT Returns

Accuracy of VAT Charges

Making certain that the proper rate of VAT on the services and goods you sell is a crucial first step. The UK’s standard rate for VAT is 20 percent, and this applies to the lion’s share of goods. Again, this is not universally the case, and there are some goods and assets that trigger a reduced rate of VAT.

Applying The Correct Scheme For VAT

There are several methods of remitting VAT amounts, but it is important to always select the right one so that returns are always on track.

Standard Method For VAT Accounting

This involves maintaining detailed records of all amounts of VAT charged and paid. These numbers will then be utilised as a way to calculate the return for submission to HMRC.

Annual Scheme Of VAT Accounting

This method is useful for any business with less than £1.35 million in turnover. Just a single VAT return needs to be submitted and after that, the company can make payments of estimated liabilities on a quarterly basis.

Scheme Of Flat Rate VAT

The majority of smaller-scale businesses that have annual turnover lower than £150,000, this process requires payment of a set percentage of turnover designed to pay for all tax liability amounts. VAT will still be charged on the aggregate of all invoices, but there is no need to maintain records of every VAT transaction.

Method Of Cash Accounting

This is a scheme that requires payment of VAT on sales at the time of customer payment and also the reclamation of VAT on purchases at the time suppliers are paid.

If determining which scheme makes the most sense is proving difficult, ask for professional advice with regard to VAT return preparation. Failing to make payments will result in surcharges, so do not delay.

Records Maintenance

Every business needs to maintain solid VAT records for no less than a six-year period. This documentation must be comprehensive and easily read. Taking pains to properly record every transaction is the best way to keep your company safe. If you ever have a need for insolvency assistance or must confront potential liquidation, documentation of this sort will demonstrate your history of acting in good faith.

Direct Debit Payments

Perhaps the most valuable tip when it comes to managing debt is to make VAT return payments via direct debit. This ensures that HMRC will receive the appropriate funds directly from your financial institution within a three-day window of the actual deadline. This means your VAT obligations are always going to be timely met. Of course, quarterly returns must still be send, and late filing of these will trigger a delayed payment no matter what.

It is also possible to request reminder notices once you log in to the online account management page. This way, you can rest assured that no deadlines will be missed. Any company that is having difficulty paying bills on time should explore insolvency options as soon as things begin to appear shaky. The business assistance professionals with our firm stand ready to guide you toward the solution that best suits your needs.


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mixpanel data

Growth Tip #018 Use Mixpanel Analytics

Growth Tip #018 Use Mixpanel Analytics

Mixpanel is a powerful Business Analytics tool. It tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and offers tools for targeted communication with them. From April 2013, Mixpanel claimed to track 12 billion actions per month for its customers.

Some of Mixpanel impressive client list include AirBnb, Miniclip, Path, Docusign, Venmo, WordPress, Rosetta Stone, Demand Media,, Kickstarter, Quora and Jawbone.

Use mixpanel to Grow your Business.


Growth Tip #015- Use Mention to Evaluate your Brand

Growth Tip #015- Use Mention to Evaluate your Brand

  1. Identify the people talking about your brand, whether or not they’re talking to you. Our data has shown that this (brand mentions without the Twitter handle) actually represents 31% of brand mentions on Twitter. These are people looking for insights and reviews on your brand, who have an issue with it, or who are singing your praises. In any of these events, you should be present and a part of the conversation. Media monitoring tools allow you to discover and jump in these discussions.

2 Identify people talking about the pain points your brand solves. Much like the first way, a media tool allows you to track terms that represent the problem your product solves. You can then identify the people who are using these terms, where, and in what context. This provides you with your first touchpoint for building a relationship and qualifying  leads.


Growth Tip #014 – Network More – Use Meetup

Growth Tip #014 – Network More – Use

Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups.This is a great networking events site where you can acquire many potential leads.You can also use to identify people who will be interested in connecting online.

Any people attending the event  are listed on the side of each event page with a brief bio, and are flagged if they’re a friend of a friend, so you know if you have a common connections & Interests

Meetup makes community real .

skill share

Growth Tip #012 – Learn More with skillshare

Growth Tip #012 – Learn More with skillshare

skillshare is a Valuable online  learning community taught by Industry Experts/Leaders and it’s main  focus is learning new skills by completing courses. You can work at your own pace which is also great.

skillshare offers learning courses in advertising, business, design, fashion, style, film , video, food ,drink, music, photography, technology,writing and publishing.

Visit their website here

magento ecommerce

Growth Tip #011 – Use Magento for eCommerce

Growth Tip 011 – Use Magento for  eCommerce platform, solutions and services
to help grow your business

If you run a small,medium or large Business , you might want to consider Magento for your eCommerce solutions.Why ? Here are a few reasons.

* Magento is owned by Ebay Inc.
*Magento’s market share among the 30 most popular eCommerce platforms is about 30%
*Magento is an open source content managnent system cms.
*The #1 eCommerce platform for Alexa top one million sites.
*Some Big name clients who use Magento include Gant,Nike,Samsung,mother care,Olympus and many others.

See their official website –


Growth Tip 009- # Use Mailchimp to send Emails

Growth Tip 009- # Use Mailchimp to send Emails.

MailChimp is an email marketing service provider, founded in 2001. It has 7 million users that monthly  send over 10 billion emails through the service.

Some of this email blasters features include.

Subscriber profiles
Automation and personalization of emails
Advanced analytics of emails.
Flexible design
Send email newsletters anytime, anywhere  even from mobile.
Built for growth

Some of their notable clients include Billabong,Cheesecake Factory,Pearl Jam & The New York Times.




#Growth #Hacking Tip 006 – Use #Hash Tags more


#Growth #Hacking Tip 006 – Use #Hash Tags more

Do you actually know the purpose of the humble # Hash Tag.?? Well put it this way , thanks to social media we have become a generation of active sharers .We are now sharing more content than ever before. With millions of tweets,fb shares and google plus shares posted daily, how can you insure your posts are found ,read & possibly shared .? That is the purpose of the # Hash Tags to allow users to find and easily search for content .