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Messenger Chatbot Solution

We can create messenger chatbot solution to suit your specific requirements. There are many possible use cases.

Customer Service

Getting more messages on Facebook than your customer service team can efficiently handle? Is your Facebook page responsiveness rate slipping? Are you receiving messages outside of regular hours? Maybe you want to reduce customer agents costs? Our Facebook Messenger Chatbot Solution will easily integrate with your current services.


Sports Team or Members Club

Create a unique experience for your fans and followers. Provide fixture and ticketing details, news, offers and coupons, highlights reels, game-day info, squad and player info. Similarly, for clubs or meets provide relevant information.



Answer customer questions via chat about the menu, opening hours, make reservations, share unique requirements.


Business Assistant

Do you get asked the same type of questions regularly? Share info about your company and its services, set up an FAQ, and even let users chat live with the boss!


Events Assistant

Set up notifications for upcoming events, hot ticket deals, parking info, directions, nearby hotels and more.


Personal Replica or Avatar

How about your own personal chatbot? A personal assistant that can automate answers to frequently asked questions share info about yourself to enquirers or even present a portfolio for them to browse.



Regardless of the size of the organisation. Either a large publisher with multiple publications or a smaller magazine, we can make your audience’s chatbot experience rich, smooth and fun.


AI that understands and answers user requests

We will set up conversational rules for your bot and your bot will recognize similar phrases from users. Then, your chatbot, using Natural Language Processing will understand and send users your pre-defined answers. Seamlessly.


Multiple choices to seamlessly integrate with all your favourite services

From Facebook Messenger to Slack to everything in between. We can cover most platforms.

Messenger Chatbot Solution




Let us help make an AI bot for you!






Alexa botAlexa Voice Chatbot Skills

Amazon made their Alexa voice tech available to developers to build chatbots. Amazon’s Lex platform makes it easy for developers to build conversational interfaces.
We can build Alexa skills and chatbots for your brand, product or service. Talk to us about what you are thinking to do and we can work together on a plan for a bot.


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